Welcome to the home of Fangs for the Memories, a supernatural-themed romantic comedy, and its three multigenerational sequels, From Fangs to Fae Dreams, Bat Fangs and Broomsticks, and Much Ado About Fangs.

I highly recommend starting with Fangs for the Memories for the references, lobster thermidor, and major reveals that come into play in the sequels.

Next up is From Fangs to Fae Dreams. (Clicking the links or images works!) These are the kids of the original Fangs crew. They have kind of messed up parents, but they’ll be okay. Probably.

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The third generation is Bat Fangs and Broomsticks. Babies for everyone! And plenty of magic to go around….

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The fourth and current generation is Much Ado About Fangs. Keeping secrets might not be the best idea…

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Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday!