I loved Ivy, and I loved the baby growing inside her belly.

I could finally be with her the whole time, unlike when she had Sage.

Like me, Sage loved the baby before it was even born.

Ivy made him a big part of bringing his little brother or sister into the world.

“Can you just poop it out already?” Sage demanded. “I’m tired of waiting.”

“You and me both, twerp,” Ivy said. “If only.”

But I didn’t mind the waiting. After so many years alone, I’d wait as long as it took.

And when the baby was born, I loved her even more. Ivy named her Wren, because I always reminded her of a bird, and we lived in a forest.

Sage loved Wren too, and she loved her big brother.

Sage visited almost every day, and Ivy was happier than ever.

Even when Sage got older, and Ivy was afraid he’d be “too cool” to play with his little sister, he never stayed away. He loved Wren with his whole heart.

Sky and Papa Fox offered to paint all of us together over the years, so Ivy and I would remember how Wren and Sage looked as they grew up. I’d never forget, even without the portraits, but I liked having them anyway.

Humans didn’t have words for a family like ours, but we didn’t need them.

The warmth you feel

37 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. And so begins my unofficial retirement!

    It’s been three years since I started Fangs, and I’ve been writing (and screenshotting!) almost nonstop since then. I’ve adored these characters and really enjoyed watching their families grow from one gen to the next–and get way, way too tangled. But everyone is in a pretty good place right now, and I’m not sure if I want to ruin their hard-earned peace.

    Do I have ideas for a gen 5 starring a grown-up (and appropriately hairy) Sage, along with the rest of gen 4’s kids? You bet. But I could use a break. I’m not sure if it’ll be permanent or not, but I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up in the meantime.

    Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to read about my strange, unwieldy Sims family. If this is the end of Fangs, I’m glad you were here for it! (And watch a fairy pack come out now. WATCH. 😭)

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  2. i got a haiku 4 u missy

    you took first comment
    although i stayed up for this
    how dare you do this


    my grape grandson had a birb shirt when he was a toddler, now when ivy league college poop out him second babby she has BIRB name?? coincidence, i think NOT

    *squints eyes*

    gj sage ur hairy i had to look at ur arms for that
    not that i doubted hairy strider lineage at all, bc ivy uses a glamour on her leggies (dont think ill forgetti spagooty)

    if this is the end of fangs, ty for using my poses creatively, even the weird ones i didnt think anyone would ever use lmfaoo

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    1. LOOOOOOOOL I was determined to pick a shirt that showed off his arms just for you, when he’s an adult he has STUBBLE but he’s a teen here and that just looked weird.

      Man I’ll never stop laughing about how you remembered Cirrus’s birb shirt, no matter how far into the gen we were

      Ty for all your poses, I loved them, you are my favorite pose-maker of all time, also which poses are weird, WHICH

      And ty for beautiful haiku, god I suck at poetry. 😔

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  3. I selfishly hope this is not the end (I wish this NEVER ends😭) but if it is then it was a great ride and you deserve your break! I started reading this back in first gen and I remember thinking WTF is wrong with Byron, and then Bianca, and then Lysander…nah, Lysander was cool. RIP my favourite butler. No other butler can ever come close to youuu 😭 😭 😭
    Penny is aspirational, her patience knows no bounds. And what a lucky girl to be the first recipient of the “Blackwell Family Curse”. Those hairy Strider men were foiiine! That Straud family is a mess but Galatea is by far my favourite member, with Finn coming in second. Velvet is the best dog-ter in the world and now she’s ruling the underworld with her (hopefully by now) faithful demon-king husband by her side. Daisy and her offspring Caspian bring sunshine wherever they go. I hope Daisy got to live to see her mer-vamp grandkids. I shall never forget all the times Lyra mentioned *dolphin noises*.
    This story was crazy and fun and a little sad at times but an overall treat. If this is the end, I will miss it.
    And damn if that fairy pack comes out now! 🙄

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    1. “What’s Wrong With These People: A Family Saga” LOL. Awww, you really have been reading forever! I’m gonna get all emotional, all these memories…

      Thank you for sharing all your favorite Fangs babies (and originals!!) throughout the gens. ❤ ❤ It's going to be really hard for me to walk away from this family, but I guess they'll all kind of live on forever too. 😉

      I promise Daisy got to meet her grandkids and spoils them rotten!! She'll live a long, healthy life–helps that her son is a doctor. ❤

      Get Famous came out right after my "Starlight Shores" gen so a fairy pack is inevitable, I tell you!

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  4. OMG! Sage is sooooo handsome! And Wren is such a cutie pie!

    What a beautiful fam! WOOT!!

    I loved how Ivy’s hair grows but Cirrus’ stays the same. 😝

    You have earned a break BUT…my vigil candle is lit and will not be blown out hoping for Gen 5.

    Bravo to FANGS! I’ve enjoyed the journey!

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    1. Sage’s eyebrows changed color, whoops. Then again, he’s fae, so maybe he did it on purpose…! Thank you. ❤

      LOL, Cirrus has a weird-ass shaped head, so he gets stuck with a weird-ass haircut for all eternity. Ivy looks good in so many hairs, that mid-length curly hair was my favorite.

      Aww, hope your candle doesn't burn itself out–or burn you! ❤

      It's hard to say goodbye, but sometimes you know it's time.

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  5. The end?! I DON’T BELIEB U 😤
    The Sage song calls to us all. No one is immune.

    I’m v delighted my little golden beets got their happy ever after w god-babies and an enchanted forest home (jellybean 😭)
    Wren looks like such a good mix! Can’t wait to see her grown up 😁

    The end of another generation, ahhh!
    It was a good one. Lots of awesome ships (shout out to my hot stormy Rain n SK), lots of drama, thankfully no broken hearts.

    I look forward to one day seeing Thaddeus get his H.E.A. 😡
    Ilu 😘

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    1. Damn, the force of your denial is INTENSE! LOOOL. “Yeah f that, you’re gonna write another gen, let me tell u about it, tyvm.”

      I actually haven’t even seen Wren all grown up! I should age her up and show you. 😁 Remind me~

      “Will anyone even ship Rain and SK?” Ty for answering that question. ❤

      Ilu2, thanks for being there from gen 1 onward and listening to all my "but I don't wannaaaa screenshot 😭" whining…

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      1. No the force of UR denial is intense!!!!
        Already u are imagine it.
        There r people.
        Mostly supernatural.
        Sage is there.
        Also Wren.
        They having butt touche.
        (Separately 👀)

        Ya show me!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Lover WitcHazard: Even at the possible end you never disappoint! Even after getting mixed with smooth vampires, dolphin skinned fairies, and hairless deities them mortal Hairy Strider genes are still going strong 5 gens later Saul I salute you sir your genes did good!

    Nooboos WitcHazard: Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkk perfect epilogue!❤️

    Dark WitcHazard: Well you definitely deserve a break the drama was real for all five generations can’t say it wasn’t the most entertaining thing I ever had the pleasure of reading.

    Shipper WitcHazard: All the ships so many ships sailed and crashed but still wound up happy because of this story maybe during the break I’ll do a top ten Ship list.

    Anti Shipper: And I’ll do my top ten break ups or a top ten ships that get a pass.

    Lady WitcHazard: It has been a wonderful expletive getting to know all these wonderful characters on behalf of the Court of Witchazards I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to this story and the years of highs lows and berthing in between. If this is the end we congratulate you on achieving such a wonderful climax to a awesome story.

    Court of WitcHazards: Thank you for the wonderful read. We look forward to your future endeavors!

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    1. LOL, the Strider genes are strong! Not even Graham and Byron could defeat them in the end.

      This really had me smiling, glad there was something for everyone (or at least every WitcHazard!). This was one of my favorite gens, I think–a good one to go out on, if it’s the end.

      Thanks so much for reading all this time! Glad it provided years of entertainment for you. ❤ ❤


  7. Standing O! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 For sticking with it and actually finishing. And not only finishing – but giving us all a fun ride.

    They are the most beautiful family. ❤️ Sage is gorgeous and it appears appropriately hairy. ❤️ He carries the forward the strong Strider genes! And Wren is adorable. I love that Ivy went wild and free. I’m sad we may not get to see more of Sage’s Strider Shagginess. 😢 I just wish Cirrus looked less worried all the time. His eyes just look sad for some reason. Like someone is going to come and snatch his family away now that he’s finally found them. *sigh* Of course he speaks in haikus so what else should I expect.

    Maybe you can post some pictures here and there of ‘where they are now’ of all the adorable toddlers all grown up.

    I’m gonna miss my Fangs Fix. 🦞🦞🦞

    Relax and maybe do something for yourself like go outside and enjoy the sunshine – that is when it finally warms up. ☀️☀️☀️ Binge something on Netflix. 🖥🖥🖥 Play a different game. 🎮🎮🎮 Actually play The Sims… 👫👩‍❤️‍👨👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Take a long vacation ✈️✈️✈️ without worrying about needing to make and edit screenshots. 🎞🎞🎞

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    1. Ngl, there were times when I didn’t know if I was going to finish! And times I wanted to go up. But I’m sure you understand since you’ve been at this a while too, I think we all get discouraged and burned out at various points. It’s a big commitment.

      LOL, I think Cirrus just has naturally worried eyes! And they’re darker so they look more soulful. Don’t worry Cirrus, no one’s going to snatch your family away (especially if I don’t write another gen, LOL).

      That’s a good idea about posting pics! I was thinking of actually playing the game and cycling through the families.

      Thank youuuu. ❤ Definitely planning to relax!! I don't know how I managed 3 chapters a week for so long, it could be brutal sometimes. Looking forward to a chill game like Animal Crossing coming out next month. 😁

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      1. I just finished binge reading the entire series! Thank you for creating it! ❤

        I've already preordered my copy of Animal Crossing-can't wait!

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  8. Awww man. It is so sad to think that today might be the last chapter of Fangs. 😥😓😨😢😭😰💀

    I agree with the comments I’ll be really sad if it ends today, but I will respect you desision, and I also agree that the kids look super cute and are just dying for their story to be told. 💖

    I kinda hope you’re right in your comment about a fairy pack. It’ll be a kick in the teeth for it to be released now but I’ve kinda been wanting a fairy pack fo since the beginning of Sims 4 so not overly bothered but how upset you’d be. 😈

    Keep on Simming.

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    1. Sad for me too! Sometimes you just know when a story has reached its natural conclusion…we’ll see if that feeling fades over time though. ❤

      Fangs kids will always be getting into trouble, I'm sure, even if I don't write it down! 😁 But the gen 5 bunch is pretty cute…

      And ha, I won’t begrudge anyone a fairy pack, believe me! I’ll just be sad I couldn’t use it in my story. I loved fairies in 3 though and I’d love to see them in 4, whether they’re in Fangs or not!

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      1. Lol, I’m still holding on to the possibilty of Gen 5 that’s why I was like nah. I feel like on the 1st of April you’re gonna be like ‘Hey every Fangs ending was just an over the top april’s foolsday joke, fangs isn’t done in fact I’ve already written the next 30 generations’.

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  9. Long time lurk-reader here! I’ve always thought that your writing was Shakespearean in its comedy, with all the misunderstandings between characters etc (and the title of the last one). Anyway, I’ve loved reading your stories. Congratulations on the milestone, and although I’d be delighted to see you writing another in the future, if not, fangs for all the laughs, it’s been wonderful 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I always love it when a long-time lurker pops in! 😁 And ha, there have always been plenty of misunderstandings to go around in Fangs… 😈

      If I do write another gen, I hope you’re there lurking in the shadows! And if I don’t, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series. ❤


    1. Aww, there were definitely a lot of chapters to binge before you got caught up! 😁 I don’t know if I’ll return to it after the break, but I do know I’ll always think about these characters. ❤


  10. This was wonderful! i’m so glad I stayed up late to binge 🙂 I love reading your stories but your retirement is well earned! Honestly, I’ve learned so much about story and pacing just reading this simlit so thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! That’s such a huge compliment. ❤ Writing Fangs has been such a learning process for me too, even if I still have a lot more to learn. LOL. Ah well, sweet sweet retirement awaits! 😉

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