Fan Art?!

People have been so great, surprising me with amazing Fangs fan art, and I love it so much that I had to share here too. Thank you all again!! ❤ ❤ ❤ From newest to oldest:

Fish Fishman Prince Kai, by Cement (also check out her tumblr with amazing poses and weird cc):

Graham, by the awesome nerdmurder:

Child-Ellie, by Cement :

The douchiest of Striders, also by Cement:


Saul, the latest entry in Cement’s Nearly Naked Strider Series:

Bas in most of his glory, also from Cement:

Gal and Finn from peatock/losebetter (lots more of his art on Twitter!):

Dru also from Cement:

Weasel and Raccoon from Bugsie2016:

From Fangs gen 1, Orlando and Darius by peatock again (idc if you’re a little embarrassed by your “old sketches,” I LOVE THEM, and Orlando was my first-ever fan art ❤ <3):

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