Here are gallery links to the various lots I use throughout the story. (The houses are all much prettier before I uglify them for story purposes–apologies to their amazing creators!)

Steeplehome, aka the Lyons home by my friend suppland. It has the cutest little tower with a small bedroom.

Gothic Haunted House/the original version of the Blackwell estate, which I downloaded off the gallery before the vampire pack came out. It’s really beautiful, with incredible attention to detail–the original has a hedge maze and all sorts of creepy things that make it feel haunted.

Another build by suppland that works well in Forgotten Hollow, a really eerie chapel crypt that’s perfect for a loner vampire. There’s a coffin in the basement, and the main floor has a whole abandoned church theme going on. It’s fantastic despite its relative simplicity and small size.

The Birdsong brothers’ house with the facade and The Old Salt Warehouse that Byron “performed” at early on. The facade really has to be seen up close (that clown painting!), and I wish I’d taken more screenshots to showcase the Old Salt Warehouse.

I’m responsible for Penny and the twins’ awful apartment, as well as Byron’s place. At least they’re supposed to be awful!

Some of the later lots I use are a bit spoilery, so I’ll try to sort them by chapter:

Chapter 23:

Isla and Darius’s old home


Shot of architecture in passing

This palace oh my god it is amazing

Chapter 26:

Outdoor nightclub

Giant library

Kids’ theme park/adults’ torture chamber

Chapter 27:

San Myshuno Police Station (the attention to detail is amazing–highly recommended if you need a city police station!)

Chapter 33:

San Myshuno Shop

Chapter 34:

Retro motel

Graham’s indoor stage

Mermaid stage

Chapter 36:

Modern Women’s Club Exterior

Modern Women’s Club Interior

Chapter 39:

Funeral Home

Chapter 40:

Costume Shop


Chapter 41:

Chapter 43:

Basis for HGR’s apartment

Chapter 44:

Mama’s Workplace

Sugarplum Theater

Chapter 46:

Bowling Alley

Chapter 47:

Dream House

Chapter 53:
San Myshuno Metro (by the awesome pronterus, author of Undead with Benefits)

Chapter 55:

Dream Tower

Chapter 59:

Bridal Boutique

Chapter 60:
Botanical Garden

Chapter 61: