Chapter 103: Clementine

My time studying abroad was like the weather there: sunny and mild.

Connor wasn’t the first guy I dated after Sly, but our relationship was like the weather too. It was simple. Predictable. Easy. I liked him and he liked me.

“Are you a fruit?” Connor asked.

Was it my orange dress? Maybe I should’ve worn another color, but it looked good on me. “Don’t you dare say orange.”

“Because honeydew you know how good you look right now?”

I stared at him incredulously. “Oh my god. Seriously?”

“Orange you glad I didn’t say orange?”

“I was, until you said that.”

He playfully dipped me back. “Because to me, you’re a fineapple.”

At least he couldn’t make fruit puns when he kissed me. I really liked the way he kissed. He was just so…sweet, I guess? Like, in everything he did.

…Yeah, so maybe I had a type: big and hairy, with glasses and a weird fixation on my fruit name.

But like the sunny weather, I knew our relationship couldn’t last. I couldn’t stay away from home forever. He wasn’t there for much longer either. Still, it was nice? Like a long vacation, where I could forget everything for a while, before I had to grow up and get a job.

He was nice enough to drop me off at the airport when I finally had to go back home–and kissed me goodbye. We’d agreed not to do the long-distance thing, so it really was goodbye.

It hurt, but like everything else, I knew the pain was temporary. Goodbye, Connor. Goodbye, endless sunshine. Goodbye, fantasy.

It was sunny back home too, but was it morning or evening? Ugh, jet lag. It was so loud here. I wished Connor was here to pick me up–I didn’t want to bother Grandma and Grandpa.

I decided against heading straight home. Maybe to extend my vacation a little bit? I remembered the beach where I’d sold flowers for the summer way back when–a quiet place. More touristy now than I remembered, though.

I didn’t mind being on my own. It was nice sometimes, to be able to think and relax.

But when I was wandering around, I stopped short. Was that…?

He turned to look at me. Didn’t he? Was it him? That guy I’d…spent a couple hours with by the beach? Did he live around here? And had he not learned how to button his shirt in the past few years? But beach-y people were like that…and so were fae.

I didn’t believe in fate, not really, but it was like…a weird coincidence? Maybe it was a good one, something to help me get over Connor.

“Hey,” I called out, and then I remembered I didn’t even know his name.

He started walking away. Did it get darker all of a sudden?

And then came the torrential downpour.

Luckily, there was a cute little flower shop right nearby–at least the flowers would be enjoying the rain. It was open, so I decided to duck inside to escape. Maybe I’d run into that guy again if he’d done the same? Not that it really mattered.

“Oh my god, that storm came out of nowhere,” I said.

“Feel free to hide out here till it passes,” said the cashier. “…Wait, Clementine?”


He was like, almost unrecognizable. Long hair pulled back into a bun, some stubble-beard thing going on, no more piercings…and just the expression on his face.

“Guilty,” he said. “So, uh, you been doing all right? Haven’t seen you in a while…”

This was so awkward. “I’ve been studying abroad. And I’m about to graduate, I guess? So, um, you work here?”

“…I own this place,” he said, a shy smile spreading across his face. “I, uh, really like flowers. A lot. Didn’t think I’d end up a businessman, but here I am.”

“The flowers are really pretty,” I said honestly, “but this doesn’t seem like you? I mean, not the you I knew…”

“Don’t think you ever really knew me, Mang–Clementine. Don’t know if I knew me either. Or maybe I was just afraid to admit what I liked. And–” And who he liked? But he didn’t finish that thought. “My life coach has been helping me with that.”

“You have a life coach?” My words came out more condescending that I meant–and it was too late to take them back.

“To be honest, he’s my cousin. Tried going to therapy at first, but I just…couldn’t get over the whole spilling my guts to a stranger bullshit. Cas knows his shit–helped me figure out a business plan when he was shopping for flowers for his mom. Aunt Daisy owns and runs her own restaurant, so why can’t I make money off of what I’m into too?”

This was seriously more than he’d ever talked about himself like, ever. I didn’t even know he had a cousin or an aunt. Or that he actually liked flowers. And therapy? Wow.

“You went to therapy? Why? Are your parents okay?”

“…Yeah, they’re fine. They really liked you, by the way. Mom gave me shit for messing everything up.”

“You didn’t–”

“Yeah, I did,” he interrupted. “I messed up bad. I made my shit your shit. Never liked a chick as much as I liked you, but… Cas says I worry too much about what people think, you know? That I shouldn’t fuck around with somebody’s heart just to feel like more of a man or whatever. So, uh, I guess it’s too late, but…I’m sorry.”

I didn’t know what to say. His words were what I’d needed to hear years ago. Was it too late now? How did they even make me feel?

Maybe he wasn’t the same person he was when we were together. I knew I wasn’t. “It’s never too late for an apology,” I decided. “…Thanks, Sly.”

“Hey, I know the weather’s real bad, but I’m running a business here, lady,” he said suddenly. “You gonna buy something or what? A man can’t survive on flowers alone.”

I stared at him…and then burst into laughter.

“…How about I throw in some nice tiger lilies with any purchase,” he said. “Color reminds me of you.”

“I can’t say no to free flowers.” I turned away from him and drifted over to the flowers lining the opposite wall. The smell reminded me of him, but I decided not to tell him that.

Outside, the storm raged on, but it was cozy and soothing inside the shop.

My days of blissful sunshine are over, I thought as I breathed in deeply.

For some reason, I didn’t mind.

21 thoughts on “Chapter 103: Clementine

  1. LMAO wow, guess you never know who you’ll run into out there in the big wide world 😂😂😂

    It really sounds like Sly finally has his shit together (Caspian already worked wonders on Ham so it doesn’t surprise me that he, of all people, was able to help Sly too!)

    It’s nice seeing Clementine so strong. Something tells me that, if she does give Sly another chance now, she will finally stand up for herself when she needs to (but if he’s really sincere, maybe that won’t be necessary as much anymore? 🤞🏻)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s true, you never know! 😉

      And Sly’s in a much better place now–therapy might not have suited him, but Caspian has a way of bringing out the best in people.

      Clem’s definitely not afraid to speak her mind now. Whether they get back together or not is another matter, but she’s in a much better place too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Holy cow! ❤️Con-man!❤️ First…. he was so Conner (only I think he’d improved his hygiene). 😂😂😂

    Now…..Sly! 😍😍😍. He’s so gorgeous! 😍😍😍 I love the new look. Drool worthy! You can see how pretty his eyes are! 😍 Clem definitely has a type, hairy, wears glasses, sexy af (she left that part out!) and calls her fruit names. Although when Sly says it, it’s from the heart. And it was so very ‘sly’ of Dr. Puck to make it rain! Tee hee.

    Clem looks very grown and pretty too. And Sly, with his Cas help, and with her ‘break from Sly, they both matured a lot. Although she tried to replace him with the Con-man. Just not quite the same.

    Even though they are both definitely healthier, I’m afraid they are going to be the terrible parents! They both had horrible childhoods, so you would think they’d make great parents. Maybe they decide not to have kids and get one accidentally. (Accidents happen with couples – I can vouch that oopsie babies happen) and just suck at caring for it.

    Regardless, I think these two are the handsomest couple of them all. Although it’s hard to pick. Rexx and Velvet with their 8 pups – Beautiful Belle and Val – Ham and cutie pie Cas – The Gloxie triad – Ellie and Fishman and of Course HGR and his cute little Druid wife Primrose….I think they count as a couple this gen…since they already produced the first offspring of the next gen.

    Two more chapters? Who is it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG, I’m grinning! You’re so enthusiastic, rofl. Glad you enjoyed the Murphy cameo. 😉

      And that you like Sly’s new look too! No more piercings or chunky glasses. And at least Clem can admit she has a type, LOL. Murphy’s great, but he prefers brunettes anyhow–or dyed redheads. 😉

      I think it’s really interesting you think Clem and Sly have the potential to be terrible parents–because you make really good points. 😉 🤫 But who knows if they get together and have kids at all? …Yes, fine, I do. LOL.

      And I love that they received your Audrey-Approved Hottest Couple Award. Last two chapters are Sly and the epilogue!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. MURPHY!!!

    Clementine DEFINITELY has a type. I thought this before she said it. Big dopey hairy guys! Lol!

    And awww…Sly’s so much better! (I love his look now, btw)

    Could they have a second chance? I think so!!!

    And the rain was soothing (and so were his looks of love)

    Caspian is his life coach. I love that! Sly certainly needed one.

    I knew they just needed a little time apart to get their heads on straight. And oooh…I love it that Sly is the owner of a flower shop. I didn’t know Clementine didn’t know his love of flowers but he’d never admit his real feelings about anything before. Yay for growing up!

    Now it’s time for Mango babies!!! ❤

    (Yay for Puck and his matchmaking abilities. 😉 Even though Clementine had HIM on her mind at first.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I begged Cement for Murphy! It could only be him. 😉


      “I have some guys on the gallery”

      “No you don’t understand, I need M U R P H Y”

      And you’re right, rain doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Not nearly as foreboding as the sexytimes storm in your previous chapter. 😉

      Caspian should win all the life coach awards, if there even are any. LOL. He had two major projects!

      Sly almost revealed his love of flowers when showing Clem around the botanical gardens once, but he quickly backpedaled. He didn’t show her much of his true self at all.

      Puck is a better matchmaker than Belle. LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL! I would have made a trade with you. (I hope she did–I want to see Clementine grace her chapters).

        What? Sexy-time storm? I had that? 😉

        Puck for best alltime matchmaker! (Belle did a good job with Sexxy Rexxy and Velvet though. 😉 )

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ❤ ❤ She was nice and even threw in Murphy's uncle Erwin without me asking! (I love him.) LOL. There was actually a line in White Lies recently about Murphy dating a blonde once…secret reference to this. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hehe its my Connoli

    Roses are red, violets are blue
    Garbage is dumped
    Now Connor is too 😔
    Did I just call myself trash

    Tfw the guy that ate u out makes a storm going bc he’s embarrassed i c u, puckeroo

    See, time away from each other did wonders for both of them since the two of em only knew how to enable each others insecurities
    Look at my boy Sly finally with his head out of his ass
    I’m so proud of Caspian, of course its him who helps Sly stop being a butthead!!!1 Equipped with Daisy’s sunshine and Leo’s tolerance, he is best boi !!!!1 #morelove4caspian

    It’s good to see Clem mature and get confident after all this thyme of being so insecure and ignoring her problems!!! Such an adult!!!!1
    These two definitely did well with time apart after such a turbulent and toxic relationship ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ty for the use of your simself and writing Murphy’s terrible/amazing dialogue

      LOL you’ve uncovered Puck’s true motivations, gj

      Caspian has 10 points in the pulling-head-out-of-ass skill wait that sounds really bad help how do I get out of this LOL

      ilu ty againnnnnnn 10/10 best connoli

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Look at those two with their personal growth and shit. Hell yeah to the both of them.

    Caspian is a perfect magic bean boi and I love him. He turned douchebag Sly into this? Well, it’s a glow-up.

    I’m glad these two cleared the air. There were real feelings there, but…if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. I’d be happy either way because they’re finally happy! Yeeeee

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whaaaat, personal growth in Fangs, who knew it could happen! LOL.

      “Magic bean boi,” rofl. I love that. I’m glad you love your godson too. 😉

      And it’s true, whether they get together or not, they’re much closer to the people they want to be.


  6. Dark WitcHazard: MURPHY! (Says in stoner voice)

    Lover WitcHazard: It happened, I thought it was impossible but Silas got even hotter! (Swoons fainting dramatically)

    Anti Shipper: Come on admit it! Despite all that hate you secretly want them to get back together too!

    Shipper WitcHazard: dndjdjdbehshdhdhehshehdhehdhdgJdhfdhsjsbshduhdhdjssjejjdjdduwjsjdhdh

    Translation: (murmured) Well I guess since he has common sense now and Dr. Puck the almighty matchmaker and My perfect cinnamon roll Caspian came in with the assist approved it so I guess it’s cool to like them now, but whatever.

    Nooboo WitcHazard: (Sees Sly and Clem trapped together) Nooboo Nooboo Nooboo Nooboo Nooboo Nooboo Nooboo Nooboo Nooboo Nooboo Nooboo Nooboo Nooboo Nooboo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! What a wide variety of responses. 😉 Lover and Shipper on opposite ends of the spectrum…we’ll see who’s happy in the end~ I laughed so hard at the translation.

      At least everyone seems to be unanimous on the love for Caspian. He can do no wrong!

      As for a nooboo or two…hmmmmmm.


  7. From verfuba snacker of passionfroot, to stormy bare chested matchmaker.
    He’s a busy fellow.
    Daww, Sly is so bashful and cute (the cutest)
    I gasped
    How does a woman make a choice like that?!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. LOL my goodness Sly, you really don’t look like yourself any more (or finally like your true self, maybe?)
    So glad he got his life on the line, and even more so that it was Cas who helped him hehe. Seems they’re both rather successful in their businesses

    Liked by 1 person

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