Chapter 95: Velvet

Velvet Petalpaws Ravensbane was tired, but she was also happy. Mr. Ashes was with her!

We slept side by side, even though he wasn’t a dog anymore… He still smelled the same, but my nose wasn’t as powerful as usual.

I was hungry, oh yes I was, so I set off in search of food. Mr. Ashes didn’t have to bring me everything! When Dark Lord Father was away, I was used to taking care of myself and Dark Lady Mother.

I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen!

I sniffed. I should’ve picked up more food smells. Food-food-food

Sniff… Was something wrong with my nose?

Even my howls didn’t sound as loud as usual…

But then I couldn’t think about sniffing or howling anymore, because I was so tired… I fell down where I stood.

I heard Mr. Ashes’ footsteps on the stairs. “Velvet,” he said, his voice sounding like Dark Lord Father’s when I hid in the bushes as a pup, “you should’ve told me you were hungry.” He picked me up, just like old times!

“Did you miss me? Did you? Did you?”

“…You can’t go too far from me, understood?” Was that his way of saying he did?

He slowly lowered me to the ground, and I looked into his eyes that were red like raw meat. I touched his face. “You saved my life, Mr. Ashes. I thought you didn’t like me…”

“I don’t,” he said, “but you’re still my student, or maybe I’m still your dog…”

“I can’t smell things anymore,” I said, petting his face, “so you’re probably a better dog than me.”

“Is it so bad just being a witch?” he asked. “You’re a powerful one.”

When I made a sad face, he kissed me on top of my head, oh yes he did! He still had dog in him, even if I couldn’t find the dog in me…

But I pushed him back. “I know you want to mate with Belle, Mr. Ashes. Not me.”

“…Belle?” He sounded surprised. “Well, of course, but…I wouldn’t steal the only living–sort of–woman Val’s shown interest in since he summoned me. Even incubi have honor. …And I might not want to mate with you just yet, but I will when you’re a bit older. We’ll be spending a lot of time together. Close together.”

“I want to mate with you now,” I said, “but I can wait too, since I’m not dying anymore…”

“You’re the most baffling, frustrating female of any species I’ve ever encountered, and yet I think the world would be a far worse place without you.”

“I don’t think I’m a dog-ter anymore…I don’t know what I am.”

“You’re Velvet Petalpaws Ravensbane,” he said, “and that’s all that matters.”

Even if I wasn’t a dog-ter anymore, I wanted to lick his face! But I had to learn how to be more like a normal witch…so I just petted his face and thought about licking it.


But I really wanted to kiss him, so I did! Normal witches kisses, the way Dark Lord Father kissed Dark Lady Mother…


“I love you, Mr. Ashes.”

He mumbled something back, and I was pretty sure I heard “love” too, even if my hearing wasn’t as good as it used to be!

When my parents got back from their honeymoon, Mr. Ashes insisted on coming with me! He even held my hand, saying he’d need a leash if he didn’t, but I wasn’t a dog-ter anymore and didn’t need a leash.

“Velvet,” Dark Lord Father said, “I see you’re still alive and harnessing your dark, terrible magicks.”

“She looks…very happy,” said Dark Lady Mother. “Does our daughter…have a boyfriend?”

“I like him very much, oh yes I do,” I said, “but he won’t mate with me yet. Will you? Will you?”

“Ah…there’s plenty of time for that in the centuries to come,” said Mr. Ashes.

“Velvet Petalpaws Ravensbane,” said Dark Lord Father, “did you make a demonic pact in my absence? After I specifically taught you to do no such thing?”

“I did!” I barked. “He saved my life!”

“I apologize, Hadrian, Primrose, but there was absolutely no other way, save letting her die…”

“Our daughter is…alive and well.” Dark Lady Mother smiled at him. “Are not all relationships…pacts? Hadrian Grimsley Ravensbane swore…to love me for eternity.”

“That’s a good way of looking at it,” said Mr. Ashes.

I was going to love Mr. Ashes for eternity too!

16 thoughts on “Chapter 95: Velvet

  1. Nice to see Velvet so happy! Hopefully Rexx can learn to be happy with this too (and stay that way for all eternity 😬) A little mating in their future might at least make things better for a while? 😉 And then they can utilize Dr. Puck’s couples counseling when things start going south hehehe

    Glad to see HGR and Primrose are accepting! (Though I wonder if they still will be when they realize the full extent 🤔 No more alone time with your daughter, guys! 😬)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Velvet is always happy! Especially with Rexx around. And LOL, Dr. Puck’s couples counseling would be something…

      And yeah, this arrangement is very fresh, so there’s no telling how everyone will react to it in the future…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dark WitcHazard: Although she made a pact while I was bedridden I’ll allow this ship to sail cause my apprentice is too adorable! Now go forth and have the most powerful Demonic Warlock the world has ever seen!

    So as the author who is the most powerful between Velvet and Lani?

    Lover WitcHazard: Aw it’s going to be fun swing how this two turn out in the future!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Another ship confirmed how exciting!

    Anti Shipper: If I get away with sinking one ship I’m good so here’s to the weirdos!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm, Lani and Velvet have different types of powers…it’s hard to say! And Lani would be much less likely to use them for destructive purposes, whereas Velvet will if necessary, thanks to her dad and Rexx’s influence.

      LOL, good luck, Anti. 😉


  3. Sexxy Rexxy is all Velvet’s! Yes he is!!

    Now I’m not sure I’d want to be bonded with someone like THAT for all eternity. I need alone time once in a while. This pact is great for Velvet, but poor Rexx! He seems to be okay with it though.

    HGR and Prim weren’t concerned about what happened to make her almost die. Maybe they knew it was coming? Hmmm…🤔

    Rexx and Velvet are so cute together! I like the arrangement! Can’t wait for a little consumption of the pact! 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He sure is. 😉

      And yeah, that bond is cute now…but you can see how it could easily turn sour/really damn annoying. Rexx isn’t the most patient person either, lol.

      HGR absolutely knew that Velvet’s time was limited–the reason he was gone so often when she was a pup was to find a “cure” for her doggyism. Primrose didn’t like the idea of him changing her nature, though.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hehe! Rexx does love her even if he doesn’t want to mate with her yet….it won’t take long because if she keeps kissing him, he’ll give in….but then I wonder just how close they have to be. Looks pretty darn close! Because just in the next room she collapsed. Wonder what it did to him? This will be interesting. And yep, all marriages are pacts! So true!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rexx doesn’t do love! The mating part is nice though…but he’s being very careful.

      And they do have to be really close, which complicates matters. Let’s see how they survive this particular dark pact…!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. All I can say is Awwwwww! I love these two so much and even if Velvet lost huge parts of her dog-self, Rexx is right. She’s still herself. And regarding who he is, it’s the hugest of love confessions that he wants to wait with “mating” 😁
    Her parents, though! Like, “oh she looks happy” and “oh no she made a demonic pact” but not mentioning her hair color changed all of a sudden lol

    Liked by 1 person

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