Chapter 91: Clementine

I totally loved Sly’s family. I guess they liked me too, because his dad told me I might as well stay the night?

And his mom made a joke about the bed creaking over them…

Sly was acting weird until we finally went up to his room. Then he just…acted like his usual self, groping me.

It felt so weird being in the bedroom he’d grown up in…but it was more like a suite. He had a movie star mom, so. There were cracks in the wall, but they were painted on…maybe he wanted to look like he was living a certain lifestyle on his social media?

“Damn, your tits feel real good, even if they could be bigger.”

“Thanks?” At least I was wearing one of his old shirts instead of a cheerleader costume. His mom had offered to throw my school uniform in the wash after Sly accidentally spilled beer on it earlier. At least I think it was an accident?

When he squeezed too hard, I automatically smacked his hand away. “That time of the month?” he said, chuckling. “I can just throw down a towel.”

I didn’t tell him, but something was bothering me. The way his dad treated his mom…it was kind of like how my dad had treated my mom way back when I was a kid. Except more normal, maybe? Like they still had room for other people.

“Come on, I let you meet my famous mom. Gotta put out now, Papaya.”


Should…should I have paid more attention to Fox? Seeing Sly’s mom and dad together… It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to be like that. It was that he just…didn’t want to. Or like, maybe he didn’t like me enough. Maybe I was just a booty call and nothing else.

It wasn’t enough.

He turned my head to look at him. “Hey,” he said. “You can just lie there if you’re tired. I’m horny as fuck.”

My twin brother’s words in the gym wormed their way into my brain: “The things he said to you… I don’t think they’re the type of things you say to someone you really care about.”

I stared at Sly. “Seriously?”

“It’ll take like five minutes, max. Easier than me having to rub one out on my own, yeah?”

“Do you even hear yourself right now?”

“Shit, you got to meet a goddamn famous-ass actress because of me. Maybe she’ll cast you in her next movie. Can a guy get off or what?”

…Why did he keep mentioning his mom? Did he think that’s the only reason I was with him? That I was like, some aspiring starlet? Oh my god. My modeling days were so over.

He ended up…taking care of business while I just lay there and pretended to sleep. And once I heard him snoring…I let myself cry.

I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. It was like Crystal all over again, when I’d say and do anything just to keep my position as her BFF. I wasn’t Clementine, a person with goals and opinions of her own; I was just her lackey. Everything revolved around her.

Did everything revolve around Sly now? His wants, his pleasure, his…everything. It wasn’t like I was asking for a soulmate or whatever, but someone who put me first once in a while, someone who cared about what I liked, who cared about me… That wasn’t too much to ask for, right?

When I was totally sure he was deep asleep, I slipped out of his bed, leaving him lying there by himself. “Just going to the bathroom,” I mumbled.

I did go to the bathroom, just in case. Oh my god, it wasn’t like I was being held prisoner here. I could totally leave, even in the middle of the night. I just had to go to the laundry room and nab my clothes first. “I can just like, leave a note for his parents saying there was a family emergency.”

I’d just leave. No big deal.

Except when I thought I was being sneaky, Sly confronted me at the door. “The hell are you going, Tangerine?”

I tried to pretend like everything was fine, but I couldn’t help but glare at him a little. “Back to school. I have exams.”

“Bullshit. You hoping to talk to my mom alone or some shit? She’s asleep, for fuck’s sake.”

“…You have issues, Sly. I think you need some time to deal with them. Alone.”

He made a grab for my hand. “You saying you don’t want a piece of this anymore?”

I yanked my hand away. “Actually, yeah. I don’t know what I am to you, Sly, but…I don’t want to be that anymore. So like, goodbye, I guess?”

He slammed his fists into the door, trapping me. “So you get what you want and now you’re done with me? That what kind of bitch you are, Mango?”

I just gave him a look of disgust. “I’m not a bitch at all. Or a fruit. Or your girlfriend or anything else. So just let me go already.”

“…You don’t mean that.” He sounded…sad? Like he actually did care? But it was too late.

“Yeah,” I said, when he finally looked up at me. “I do.”

He let me go.

I ran barefoot down the tiled hallway, my footsteps echoing, until I made it to the laundry room. Finally, I could be alone. Finally, I could be me again.

Did I even know how to be me anymore? Did I ever really learn how in the first place?

I knew this was right…so why did it hurt so much? Why was my heart breaking for someone who didn’t even care about me?

Why was I crying? I didn’t know.

But I’d get over it. That, at least, I knew.

20 thoughts on “Chapter 91: Clementine

  1. Standing ovation for Clementine here for finally sticking up for herself! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I’m really proud of her for doing the right thing, even if it hurt. It’s clear Sly wasn’t ready to try and change any time soon (or confront any of his major issues) and sticking around would have just made things even worse.

    This could be a great opportunity for Clem to learn how to be happy on her own, and maybe a wake up call for Sly to stop being such an insensitive dick… even if Clementine is lost and gone forever (Hehehehe) maybe he can learn a lesson for the next girl? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Took a long time…but both she and Sly have some growing up to do, and this is her first step toward finding what makes her happy. That relationship wasn’t doing either of them any favors.

      Sly definitely needs a wake up call, but it might be too little, too late for him and Clem. But it may help him with other relationships in the future! This one was definitely a victim of his self-sabotage…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I wondered if she would finally decide it wasn’t enough. Glad she did and if he does come crawling back it will be on her terms – and make him grow the f up ! He cares….but it might be too late cause he may not be ready to take ant responsibility or even like himself yet. ….but something tells me he might try. I just hope it’s not too late.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He definitely cares…but he was terrible at showing it. Worse than terrible. LOL. But things would absolutely have to be different if there was a second time around.

      He might be too scared to try….but this will be one of his biggest regrets.

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  3. Shipper WitcHazard: Finally now I don’t have to suffer the nausea from this train wreck which is weird cause this is suppose to be a ship! Both parties came into this for the wrong reasons Clementine trying to receive any form of affection because of her abandonment issues with her family and Silas trying to compensate for the lack there of if any at all when it comes to self confidence. Going as far as to belittle an already vulnerable person to cover his own vulnerability! I mean I love Sly I concept but damn is he a piece of shit! I mean I know not communicating is his stick and he thinks no one cares about him only what he can do for them but there is a thin line between being oblivious of your wrong doings and coming up with excuses that can’t hold water like I thought she was like everyone else and you just being a ignorant mother fucker! I’m done I’m glad this is over I’m done! If a read another Sly chapter it’ll be to soon! This ship isn’t something I personally want to see get back together I’d be happy if they drift apart and maybe try again after Clementine ends a couple year relationship and Sly ends his first marriage getting full custody of his little girl (I know right) then their will they won’t they relationship becomes a background story in gen 4 maybe I’ll consider it!

    Anti Shipper: I’m falling in love with you all over again!🥰😍😘

    Dark WitcHazard: Congratulations Lobster you made one of the nicest people actually hate someone! I love it! This relationship was pretty messed up makes me wonder how dark you’ll go for one of the relationships of gen 4!

    Lovers WitcHazard: There comes a time in some relationships where you have to find the strength to walk away glad Clem found her strength!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOLLLLLLLLLLL wow, launching plenty of fiery cannonballs into this ship, huh? Someone’s done–can’t blame you, rofl. Clem’s done too. …Sadly, the next chapter is Sly’s. 😉

      As for the relationships in gen 4…good question. Wow, I only have like 5 more chapters to write to finish the gen, it’s such a weird feeling.

      And Clem’s going to be much happier for the foreseeable future!!


  4. Waking up is hard to do.

    Well, I’m hoping Sly confides in his mom and she’ll let him know how he screwed up! Lol! That chapter should be hilarious (if it happens).

    So glad Clem finally saw how Sly treats her. He is just being stupid and hiding behind this dick facade of his. Hopefully, Clem will be able to kick his butt into acting like himself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is!

      He doesn’t confide in his parents (or anyone else, really) much, but maybe he’ll make an exception this time…

      He’s been a colossal idiot. We’ll see if this is the kick in the ass he needs though, LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I can only applaud Clem for standing up for herself. The last couple of Sly/Clem chapters have been difficult reading purely because nobody deserves to be treated like a piece of meat, especially when they’ve been shoved from pillar to post for most of their lives. So to finally stand up to him, that took guts, to keep that resolve when pinned to a door by his physical intimidation tactics more than guts, strength. Don’t get me wrong I love Sly, I feel for his lack of self confidence but grrrrrrrr! Clem, I’ve wanted to hug since day one and tell her everything is going to be ok. Personally I hope she decides not to go back there and she finds exactly what it is she’s looking for (I also hope she’s not already expecting a member of gen 4, forcing them together) Obviously both of them need to work on themselves and define their boundaries, it’s okay Sly saying girls only want him to get to his Mum, but he’s not exactly fought them off has he? If anything it’s been like his Mum is his pulling power which is really sad in so many ways. (Bit like a begging puppy, Meet my Mama and give me a bone(r). ) Hope he sorts his stuff out, like Clem he deserves to be happy. (Bloosmoo)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, glad you haven’t abandoned your honorary nephew despite him being a royal asshole lately LOL. And it’s nice to see your opinion un-plummed by the forum!

      Sly absolutely hasn’t discouraged the bad attention he’s got, so it’s just as much his fault as anyone’s. Maybe it’s all he feels like he deserves…or maybe it just feels good while it lasts.

      Would I be so cruel as to give Clem a baby? 😱 That’s even crueler than killing off Velvet! It’s definitely not something she wants or needs right now…


    1. “His sad little dick,” ROFL omg. Yeah, he should be feeling like a sad little dick right about now too… Luckily Clem respects herself more than he respects her, at least outwardly.


  6. My thoughts on this, are that Sly “assumed” Clem was just like all the other girls he’d been with. That he isn’t worth a meaningful relationship. That he should just enjoy the sex while it lasts, because once she meets his mom, it’s all over. I’m not sure Clem thinks she’s worth much either, but I am glad she finally put her foot down. She should be treated with respect at least, though ideally, like a princess.

    It’s times like this I wish I could play therapist/counselor, and get those two to talk about what’s really bothering them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, a couples counselor probably would’ve done them a WORLD of good. But they were in such a strange place, where Clem wasn’t even sure they were a couple. And now they’re nothing at all…

      But that’s absolutely right about Sly–he made all these mistaken assumptions based on past experiences and treated her accordingly. But now she’s going to treat herself right.


  7. Ouch. That hurt Sly and seemingly proves like, everything he ever feared Clem might be. But when he’s gotten over it a bit he will see that she was deeply hurt as well or else all my trust was misplaced to begin with. Sometimes we have to be hurt ourselves to realize that others are hurt, too. That’s the curse of humanity, I guess and both Sly and Clem are partly human after all.
    Maybe they need to embrace their human part before they can learn to accept the fae in them

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He might not be able to see it now, but he’ll have plenty of time for solitary introspection in the future. He’s always had trouble putting himself in other people’s shoes, but now maybe he’ll be able to understand everything he put Clem through while trying to protect his own heart.

      Liked by 1 person

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