Chapter 31: Clementine

I’d been so sure I was going to skip college. But I hadn’t known magic universities were a thing. If I hadn’t been fae, this one might’ve seemed even weirder…

Fae. Was I really? Unlike my twin, I’d thrown the fae part of me away.

But here, it didn’t matter what I was. Everyone was like, something.

And that guy who’d…visited me…was something too. Fae, probably. And if he invited me here, that meant he was somewhere around the campus too, right? So maybe I’d see him again. Not that I’d care, because ugh, awkward.

What a weird place this was. Were these bridges even safe? Or were they meant for fae?

I was looking for my dorm room. The letter said every student got her own unless they wanted roommates…good. No sharing with the magic-using Crystals of the world.

Somehow, I just knew which room was meant for me.

And it was perfect. Maybe a little too orange? But Mom–back when I had a mom–always went pretty heavy on the orange for Fox and me.

It almost felt like I was a princess.

Was I one? Cousin to a prince…not that I talked to him. Was Fox with Griffin right now? Probably. Not that I cared, since I was basically an only child now.

I wandered over to a mirror in the corner of the room. “This is it,” I said. “Starting fresh. You can be whoever you want to be.”

“You’re pretty. Like, none of the other freshmen know each other either, probably. Your personality needs work, but nobody’s perfect.”

“Don’t mess this up,” I said. “You’re running out of places to escape to.”

I can do this.

My first night at Dr. Puck’s Institute for the Otherworldly Arts…who was Dr. Puck, anyway? Some dead guy? I liked how the view from my window reminded me of Fangs Island. Did every student have a totally different view?

My grandparents were paying my tuition. Mom and Dad probably could’ve, if they still had access to their human world bank accounts, but I didn’t want to ask them for anything.

This was my home now. It was hard, imagining “home” as a place without Grandma and Grandpa. Right now, Grandpa would be falling asleep in front of the TV while Grandma deleted raccoon breeding sites from his computer’s browsing history.

Tomorrow morning, my new life would begin…

…Or at least my first class. I’d registered late, so most of the important classes I’d need for my major were already full, but I’d signed up for Flora Appreciation, a fae elective. Why not like, ease myself into the college experience?

When I got there, though, there only seemed to be one person in the classroom when I peeked in. Maybe the instructor really sucked–did magic schools have a site for professor reviews?

I quietly made my way into the classroom and slid into one of the many empty seats. Where was the professor?

Or was that guy supposed to be teaching? He didn’t look like somebody who’d teach anything about flowers, not with his sense of fashion. If you could even call it fashion–which, as a former model, I couldn’t.

He turned around, like he could feel me watching him. Whatever. “Damn,” he said. “Wasn’t expecting anybody to show.”

…Why did he look so familiar?

I gasped as he walked closer. “Sly?”

“Whoa. You’re that chick with the nice a–”

“…You don’t remember me?”

“Hey, I remember part of you,” he said, smirking. “Shame you’re sitting down. So you know me? Sorry I can’t remember the names of all the chicks I’ve boned.”

I stared at him. “I met you on Fangs Island. When I was a kid,” I added, hopefully to embarrass him. “You were smoking, and you had this scary grandma, and I kept your secret…? You taught me to play the guitar kind of? I have a fruit name?”

“…Kumquat, baby! I missed you. You and your fine, fine ass.”

“Clementine,” I muttered. “And if you’re my professor, I’m pretty sure that’s sexual harassment. Even if you’re not, it’s still sexual harassment–I just probably can’t sue the school over it.”

“Hey, I’m just a TA filling in for Dr. Puck. He’s supposed to be teaching this class, but nobody ever shows up–all the fae students just say they know how to appreciate flowers and shit–so he has somebody lounge around in the classroom just in case. Not like I’ve graduated yet either.”

“So…this class is just a sham?” I said. “I actually like flowers.” Maybe I could just do homework here or something–the classroom had a relaxing air to it thanks to all the colors and smells. “It’s not like you could really teach a class like this.”

“Oh yeah? Why’s that, Tangerine?

First my ass, now my name? At least it was better than Kumquat. “Look at you,” I said. “You’re still as hairy as ever–except you’re even beefier now. Are you even really fae?”

“Shit,” he said. “Now I remember you–you’re that annoying little twerp who never shut up. Banana?”

Clementine,” I repeated. “And my grandparents are paying a lot of money for this stupid school so you better teach me about flora appreciation. Or I’ll report you to Dr. Puck–he’s in charge of this whole place, right?”

“Damn, you’re still the same annoying little brat, no matter how many parts of you got bigger,” he said thoughtfully, completely ignoring my threat. “Sure, I got a lot to teach you. If you think you can keep up.”

“…I should’ve signed up for an art class instead. Also, your face looks like a hardware store.” It couldn’t even be real metal, not if he was fae.

He rubbed his huge hands together. “I’d be happy to keep it open twenty-four seven for you, baby.”

“…If you think you’re smooth, you’re really, really not.” But I was laughing anyway.

Was I seriously looking forward to this class now…?

I must’ve been an even bigger idiot than Sly.

21 thoughts on “Chapter 31: Clementine

  1. We had gone too long without Sly talking about asses and fruit (best emoji for this comes again 🍑🍑🍑)

    She’d just spent too long not living in a place with buttloads of worldly Fangs babies. This is where Clem belongs and always did. 😉

    Liked by 3 people

  2. So sad to see how lonely and abandoned Clementine feels (that name triggers me now btw 😭). Hopefully she’s right and this can be a new beginning for her. She’s got a beautiful dorm room st least! Somewhere to feel like home.

    Happy to see her running into Sly again, but nervous too. Clem’s been abandoned and (in her eyes) forgotten by so many people she cares about already. I hope he doesn’t hurt her (which seems like a definite possibility, given who he is LOL). But maybe he can change and learn how to care about people like his mom did? 🤔 Hopefully!

    At least he made Clem smile. Let’s hope she keeps it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Poor Clementine. (Both of them! 😭) And I love her dorm room, I was so happy when I found it.

      Sly really may not be the best person for Clem to be around, considering his personality…he already hurt her once, albeit not intentionally. But maybe he’ll surprise you. …Maybe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope he does 😦 No more heartbreak for Clem, please! She needs a friend. That’s all she needs right now. A friend who genuinely cares about her 😦 No one who will mistreat or take advantage of her in any way… 😭

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol! Banana just found HER banana….heh. 😏

    Dr. Puck seems like a wicked matchmaker. And I can’t believe Sly could even pass his GRE in order to become a TA. LOL! Working on his masters? Hmmm…guess he’s smarter than he looks. 😝

    Why do I get the feeling there’s not going to be much garden tending being taught here. But I’m sure Sly WILL School her on all the things he specializes in. I liked their banter…hee! I think they’re going to have a lot of fun together! 😈

    Liked by 4 people

    1. This banana may be a bit too ripe. LOL.

      Dr. Puck knows what he’s doing. Probably~ And you’ll find out more about Sly next week!

      These classes aren’t going to be much like classes, no. But they probably will have fun together…

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Aww. Sly. You big old teddy bear. Quit trying to be something your not! I bet he and Clem bond in some weird way and then fall in love….

    Maybe two lost souls that unite. ❤️

    Sad for Tuesdays only but, then you gotta do what you gotta do! 😢

    Liked by 3 people

    1. They’re going to bond in some weird way, all right…! Maybe.

      But they’re both a bit lost in their own way, so they could be good for each other.

      Thanks for understanding about Tuesdays. ❤ I'm sad about it too. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Dark WitcHazard: First we catch Valerian masturbating and now Sly is back things have been good! Don’t deny it Clem another warm body is great company for someone so lonely! Good for the day and nights too!😝 Sly You’ve been gone too long I need my obnoxious fix more often!

    Lover WitcHazard: Clemmy needs so many hugs! I’m sure this class will be very professional 😘 going forward Clem you have nothing to worry about you’re in capable hands! Also you got eaten out by the head master so if that comes to light you’ll own this school!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Eeeeeeekkkkkk I need this ship on my life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, Sly would be happy to lend Clem a very warm, hairy body. Extra obnoxiousness next week, I promise!

      This class will totally be professional… Okay, maybe not. But Dr. Puck was professional! Ish. She wasn’t a student when he did that, at least…!


  6. I think Clem is my favorite POV thus far–but then again, there are more than you initially promised, so there is still time! But I like that she started out as an overconfident, relatively vain little queen bee, and now she’s been humbled and put back in her place. But I feel like “her place” isn’t necessarily her place–not yet at least.

    I’m sure that the manliest fae of all will be able to give her a hand in finding where it is that she belongs. And no, Sly, I don’t think it’d between the sheets just this minute! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the next PoV is the last? I hope, anyway. Still puts it at a dozen…

      I’m glad you warmed up to Clem though! They’re all so young–I think this is my youngest gen yet, as a whole–so it’ll take them some time to figure out where their places are.

      Would be nice if Sly got his head out of his ass sooner rather than later~

      Liked by 1 person

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