Chapter 29: Velvet

Velvet Petalpaws Ravensbane was going to Dr. Paw-ck’s Puck’s Institute for the Otherworldly Arts!

Dark Lady Mother and Dark Lord Father took me there, because they were going to teach classes, so I’d never be alone!

There were lots of new smells all over the school. They made my nose very happy, oh yes they did. And there was a frog!

I wanted to lick the frog, but Dark Lord Father told me to keep my tongue in my mouth the whole time I was in school. No licking other students, no licking spell reagents, and definitely no licking my professors.

Dark Lady Mother said I looked like a real witch.

“Stay close to me, Primrose,” said Dark Lord Father. “It wouldn’t be magic university without a fireball spell gone awry.”

“I…will,” said Dark Lady Mother. “Thank you…”

There were people who smelled like fish! And not because I left one in their beds!


I liked the bones inside, even if they got caught in my throat sometimes and Dark Lord Father had to use dark magicks to get them out!

“Be a good girl, Velvet,” he said. It was like he could see my tail wagging excitedly even though I didn’t have one right now!

“She is…always a good girl,” Dark Lady Mother said.

“You spoil our daughter.” But I could hear his tail wagging from his voice!

I liked having a maw-ther and paw-ther, and I was happy I wouldn’t have to say goodbye and hide under a bed until they came back!

But I wanted to make new friends too…

How was Velvet Petalpaws Ravensbane supposed to greet new people if she wasn’t supposed to lick them or sniff their best, smelliest spots? I tried to remember…

I remembered! I trotted away from Dark Lady Mother and Dark Lord Father before they could pull out the leash…

“This place, it is too dry for our prince, yes?” Ms. Fishy said.

“We must be making the preparations, sister,” said Mr. Fishy. “Glory to the seas.”

I leaped up on my hind legs. Normal legs. “Rrrr…” I suddenly couldn’t remember what to say! Could they see my tail wagging?

“Are you needing something?” said Ms. Fishy.

I got too nervous about saying the wrong thing and started barking!

“…Velvet, don’t make me get the leash,” my paw-ther said. “Let’s go find your personal dark chamber, shall we?”

But my personal dark chamber wasn’t dark at all! It was bright and smelled good all over!

“Ancient arcane magicks,” my paw-ther explained to my maw-ther. “Each chamber within the school reflects the heart and desires of its inhabitants. This is the manifestation of our daughter’s ideal home.”

It was! There were comfy beds and jars of treats…

And lots of toys to chew on!

But I was a witch, not just a dog-ter, and there were lots of witch things too!

There were lots of sparkly things too, but I wouldn’t lick them!

And a giant crate perfect for naps!


But then it was time to see more of the school! Dark Lord Father was distracted by Dark Lady Mother again, so I went out on my own…

And I met a new friend right away!

“I thought there wouldn’t be anyone else like me here!” I said.

“Gaston is un beau chien,” came a voice from above, “but jolies femmes shouldn’t crawl around on the ground, truly.”

Did I make another mistake…? I didn’t know what to say to the lady who smelled like flowers and cold dead things. Was she Gaston’s littermate, with white fur too? He was easier to talk to…

But she took my paw–hand–and pulled me up!

“Oh, oui, you’re far, far too lovely to roll about in the muck,” she said. “Are collars en vogue this year? Sometimes the school can feel so terribly behind the latest fashion trends, particularly with the ghastly uniforms.”

“Am I wearing the wrong thing…?” I wanted to be a good girl!

“If you’re in your first year, oui. But I’ll see to it that you’ve everything you need, mon amie. Oh, I simply can’t wait to introduce you to some of the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes at the Institute…”

“Does that mean you’re my teacher?” I asked.

“Only in amour,” she said. “Amie means friend, naturally.”

Velvet Petalpaws Ravensbane already made new friends!

30 thoughts on “Chapter 29: Velvet

  1. I was so happy for Velvet until Belle friendzoned her. The thought of her as Gaston’s littermate though! She’s at least had le beau chien for long enough to be about that familiar with him.

    Even if everyone isn’t used to Velvet, I just love that she finally has a world of new smells awaiting.

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  2. Run Velvet, Run! 😛 LOL I can’t wait to see what kind of interesting ideas Belle plants in Velvet’s Head about how to be a proper student… 😂 This should be entertaining

    And I love that she’s befriending Gaston. Of course she would 😉

    And YAY for Bae and Primrose sticking around! Though I wonder how it’ll be for HGR to be teaching with his nemesis 😱

    I wanna be in HGR’s class 😭 I want him to teach me wicked things 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. See Velvet run~ Hey, she and Belle could have a lot of fun together…!

      Gaston is the true BFFAE though, of course.

      LOL, the (dark, terrible) sacrifices HGR is willing to make for his dog-ter. Maybe they won’t have to see each other much.

      HGR is a very harsh grader and doesn’t grade on a curve though. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Belle is going to be Velvet’s bff! How fun!

    Loved her dorm room. Wow. What a nice university to give you your innermost desires (instead of a tiny box with two beds and two desks wedged into it like I had in college.) And those poses of her crawling around–hee hee! So funny!

    Aww…HGR and Primrose are so cute. I loved how protective he was of her (because yeah, trees cannot get near fireballs!)

    MER-PEOPLE! Wow. They’re a trip. Those eyes! (LOL! Velvet thought they smelled fishy! 😀 ) They looked fishy! And that’s the prince…of the merfolk…hmm…I wonder if that’s Ellie’s dude!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. WagonFruit made that AMAZING dorm room! I can’t thank her enough. It’s PERFECT. I was like 😮😮😮😮 while I was poking around in there, I couldn’t believe it.

      The Institute is pretty nice to its students. 😉

      And I think HGR and Primrose are really cute together too. ❤ ❤ He might not be entirely honest about his feelings toward her, but he's still finding reasons to stay close.

      Mer-people!! About time, right? 😉

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  4. *Jumps up and down with glee* It begins! It begins! I’m so glad that it was Belle/Gaston that Velvet ran into first!

    You know how hard it is for me to decide who the prettiest is, but I think bundling them all together in one space is just going to drive me crazy!!! I can’t wait!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Everyone’s coming together. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Eeeeek! Of course Belle would help out Velvet. She’s sooo pretty. I am excited to see everyone soon. And Primrose and HGR are gonna stay so he can teach! Marvelous!

    I adore Velvet. She just wants to be a good girl and mate with Maxx! Wonder how that meeting might go. Lol….

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You mean Rexx? Unless there’s another doggie named professor out there. (My hubby’s name is Rex and his brother is Max—two dog names! And his mom hates dogs. Go figure.)

      Liked by 3 people

    2. What, you all wanted to see everyone together in the same place? 😉 That’d be just like last gen…! (And it’s happening again, shhh.)

      Oh, Velvet running into Rexx again should be fun. …For Velvet, anyway. ❤

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  6. I think Belle is the perfect friend for Velvet to have since she’s the only one with enough patience. She’ll help Velvet fit in more as a girl and of course help her find ‘amour’. I see Gaston getting the Primrose special at some point and then Velvet will have someone who shares her interests in sniffing butts and mating. I just hope she stays far away from a certain bete who is also into butts. Let Clementine deal with him. 😁

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Belle’s more likely to see Velvet as a work-in-progress than an annoyance, fortunately! Belle could probably use a friend too.

      LOL, Gaston getting the “Primrose special”–I like the sound of that. 😉 Maybe a dog-ter needs a dog-son.

      Oh man, Velvet and Sly… 😱

      Liked by 2 people

    No matter what stressful is going on in any other story, I can always count on the Fangsverse to give me that dose of Satisfaction that makes my morning bright and lovely ❤
    Power Besties; I've been hoping for this for EONS (weeks, whatever).

    Such a ride seeing Miss Velvet in her new digs 😮
    I'm glad she likes it ❤

    On the surface I think it's obvious Belle will be a good influence in Velvet's life, but I have a feeling Velvet will return the favour ❤
    If there's one thing I've learned from this story, is that relationships are seldom as one sided as they may initially seem, and there ends up being a lot more balance between the characters.


    Liked by 4 people

    1. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Eeeee, thank you. And thank you again for Velvet's new digs! Have I mentioned that they're perfect? Is there a word that means more perfect than perfect? Because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. You're a genius. ❤

      Eons, weeks, close enough. 😉

      And you're right about Velvet returning the favor, I think! Belle's more used to ordering people around than having them offer companionship.

      I love your excitement. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  8. Hmmm, Velvet’s interactions with Gaston make me wonder. “I didn’t know there would be ANYONE LIKE ME here.” INTERESTING! Graves noted in the previous chapter that Gaston was paying more attention than Belle was in class….do we have a Batty 2.0 here?

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Aaaah this makes me so happy! Belle and Velvet will get along with each other so perfectly, Belle knows everything Velvet doesn’t and Velvet might teach Belle to let go a bit more 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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