Chapter 26: Griffin

Fox never complained when I wanted to spar, even though I always beat him.

He knew the reason I was better, too. I’d always beat him unless I tried to lose–fighting was the only thing I was better at than him. Fox could talk to anybody and make even the coldest fae like him, and his paintings were the prettiest.

“Watch the wings, Griff,” he said. (A punch in the wings was as painful as a punch in the balls, so we had a gentlemen’s agreement or whatever.)

I could predict every one of Fox’s moves before it happened, but it wasn’t because I watched how his muscles tensed before he pulled back his arm or where he was looking.

It was because ever since I was little, I could see the future.

Dad heard whispers on the wind, but for me, it was more like seeing commercial breaks on a human’s TV: a sliver of the future shoved into my regular life. Dreams were even worse–Mom said I used to hate sleeping even as a baby.

It was one of those future-slivers that sealed a deal with that dumb human Fox liked all those years ago…

I couldn’t grant a wish like that, but I knew what she wanted would come true.

It was stupid for me to even talk to her. And why’d I even kiss her? Humans are dumb and gross.

I was just rescuing Fox, that’s all. He was cousin to a fae prince–he had no reason to be messing with gross dumb human girls.

I even knew where she’d end up after she got a family, but I refused to tell him, no matter how hard he begged or how much he offered me. We’d fight over her in the future–I could see it. Probably because she was so dumb and gross.

Fox’s fist went sailing over my head–but just barely. “Thought I’d finally get you this time,” he said. “You seem distracted, my prince.”

“I was just thinking about lunch. I’m hungry.”

“Ouch, Griff. Can’t even concentrate on wiping the grass with me?”

“Sorry,” I said. “I’ll punch you now.” And so I did.

“You got me good,” Fox said afterwards. “Time for a break? I could use a shower–and the company of a lovely fae to nurse my bruised cheek.”

“I don’t see a bruise,” I said. “I held back. Did I really hurt you?”

Fox just laughed, so I guess not. We went to take a shower together after that, because it was the manly thing to do.

“Would you care for me to hand-wash the royal stones, my prince?”

“Shut up, Fox.”

Fox was my best friend. I’d never let anything or anybody come between us, especially not a dumb human.

“I hope things stay like this forever,” I said. “Even though I can see the future, I never thought we’d finally have peace.”

I had to remind myself that the fae realm was peaceful over and over. Whenever I saw my mom in a dress instead of leather armor, I felt anxious, even though there hadn’t been any fighting for years and I hadn’t seen any attacks in the future.

(They were always kissing each other too. Gross.)

“Hey,” I said, when they were finally done mashing their faces against each other. “No sightings of attack…”

“You don’t need an excuse to talk to us, Griffin,” Dad said. “But we appreciate the reports.”

“Punch anyone today?” Mom asked. “It’s been so long for me, but at least your dad keeps me distracted.”

“Only Fox,” I said, trying not to think about my parents doing gross stuff. “And he doesn’t count.”

The palace grounds were calm, filled with the sounds of birdsong and leaves rippling in the breeze.

There weren’t many things I couldn’t predict, but the Oracle was one of them.

Everybody knew who he was, but nobody knew what he did or what he wanted. Mom only said he was weird, and Dad only said he “served the fae.”

“Hey,” I said. “Have you seen anything important lately…?”

“Who can determine what’s truly important to another soul?”

“Well, you’re the Oracle, right? So you can see the future or whatever. Probably.”

“Can I?” he said. “Or do I merely see infinite possibilities?”

“Well, uh, if you know anything I should know…”

“Do you not already bear the weight of far too much knowledge, young prince?”

I didn’t think so. I liked knowing things, most of the time. I’d saved my parents from dozens of attacks when I was just a kid, and I could always beat Fox in a fight. I knew when my parents were doing gross stuff and knew when to not walk into their room.

But that night, it was different.

I was gonna meet that human girl again–and so was Fox.


31 thoughts on “Chapter 26: Griffin

  1. Wow…does Griffin even know what a school is? 😛

    Man I loved seeing Dru again for a brief moment but bring back the armor. It would suit her.

    Also Griff did not inherit the round Lyons booty. I’m cackling a little, while Fox is surely endowed. Maybe he’ll let Fox wash it one day. 😉

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  2. Aww, Griffin ❤️ I do think he’s probably my favorite at this point. I love how brooding he is and my heart breaks for him with that awful weight he carries all the time!

    I wonder what will happen when they see Lani again. It seems like Griff worries more about the fighting with Fox aspect rather than which of them will get the girl (apparently he still hasn’t seen who wins that particular fight! Or maybe neither. Or maybe both 😈)

    I hope their friendship can last through what’s ahead 😦 (and as for not letting anyone come between them… didn’t they already do that in Fox’s chapter tho? 🤔)

    Liked by 1 person


    anyway, it took 500 years for wordpress to load images (im on my reader, tho, not on your blog) BUT THAT’S OK because it’s super easy to read and follow and imagine even without the screens. They did load, tho, so i got a full screen of fairy booty.

    If Lani has to end up with one of these two instead of with mermaid goddess Ellie🧜‍♀️then, tbh, I really hope it’s Griff. I liked Fox a lot when he was a kid, but actually think I prefer Clem to him now? I dunno why, maybe I’m just relating more to Clem now that Fox has gone and become all super fae-i-fied. Which is weird, because i love fae with every ounce of my soul.

    I am looking forward to them meeting lani again >:) And also to seeing more of the Oracle, he’s appealing to me more and more… lmk if he’s got any honorary human openings coming up 😏😏

    Liked by 4 people

    1. The palace is incredible! 😮 I’m always shocked at what people are able to do in build mode.

      Sorry about the slow images! 😬 I probably use way too many images per chapter. But I take so many screenshots, LOL. Glad you got fairy booty at least!

      And I figured most people would probably root for Griffin right now. 😉 Fox is very fae. I understand!

      And I like the Oracle too. ❤ I'll let you know about honorary human openings!

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      1. Oh don’t even worry about the screenshots, it does it to me when I’m trying to edit posts all the time. It’s either my internet or just WordPress being a dick in-general 🙄

        I will wait patiently for my honorary acceptance letter, by butterfly courier, b/c i will accept nothing less 🦋

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      1. Omg! I’m so glad you’re able to follow along with both of our stories without pics! I sometimes wonder if I need to be more descriptive, but usually think “Well, there’s an image.” So I will keep this in mind now moving forward 😀

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  4. I adore Griffin! And hers so gorgeous. I am sort of like Ashubii, I am liking him more than Fox. Fox is a bit too self centered I think. Very fae. So I shouldn’t be surprised. I can see them sharing Lani…maybe. Wouldn’t be unheard of in the fae realm – probably. But don’t know how Lani would feel. I think it would overwhelm her, but I know she misses them and would love to see them again.

    Dru and Sunflower ❤️❤️❤️ and Dr. P(h)uck, 🙄 Loved seeing them all….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤ Griffin is turning out to be pretty popular! And after being a not-very-popular kid, LOL. And it's funny how Griffin grew up among fae, and tries really hard to be fae, but Fox is even more so. Maybe it's the Dru-ness in him.

      Even one boy is likely to overwhelm Lani, so we'll see what happens with two…

      Glad you liked seeing Dru and Sunflower again! ❤

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  5. Dr. Puck gets around! 😜 And he’s called The Oracle. Hmmm…

    Omg…the boys just got even more handsome (how is that even possible?) They are so cute together. So if Griff can see the future, why isn’t he excited about it? Because he has to share? 🤣 Okay…that is understandable BUT he also gets a lot of love from both Lani and Fox, so,etching I’m looking forward to!

    Yay that there isn’t any more attack’s! And that palace is amazing!! Dru and Sunflower have aged well…😏 love the flower crown (Griff needs one!)

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Dr. Puck does get around! (In more ways than one, apparently.)

      Griff doesn’t have complete mastery over his visions, and he doesn’t always see the exact times and moments he’d like to see. It’s a capricious gift. Apparently a lot of stuff around Lani is shrouded from him.

      LOL, must be nice to be a vampire or fae, no aging at all.

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  6. Loved hearing from our broody hot fae prince omnom ❤️

    Also loved the Puck smack down “chill little bro” it’s true, Griff needs to reduce his anxiety (maybe yoga?).

    Looking forward to them colliding with Lani once more! As for me, Griff is def more My Type, but I won’t say I like him better than Fox; that boi is charming and awesome and has his own special appeal 🌯

    They make such a great team! #Grox4PresiministerOfWorld

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    1. ❤ ❤

      "Chill little bro" rofl. Griff doing yoga would be great. Especially with Fox.

      Aww, glad you still like Fox even if Griff is more Your Type. ❤ Fox has been really good for his cousin, otherwise Griff might've been alone all this time.

      Is that a burrito

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  7. I’m so happy ! Since Griff was just predicting the future , it means it wasn’t an actual binding magical agreement he made with Lani! It was a con! So, if she breaks it, when she breaks it, she won’t be doomed for fated tragedy ! She’ll be freed from a con!

    Where are Oberon and Titania in all this ? Sometimes it seems like the servant is running the show …. but then maybe he always has been !

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Who knew kids could be prone to a little fib here and there? 😉 But yes, that definitely means Lani won’t be subjected to anything terrible–well, aside from Griff’s ire.

      LOL, it does seem like the servant is running the show sometimes…

      Liked by 3 people

  8. Grifftacular reminds me a lot of Dru the way he likes to appear tough and manly, but in actuality is a bit of a crusty marshmallow underneath. I like him, but I’m with Ash, I feel like of the fae kiddos, Clem is my favorite. She went from being a high-maintenance little brat to a lonely young lady, and I feel like she needs all the love!

    But Griff, of course, has his own demons to fight in more ways than one. In every fairy tale I have ever read, the prophet finds their gift to be a curse as well as a blessing, so I expect things to go down negatively at least a couple times for our boy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Crusty marshmallow, LOL! I’m glad you like Clem too. ❤ She does need a lot of love.

      Griff might've grown up happier without his gift of foresight, but then again, he also helped keep his parents and home safe. Still, plenty of ways for it to torment him in the future…

      Liked by 1 person

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