Chapter 12: Clementine

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, living in the fae world. Me and Fox got to have picnics there too, except our cousin Griffin was always with us.

Daddy was right–it really was beautiful there.

And I loved seeing my handsome uncle Sunflower, the king of the fae…

But did Fox have to be up Griffin’s butt the whole time? Boys weren’t supposed to hang all over each other like that.

But when I told Fox so, he just shrugged and said that Griffin was our cousin and he didn’t care what anybody else thought. He even called him “Prince Griffin” in front of other people, which was so dumb.

I almost wished that Lani girl was here just so he’d abandon Griffin for her instead.

But that’d just make one more person he’d rather pay attention to over his own twin.

Things might’ve been okay, if a couple of fae hadn’t cornered me when Fox and Griffin left me alone…

Bug,” one said. “You don’t belong here. You smell like a human.”

“I’m fae too,” I said. “My cousin is the prince.” Daddy always said that in modeling and show business, it was all about who you know–it was probably the same with the fae.

“Cousin?” one repeated, smirking. “Cousin? What’s a cousin? Only humans have cousins.”

Prince?” The other one burst into laughter. “Take your cousins and princes back to the humans, where they belong.”

And then I felt familiar arms around me. “Shh,” Fox said. “It’s okay, Clem.”

“Buzz off,” Griffin said. “Don’t make me punch off your wings.”

“You might think you’re a fae prince,” the one with cotton candy hair said, “but you’re just a bug too. Worse than a bug. Half-vampire maggot.”

They flew away after that. I thought maybe Fox would stay with me from now on, keep me away from these nasty fae, but he didn’t.

He spent all his time with Griffin instead.

Fae might not believe in cousins or princes, but they did believe in twins. I was Fox’s twin, but it didn’t matter to him at all. He cared more about our cousin than me.

I liked my life back home, in our big blue house with our dogs, where I was popular at school and everybody wanted to talk to me, where I was a model and not a bug.

Why did we have to move here? It wasn’t forever, was it? Mommy wouldn’t make me stay here if I hated it…would she?

I decided to ask. No, I’d make our parents take me home. I wasn’t going to live here. I didn’t belong here, and I told them so.

“You don’t have a choice in the matter, Clementine,” Daddy said. “This is for your mother’s health–and being among fae is in your best interests as well.”

I’d been in the room when he and Mommy had that argument, so I knew why he wanted to stay–and that it was really about her, not me or Fox.

“Who cares if Mommy gets old?” I demanded. “She’s a human–that’s what humans do.”

“Clemmie, I’m sorry,” Mommy said. “I know it’s selfish–”

“Enough,” Daddy said. “The decision is made–you’re fae, and we’re staying here, Clementine. No further discussion necessary.”

“I hate it here,” I said. “And I hate you. Both of you. And Fox, and Griffin, and all the fae. Why did you have to do this to me?”

Mommy reached for me, but I didn’t want to even look at her. What kind of mommy took away everything her daughter loved just so she wouldn’t get any more gray hairs? What kind of daddy loved his wife more than his daughter?

“Clemmie, please give it a chance–”

I didn’t run away when she hugged me, because she was my mommy and I loved her and I didn’t really want her to die or even get old and ugly and wrinkly.


And I did give it a chance. But I was miserable.

I hated every second I spent in the world of the fae. Daddy just cared about Mommy and how she was “adjusting” to the level of magic here. Fox just cared about Griffin. None of the other fae kids wanted anything to do with a bug like me.

And even though I tried to hide it, Mommy knew I wasn’t happy, and that I was never gonna be happy, not while I was here.

So she came up with another plan, even if it made all of us a little sad.

Fox and our parents were going to stay there, but I was gonna live with my grandparents.

“It’ll be good to have a kid in the house again,” Grandpa said, “since we’re between raccoons and all.”

“I’ll never understand why Ly left,” Grandma said, shaking her head before smiling at me. “Your grandpa’s right–it’s lonely now that our girls are so far away, and our grandkids too. We’re glad to have you, Clem.”

She kissed me on the cheek, but it wasn’t the gross kind of grandma kiss you see on TV, with an old lady who leaves a lipstick print on your cheek. She was young even though she wasn’t fae, and she didn’t wear makeup at all.

And Grandpa gave me a hug too and told me he had a lot of manly things to teach me, even though I wasn’t Fox or Griffin.

I got to stay in Mommy’s old room. It was pretty and reminded me of her.

But it felt so lonely without Fox. Mommy was a twin too…was that another reason she wanted to stay in the fae world? So she could be with Aunt Dru? They were always together, when Mommy wasn’t with Daddy.

Even Mommy loved her twin more than mine loved me.

I liked living with my grandparents, even if I missed my parents and Fox so much.

And Grandpa wasn’t as good a cook as Mommy was…

“Want me to go get Grandma instead?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, kiddo, your grandpa’s got this,” he said. “And Grandma’s got a visitor–a kind of scary one.”

So just me and Grandpa had breakfast by ourselves…

And he told me some really, really bad jokes, even though he’s supposed to be a famous comedian.

The friend visiting Grandma didn’t look that scary, when I snuck a peek before going to play outside. Pretty, though, and Grandma seemed to be happy.

Outside, I smelled the salty sea air…and something bad.

I coughed–and tried to figure out where the smell was coming from.

Found it…

“You’re smoking,” I accused the stranger. He was a teenager, maybe, except he was really hairy. “You’re not supposed to smoke.”

“Yeah, and? Fuck off, twerp.”

I gave him an evil grin. “I’m telling.”

“Nobody gives a shit.”

“Maybe the scary lady inside does,” I said cheerfully, turning away from him. “I’ll ask, just in case.”

“Hold up–you’re fae, aren’t you? Why don’t you help another fae out–”

I couldn’t stop giggling. “You’re fae? You look more like a werewolf. I thought fae were all supposed to be smooth and thin, like underwear models.”

“…I’m big-boned. Masculine. Chicks drop their panties whenever they see me.”

“Uh huh. You’re a BAD INFLUENCE.”

“Ohhh nooooo, anything but that. I mean, heyyyy, how about some candy in exchange for you keeping your mouth shut?”

I stared at him. “Are you gonna invite me to your white van next?”

“Shit, I’m younger than I look, okay? It’s all this damn hair.”

I started walking away, and he followed. Fae did like deals, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted from him–or anybody, really. It wasn’t like he could bring Fox or my parents here, or make them decide they hated the fae world as much as I did.

“I’ll tell you what I want later,” I said, “once I decide.”

He laughed in my face–or way above my face, since he was taller. “Better think quick, kid, or you’ll never see me again. I’m only here with my grandma and great-grandma until they twist my balls hard enough that I learn my lesson or whatever the hell.”

“Guess I better tell now, then.”

“Better not, you little shit.”

“Why don’t you use a glamour to hide yourself when you smoke?” I asked.

“Why don’t you use a glamour to hide your ugly little rat face?”

“I’m a model.”

He snorted. “Of what, paper bags?”

I walked away again.

“Hey, hey, I got an idea–you know how to play the guitar?”


“Want me to teach you?”

“I’m not wasting my wish on that.”

“I’m not a damn genie–but shit, I’ll just teach you anyway, keep your little rat claws busy.”

He’d brought his guitar with him, and I was able to borrow a smaller one from Grandpa. (He’d wanted to teach his old raccoons how to play as part of his comedy act, but failed.)

“What’s your name, anyway?” I asked.


“…Is that really your name?”

“It’s a nickname people gave me. ‘Cause I’m so sly, see. ‘Bad beast’ is another, no explanation necessary.”

“I’m Clementine.”

“Almost asked if your parents were hippies–then I remembered, fae.” He laughed. “Okay, now watch my hands…”

The backs of his hands were furry, unlike my daddy’s. My dad’s. Sly tried to teach me how to play something called a “chord,” which was supposedly the most important thing I had to learn or something.

Sometimes I could see his eyes over his sunglasses, and the color matched the sky.

I frowned, trying to concentrate. “Mine doesn’t sound like yours…”

“Keep at it. You’re gonna suck hardcore at first.”

“Like this?” I tried to imitate the people I saw on TV.

“Holy shit–”

Did it sound good, then? Some people liked listening to other people scream.

But he started laughing and didn’t stop. “You’re a really weird fucking kid, you know that?”

A bug. I was a bug. Not completely fae, not completely human. No wonder my parents and brother didn’t care where I lived. My eyes stung.

“Hey, hey, I didn’t mean it like that–you’re cute. So don’t cry, okay?”

“…I am?”

He laughed again. “Sure. Maybe you’ll be the lead guitarist of your own band someday, if you don’t grow up to be an uggo.”

He had to go after that, but he promised he’d teach me more the next time his grandma visited mine, which wasn’t until the next summer. But he came back, and taught me more guitar.

He took a lot of pictures of himself before and after we went swimming, even though he was too chunky to be a model.

We still had fun though…

I didn’t figure out what I wanted in exchange for not telling on him the next summer, or even the one after that.

But then one summer, I finally did. I couldn’t wait to see him–not that he needed to know that.

And I wanted him to see me. Would he think I looked like I could lead my own band, or would he call me an uggo?

I tried to remember everything I’d learned as a child model.

Would he think I was a badass chick, or whatever kind of girl he was into? He didn’t need to know that I could glamour the streaks out of my hair or that the piercings were clip-on–and that I didn’t dress like this when Grandma and Grandpa were home.

What if he got a girlfriend? Not that I cared. Did he really “make chicks’ panties drop” though? And…would he make mine?

“Where the hell are you?” I muttered. “Not that I even want to see your hairy ass.” It was probably hairy, wasn’t it?

But Sly never showed.

Whatever. I could do better anyway.

30 thoughts on “Chapter 12: Clementine

  1. CLEM!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ x 1,000,000

    She's totally a badass chick, I'd buy her album!

    It's still too close to say, who is the prettiest, but we still have one more to see age-up, could you be leaving the best for last? 😉

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Damn, poor Clem! It must be so hard feeling like no one wants you. 😢 Sure, some of it was probably childishness and a little selfishness making things worse than they really are… but she definitely seemed to be overlooked by, well, everybody in her life 😦

    How awful for her to be separated from her family 😭 (even if she has some super awesome grandparents raising her haha) How does that work? Can they come to the human world and visit? It sounds like if they do, it’s very rarely… :-/

    I never thought I’d say this, but thank God for Sly 😂 Seriously though, he seems to have a bit of a heart (is his real one made of pizza too? 🤔) underneath that douche bag exterior. It started out for selfish reasons, but he was so sweet with Clem too.

    I bet he didn’t show because he’s back home with his parents now… but I hope he hasn’t forgotten all about Clem! Yet another person who’s left her behind…. 😭

    Liked by 4 people

    1. She’s had a rough time of it, even if she didn’t handle it the best. 😦 And she did seem to come second for everyone.

      She’d probably be visiting the fae realm to see her family, though her fae family members could come visit if they wanted. Lyanna too, but for very brief visits. But yeah, it’ll be relatively rarely either way.

      SLY THE PIZZA-HEARTED. And he was surprisingly sweet to Clem.

      …Who’s all alone now, again. 😦

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Poor child 😭 And as much as I love Orlando, when she was like “What kind of daddy loves his wife more than his daughter?” I wanted to be like “A fae daddy…” 😕 I’m sure he loves his children, but I’m also sure that what she says is true. I think he’d always pick Lyanna over his children. But then, it would be in his nature. The mere fact that he recognizes Clem and Fox as his children is huge. And (unless I’m mistaken) Orlando was the fae who spent the most time in the fae world before coming to the human one. So their ways would be more deeply ingrained in him than in anybody.

        Poor kiddo. I’m glad she gets to see her family sometimes, at least. But how awful to feel like no one wanted her 😭 I am sure this is something that will stick with her for a long time.

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  3. Poor Clem. 😢 Girl you are indeed gorgeous. Totally shipping her and Sly ❤️ She was wanting him to make her panties drop. He likes her but….where was he. With mom and Dad again? I’m trying to figure out if they are related, but I don’t think so! Yassss! Don’t burst my bubble if I’m wrong. 😳. Haha. Those two belong together.

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    1. ❤ Sly and Clem aren't related! Not by blood, at least–I think my mind will explode trying to figure out what they are now that Bianca married into Graham's family.

      You'll find out where he was eventually…!

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  4. Clem becomes 1 edge babby orange
    But aw, poor Clem, feelin lonely 😔 she just wants to be liked and #1 to someone


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  5. Emotional WitcHazard: 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Oh Clementine is my favorite character now’ it’s ok girl we can be alone together! Love stinks!😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Dark WitcHazard: Nice work Lobster you broke E! Now we have to deal with this weeping mess! But still Sly still Sly! Love that kid loving Clem’s look too but if the banner has anything to say about this I’m sure it won’t last! But when she said ass I was like oh she’s going Dru!

    Lover WitcHazard: Aw sweetie falling for Sly isn’t a bad decision! I just think it happened to just be you were lonely and he paid attention to you so if the distance doesn’t make your feelings go away then I’ll count them as genuine! But I’m shocked you already want to see his hairy ass Clem you bad girl!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Eeeeeeeekkkkkkkk! I want this to happen so bad but I’ll wait!

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    1. Awww, I didn’t think Clem would be anyone’s favorite, but now she’s Emotional’s! ❤ Sorry love stinks so much. 😉

      Sly is still Sly, all right. You'll find out why Clem's look doesn't last in her next chapter…a shame, because I'm fond of the short hair and Tryhard Edgy look on her.

      ROFL, we'll see if falling for Sly is a bad decision or not. Maybe Clem's just curious about the hairy ass, okay…!

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  6. Oh man, my sweet little Clementine going through all the rough feels; is easy to be the big fish in a little pond or something but then ocean or whatever and now mooooooood.
    That’s a hard feel, yep.

    Sorry Clem, afraid your mom not dying does take precedence over your popularity, regardless of who is whose favourite or whatever. Hey, one day you’ll grow up and then you’ll be someone’s favourite though, so something to look forward to!
    (MAYBE SLY).

    Goddess, I hope so, because that mantis pose thing they were doing on the beach about killed me. So he a FUN douche. Best douche to be.

    Shame she had to leave her family, but also Grandma Penny and Grandpa Byron are THE BESTEST, and she got to meet Sly (omg), and sometimes there is no perfect solution to family problems and you just have to kind of find a way to make things work.

    I mean, Fox is happy, but he has a friend in Griffin… would he be happy if there was no Griffin? Clem chose validation over her family; she wants that sweet sweet adoration of her peers more than she wants to be with them.

    I get it, been the New Kid many many a time. It blows. Hard to shoulder that level of undeserved malice from the other kiddos, especially when you used to have it so good.

    I love her little angry faces though, omg.
    And Sly’s face during the guitar lesson, LOL.
    That was the sweetest.
    Damn, that would’ve been a fun reaction.
    Oh wells…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG is this your longest gen 3 comment yet! ROFL. ❤ being a popular little shit. Can Sly even have a favorite though when his childhood self planned on a million girlfriends at once? 🤔

      She does have p awesome grandparents imo. And it’s easy to judge a parent or family for the decisions they make, but sometimes there’s just no easy arrangement or solution, you’re 100% right–and part of that decision was on Clem’s part too.

      It’s always hard moving to a new place, doubly so when it’s a totally different world probably. Guess we’ve both been there!

      Clem’s angry faces are the best, rofl.

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  7. My heart ached for Clementine having to leave her parents. 😭 And her twin didn’t even care! 🤬🤬🤬

    Love seeing my Byron make her grilled cheese. Such a cool grandpa. 😍 And Penny might as well be fae with the way she ages. (If only we had those regeneration fruits in RL ! 😭😭😭)

    But the best….SLY!

    His comebacks were so great. He’s such a wonderful combo of his parents. He talks like a Bas Gal. I’m mean…I just love him! And he met his match with Clementine. I found it so hilarious when she was going to tattle on him for smoking. He WAS scared!

    Awww…and now she has a crush. (There’s better fish in the sea, sure, but I bet SHE is the only one who could catch and filet him properly. 😏)

    Fox and Griff…hmm…kissing cousins (I hope!) I wonder if Clem will ever rejoin them.

    That playtime on the beach was so fun! As was Sly teaching her to play guitar. 👏👏👏👏 Loved this chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, did Fox care? Hmm. He did seem pretty callous or at least indifferent though. 😦

      Ha, I knew you’d be happy to see Byron again! ❤ ❤ (I too want those regeneration fruits irl, omg.)

      Sly is definitely his parents' kid, LOL. It's funny about the smoking, because Isla was smoking when she was at her lowest point last gen. But no way would she allow it now.

      Clem had her net all ready to go for Sly and everything. 😦

      You'll get Fox's PoV after Clem's next chapter…! So glad you loved this one though. ❤ This is why I said it was my favorite Clementine one despite the sadness.


  8. Even as my least favorite of the kids (so far) this hurt my soul for poor Clem. I can’t imagine how it must feel to go from a world where you’re accepted and even idolized, to a world where you’re considered no better than a bug… Especially when you’re so alone in either world! At least with Sly she had someone paying attention to her! I hope she sees him again! As awful as he can be, he’s cute and he’s hairy and he’s Gal/Bas’ kid so like, I love him.

    Also hot damn, Byron and Penny, making grandparents everywhere look… Well, ancient. Penny just needs to give her Lyanna-girl some of that fae-flower-juice 😂 Me too while she’s at it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, least favorite! I think she’s most people’s. 😉 But yeah, it still sucks for her to fall so far. She’s just a kid, and it’s really hard to wrap your mind around that. The solitude doesn’t help either.

      As for Sly, nope, Clem’s never gonna run into him again. 😉 …What, you don’t believe me? I love how Sly is such a shit and gets so much love, rofl. Only Gas’s kid, right.

      Damn Byron and Penny…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL excellent, I approve! I’d love to know how Bas handles him, or just what he even thinks of him. But if Bas can handle Gal, I’m sure he’s capable of Sly. Are we going to get a Sly PoV? And an Anders/Caspian one?

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