Chapter 11: Velvet

I love trees!

And I love Dark Lady Maw-ther who is a tree and also my maw-ther!

Sometimes I get so excited when I see her, I turn into a dog instead of a dog-ter…

Dark Lord Paw-ther decided he had to give her lessons too! We both need to learn how to human better…

“Primrose, are you paying attention?”


“She’s a good girl too, Dark Lord Paw-ther,” I said. “She’s listening to you and the birds, oh yes she is!”

We learned everything Dark Lord Paw-ther had to teach us! But it took Dark Lady Maw-ther a really long time to learn how to say even one word, even though she understood everything like “sit” and “stay” and “food.”

But she knew she was my maw-ther right away!

And she held me for hours and hours without ever saying, “My arms are tired, Velvet!”

I had a whole family: a maw-ther, a paw-ther and a dog-ter…

And I barked at Dark Lord Paw-ther until he let Dark Lady Maw-ther sleep in his bed where she belonged!

Dark Lady Maw-ther gave me lots of presents.


When it got really cold and snow fell from the sky (I love eating snow!), Dark Lady Maw-ther stayed with the plants in the glass house.

Snow melted and rain came instead, and then flowers bloomed all over (and I ate some of them), and then leaves fell and I rolled around in them, again and again…

And then I got bigger, but Dark Lord Paw-ther and Dark Lady Maw-ther stayed the same size.

But Dark Lord Paw-ther grew fur on his face, even though he called it a “beard.”

“Velvet, down, you’re much too big for that now–”

“Will you be gone a long time again? Will you? Will you?”

“I…I’m not entirely certain, but it’s likely. Stay close to Primrose, understand?” He scowled. “And don’t venture far from the house. I’ve heard rumors of my arch-nemesis slithering around nearby.”

“But you have seven hundred and thirty-three arch-nemeses,” I said. “Which one?” I sniffed the air, trying to find a strange scent, but I just smelled the usual birds and squirrels.

“Seven hundred and thirty-two,” he corrected me. “One drunkenly fell into his oversized cauldron while brewing a remedy for back hair and that was the end of his miserable worm life. As for his identity, you’re better off not knowing–now be a good girl.”

I walked on two legs while he could still see me and went to find my maw-ther. She was near a tree, because she loved trees even more than I did.

“Dark Lady Maw-ther,” I said, “may I go hunting and catch Dark Lord Paw-ther’s arch-nemesis? May I? May I?”

I always left presents on my paw-ther’s bed for when he got home from his long trips, and he’d probably like his arch-nemesis even more than another bird or a frog.

“…” It always took her a little while to find the words she wanted, especially after I surprised her. “Hadrian…” she said. Her voice reminded me of dry leaves rustling against each other in the fall. “Grimsley…Ravensbane…said…”

“But you’re my maw-ther and that means you can give me permission too! Can’t you? Can’t you?” When she hesitated, I added, “It’ll make him really happy, oh yes it will!”

“Oh… It will…?”

“It will!”

A smile slowly spread across her face. “Then…yes. I want him…to be happy.”

“I love you! And he loves you too!”


But I had no time to answer, not with a hunt to go on!



Back to the hunt!


This place was new to my nose. It smelled like recently-dug dirt and bones and worms (the slimy kind squirmed when I ate them, not the kind my paw-ther hated).

Dark Lord Paw-ther would like this place.


And my nose was picking up something interesting…ashes left in a hearth? A male wolf when a nearby female wolf was in heat?

“Are you lost, or just stupid? This is a necromancer’s lair.”

“I’m hunting,” I said as I hopped up on my hind legs. My only legs. “Aroooooo.

“Not another damn werewolf,” he muttered. “And it isn’t even a full moon. Get lost, before I burn you alive.”

But Velvet Petalpaws Ravensbane’s nose was too good to get lost.

“Eleven hells,” he howled. “Valerian! HELP.”

A new smell! Bones and dirt and worms and books.

“I do hope you can justify claiming any more of limited research time, Rexxanathostrazor’mol,” came a low, dry voice. “But thus far, I fail to observe a pressing issue.”

“Maybe if you looked up from your damn book–”

“And waste additional time and energy? I think not, particularly if I plan to publish my research within a reasonable timeframe.”

Hmm, which one was Dark Lord Paw-ther’s arch-nemesis? Or neither?

“It’s clearly a werewolf,” said the one who smelled like ashes. “She barks, Valerian. Barks.

“Highly unlikely,” said the one who smelled like dirt. “I was forced to teach a semester of Lycanthropic Studies until I failed the entire class. She exhibits none of the other defining traits of a werewolf, such as extreme amounts of body hair. However, I do detect a powerful note of unusual magic.”

“There’s a shameful epidemic these days, you know,” Mr. Ashes said. “I overheard a couple of crones in the animal husbandry department gossiping–lonely witches and warlocks transforming their familiars for ‘unintended purposes.’ Pathetic–they should burn.”

“Ironic, coming from a demon currently on disciplinary leave for fraternizing with his students.”

“I can’t help it if the school’s policies discriminate against those with incubus heritage.”

“You might consider wearing a shirt–or looser pants.”

“My flesh burns them off. It’s a skin condition, Valerian.”

“Highly improbable,” said Mr. Dirt, “but your class enrollment and retention rate is admittedly impressive.”

“I’m a dog-ter,” I volunteered. “Velvet Petalpaws Ravensbane.”

“Has no one ever taught you to avoid giving your full name to a demon?” Mr. Ashes said.

“If only she were a corpse,” said Mr. Dirt. “She’s useless to my research otherwise, and we’ve wasted a considerable amount of time today.”

But my paw-ther was always worrying about me becoming a corpse.

Maybe I should go home!


But I liked their smells. I hoped I could smell them again…I never got to smell many people aside from my maw-ther and paw-ther.

And maybe they could help me hunt!

35 thoughts on “Chapter 11: Velvet

  1. >makes inarticulate noises and falls dramatically to the ground<
    Velvet Petalpaws Ravensbane; you are a little force of nature, oh yes you are!
    She just charges full steam ahead, and that how it gonna be, an if you say no she bark at you until you come to ur sense (or deaf); THE WAY TO BE.
    Belle, sorry, but rn it's looking like Velvet is ahead of you in the matchmaking department, bc HGR and Primrose be looking AWFULLY COMFY on dat bed (ahh!).

    Okay, teen Velvet is so fucking cute, omg. Hairs, collar, shirt I could never get away with, comfy pants (aww maw-ther has a crush on paw-ther!)
    Those poses. Dat HOUSE. 10/10 thumbs up NOICE.
    (The necromancy circle is my fave I would roll around in it too)


    That butt sniffing, omg… I die.
    “Eleven hells,” he howled. “Valerian! HELP.”
    I mean, what IS the correct course of action when a cute teenage girl sticks her nose in your demon ass? The necromancer will know ofc.
    That bulge is amazing.

    AHH. I sense amazing things on the horizon; surely these two epic new mens will not go to waste (oh no they won't); Rexx you are adorable, stoppit.
    Valerian is also adorable, but in a less obvious way, y'know? Like, books are sexy tho.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. *is smacked in the face again*

      Velvet has a very different matchmaking style from Belle, but it sure is fun. Like Belle though, she’s used to getting her way (or barking until she does), LOL.

      I had fun with Velvet’s outfit. “What would a dog girl raised by an oblivious warlock and a tree-mom wear??” The answer: a dog collar, a towel or old rag she liked to chew on turned into a shirt, and dog-themed scrub pants. A fashion trendsetter, that one.

      I really loved looking through magic-themed lots on the gallery, omg. When I found that one I was like yesss, must use, ty.

      I just fully memorized Rexx’s name yesterday btw.

      Sometimes a girl just needs to sniff a hot demon dude’s butt, ok.

      You haven’t seen the last of Rexx and Valerian, I promise…!

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Ahhhh teen-Velvet is so gorgeous just like her daddy 😍😍😍 (I approve of thag beard!!!)

    Loving the Primrose mystery, and the fact that she gets lessons from HGR too now 😂 It was so sweet when she said she wants him to be happy. They’ve become such an odd little family ❤️

    And whee! New characters! Rex is very hot (literally?) but also adorable lol I loved his faces. And these two were very funny together! I have a feeling Valerian could be this mysterious arch-nemesis… though he didn’t react to hearing Velvet’s last name, so maybe not 🤔

    Either way, looking forward to seeing more of them! We already know so much about the vampires and fae in your world — it’s cool to get a glimpse into the darker magic side now too!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Velvet does look a lot like her dad! Glad you like the beard on him. 😉

      Poor HGR, always having his hands full now. And Velvet really does love her little family~

      Oh man, Rexx made the best faces, I had so many screenshots I didn’t even use. As for Valerian possibly being HGR’s arch-nemesis, he probably wouldn’t react while absorbed in his research anyway. LOL.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh and the butt sniffing was fantastic (including his face yet again) 😂 Been eagerly waiting for her to meet someone new and pull something like that LMAO

        Also, even though Valerian was my first guess, backup guess is that the arch nemesis will turn out to be a feral cat or something 😂 Maybe some dog instincts never fully go away 🤔 😛

        Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤ ❤ But where does Velvet rank next to Belle?! (I can't determine who the prettiest girl is this gen. I can't.)

      LOL, someone noticed the bulge in Rexx's pants…! *hides* It's like Jareth from Labyrinth, my god.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. It’s too hard to rank! D: I would say that Belle beats her on looks alone, but there isn’t much in it. It’ll be the girls’ personalities that separate them and so far they’re so different that all I can do is wait for more!!! 😀

        Let’s just hope he doesn’t start swinging that thing around or we might get a few concussions in the story! *hides alongside you*

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Ohhh..New creatures and teachers! Okay. Rex the demon is not a very good demon….he’s too darn cute and – other things…incubus heritage! Yep, I saw that package, Velvet, good thing you sniffed his butt! Lol… So who’s the male wolf and is she the female wolf? Hmmm. I wasn’t quite sure. And Valerian is interesting as well. He probably knowns a lot of things….

    I love HGR’s strange little family he never wanted but now loves. Primrose.❤️ She just wants HGR to love her too. She even learned that big mouthful of a name for him. ❤️❤️❤️ So where is he going and who is the Arch nemesis that was snooping around. Someone totally innocent for sure…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I like that, new creatures and teachers!! And damn, Rexx would much rather be called sexy than cute, shh. 😉 To Velvet’s nose, he’s the male wolf. There wasn’t necessarily a female wolf, she’s just saying he smells horny. LOL.

      Aww, it’s true, Primrose might have a liiiittle crush on HGR… As for the arch-nemesis, that’ll be revealed in Velvet’s next chapter!

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  4. Tfw clothes burn off his body but not v tight pants that emphasize dicc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I like Mr. Ashes and Mr. Dirt as names over their real ones, that’s cute lmao I love Velvet 😭

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ❤ ❤ ❤


      Cement: hej someone requested werewolf poses
      Me: can you add butt-sniffing poses, like the "werewolf" has their face all up in this other sim's ass
      Me: and lifting leg poses
      Me: and playing with dog toy poses
      Me: and sleeping in a dog bed poses
      Cement: ofc bb

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  5. This is my favorite Velvet chapter by far!

    Maw-ther is sooo tree- like and beautiful. Hmm..what was HGR doing with her in bed, hmmm? At the behest of the dog-ter (which is the opposite of most kids with their parents! So funny!) love how beautiful Velvet is! But she’s pretty much the same too. Lol!

    And her nose found Mr. Dirt and Mr. Ashes. Obviously professors of some sort. 🤣 I’ll have to say…the demon is yummy. 😏 And his tights! 👀 No, dear demon…do not listen to your friend and wear looser clothes. I BET he’s the delight of his students. 😝 Did Ms. Froots make him? He’s got that Amazon slave air about him.

    Mr. Dirt is very handsome, too. Love how his nose is always stick in a book. And so correct about Velvet. Bet she’ll be surprised she knows them when she goes to school! (Can Velvet even go to school?) Hmmm…🧐

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Shh, this is my favorite Velvet chapter so far too! I liked introducing Primrose and the new boys.

      Velvet’s definitely the opposite of most kids, she wants to see her parents together doing certain things, LOL. As to whether or not they actually do anything, who can say? (Well, they can, I suppose.)

      Ha, Valerian and Rexx are both professors, yes–and I made both of them, but there are three characters who will appear later that I didn’t make. Glad you approve of the Amazonian style though! It was hard finding something that worked, LOL.

      And aww, glad to see Valerian get a little love too, poor dude. Velvet would love to go to school (and chew on books), but will her dad ever let her…?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, I love that they’re both your favorites despite being so different! Too bad (?) I’ll be eventually introducing other PoVs, so it won’t be 50% for long though…!

      More on Mr. Ash and Mr. Dirt later. 😉

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  6. Dark WitcHazard: So That leaves REXXANATHOSTRAZOR’MOL for me!

    Lover WitcHazard: And Valerian for r me!

    Dark WitcHazard: Pleasure doing business with you Lover!

    Always a pleasure when it comes to choose who goes to whose collection!

    Dark WitcHazard: I totally thought you’d go with Rexx considering he’s got the whole flames thing going on which you’re totally into and he has a tail!

    Lover WitcHazard: But the last demon I was with his tail was much thicker and it expanded on impulse at just the right moments it was like it had a mind of it own!

    Dark WitcHazard: Don’t have to explain it to me Lover I get it! No girth no worth! But what about his third leg! 😜

    Lover WitcHazard: You know I’m swore off big dicks especially after the centaur incident!

    Dark WitcHazard: Rightright just think about it makes me wince!

    Lover WitcHazard: He was a gem I just had to ruin it! Any turning Valerian’s brain to mush will be much more fun! You know soften it up for Belle!

    Dark WitcHazard: You’re right she totally gives off the she’s into older men vibes! I get it! Plus Velvet already stuck her nose up Rex’s ass she pretty much owns him now!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. OMG, this conversation cracked me up. I’m surprised, I would’ve pegged Rexx for Lover too! (oops, not like that.) Then again, Dark and demons go hand in hand.

      Some interesting speculation on Lover’s part… 😉 And sticking a nose up someone’s butt is basically marking your territory, right? Velvet would probably agree.

      Rexx and Valerian are in good (?) hands. Eager hands, anyway!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. A school??? With demons and necromancers and werewolf-knowledge??? SQUEE!! I am sensing some interesting things in our dog-ter’s future! Maybe she’ll grow up and be a veterinarian and be a dog-tor one day.

    New frens! And old frens. HGR looks hot, man, he’s doing a good job aging up! With Primrose learning to talk, things are gonna get even more interesting in Velvet’s home life. I wonder what her maw-ther will teach her about the trees?

    I had too much fun reading this chapter, and bless Cement for their AMAZING poses! You know it’s friendship when you make such a random request and it gets delivered tenfold with no questions asked, kudos to Cement!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. School’s coming! Well, more like magic university, but w/e. LOL. Velvet the vet…has a nice ring to it. 😉

      Ha, everyone seems to approve of the facial hair on HGR! Seems like Primrose might too. 😉

      Cement is the best. Someone actually submitted an anonymous request for werewolf poses (not me!), but I helped with the brainstorming part, as you can see… Cement’s poses are my favorite. ❤ ❤

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  8. I have a soft spot for demons, ngl, though Velvet might want to be more careful with her hunting… She’s so damn happy and cute, though! That puppydog mentality is going to get her into trouuuble.
    I both want and do not want to see her unleashed into public with her butt-sniffing habits and rolling around in smelly things habit. But it looks like she already has a collar on, so really someone would just need a leash to keep her in check.

    but then we might get into some fetish shit, so maybe not (except i could totally see Velvet being into that kind of fetish shit now that I’m thinking about it…)

    I really want to know whether or not tree-bitch is really Primrose or just some tree nymph spirit thing that V’s magic piss somehow pulled into humanoid life! 🌳 Also want to know how Velvet runs and stands in that hunched over position without killing her back. I can’t even fold laundry without getting back pain 😩

    also please forgive my lame comment, im very sick today 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ Don't apologize!! You're always too hard on yourself and your comments. It's not homework, don't worry! ❤

      LOL, I love demons too. And necromancers, apparently–in EverQuest, one of my first MMOs, my first character was a dark elf necromancer. Bad choice, since they were mostly meant for soloing, but I wanted a skeleton following me, damn it. And the first novel I ever wrote was about a demon girl.

      There will probably be more butt-sniffing in the future tbh. As for Velvet's mating habits…LOL.

      You'll find more about tree-bitch in her in *looks* chapter 18! Her own PoV. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Forget Butler Academy for the majority of the cast, Exorcist Academy is where it’ll be at, at this rate. 👀

    I’m going to refrain from kinkshaming Velvet but homegirl wears a collar, deals with the dead (animals around the house) and really loves ass.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. For a highly naive and trustful dog-ter, Velvet is pretty manipulative toward her mother. And too nice to demons with severe skin conditions, you know.
    Oh and where did HGR get his beard? Did he grow it? Or call it forth with a spell? Can he (or you ;D) cast a spell to give me the link, by accident?

    Liked by 1 person

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