Chapter 10: Belle

Papa hoped a present would distract me, especially one so petit et mignon

…And it did, for a little while.

But I still didn’t forget about the mystery of Maman’s old husband–and his père, Thaddeus.

Thaddeus’s house wasn’t so very far away from the grave Maman visited, I discovered when snooping through Papa’s office.

And so, on one rainy day when Maman and Papa were very busy in their dungeon, I set off to meet this Thaddeus on my own.

I retraced Maman’s steps to the ferry…

And traveled across the water alone, until I reached the island.

Did people truly live in such small houses? Our servants quarters were more impressive…

But even une princesse could knock on a door in desperate times.

“Come in,” a voice called–and so I did. “Good afternoon, Miss Blackwell-Straud,” the très mystérieux Thaddeus greeted me with a bow.

“How do you know who I am?” I demanded–while curtsying in return, as was proper. (Maman was right–I did need to practice my curtsies for special occasions, because mine was stiff and I almost tripped over my own dainty feet.)

“I continue to serve Lady Blackwell as best I can,” he said. “I’m a Lyons butler, and it’s my line’s eternal duty to serve hers. Naturally, I would know of her lovely daughter.” His arm made an elegant sweeping motion toward the sofa. “Would you care to sit, Miss Blackwell-Straud?”

I sat. Maman never told me I was owed a special butler.

“I could prepare some plasmafruit tea, if you’d like,” he said.

Non,” I said. “I have no need for tea, only answers.”

He sat beside me and asked me a question in French–completely in French–one I couldn’t understand without sneaking a peek at the dictionary app on my phone. I could still tell his pronunciation was perfect, like he actually lived in Champs Les Sims once instead of just visiting during the summers.

I just shook my head, hoping it was appropriate. “Lysander was your son, wasn’t he? And he was Maman’s old husband, before he died?”

The lines in his face deepened when his smile disappeared: a sign that he had been human once, while Maman and Papa’s faces would be smooth for éternité. “He was,” he said quietly.

“Is this him?” I showed him a picture I’d found in Maman’s seventh-favorite hiding spot. I thought he looked like an alien-cat with his sharp features and strange eyes, not classically handsome and regal like Papa.

“It is indeed.”

“…What was he like?” I wanted as much information as possible, to compare this Lysander to Papa and try to understand how she could ever love two people when everyone only had one true love. How could she still miss him when she got to see Papa every day? And why would she ever marry a human when she always told me not to?

“Lysander?” He smiled slightly. “My son…he was worthy of the Lyons name, and not only because he was an excellent butler. He took his duties seriously, yes, but he put others first, even outside of those duties. Without him, I might never have seen my daughter again…”

He sounded very much like a lowly servant, not a king like Papa.

“…Would you bring him back, if you could?”

“No,” he said firmly. “No, Lysander didn’t live the longest life, but he led a full one, Miss Blackwell-Straud. He loved his wife, his sons, his daughter–he saw his children grow up. If only my Lyanna could’ve seen the same.” He chuckled. “Ah, my lovely granddaughter bears the same name: Lyanna. When did the name become hers in my mind, even ahead of my late wife’s?”

I’d already grown bored with the talk of Lysander–the more I heard of him, the less I feared for Papa–but I was suddenly interested again. “You lost your wife? Was she your one true love?”

“She was,” he said. “I’ll never remarry for as long as these old vampire bones rattle around the earth. Her grave lies beside my son’s.”

Très tragique. “I’ll be returning home now,” I announced, satisfied. “Thank you very much for your time, Mister Thaddeus.”

“It was a pleasure, Miss Blackwell-Straud,” he said as he walked me to the door. “You’re welcome to return whenever you like–I’d be delighted to consider you an honorary granddaughter, now that my grandchildren are grown.”

“Not granddaughter,” I said. I liked his manners very much and how he treated me like the adult I wanted to be. “May I consider you a brother instead, since Maman turned you into a vampire?”

His eyes widened–and then he bowed. “It would be my honor, Miss Blackwell-Straud.”

Time passed, and thoughts of Maman’s old husband were forgotten…

Maman was so beautiful.

And Papa was so handsome.

Even if Papa and I worked on something together alone…

…Maman still watched us from a short distance away, smiling.

But even as I grew older, I didn’t forget Thaddeus, my honorary frère, and his tragic love story.

I still visited him often; his door was never locked to me.

His heart, however…

“Oh, do let me set up a new account for you, won’t you?” I said. Dating sites were terribly old-fashioned, but Thaddeus was an old-fashioned gentleman. His phone was too ancient for modern apps.

He took the seat at the table across from me, even if it would’ve been far more helpful to sit beside me, especially when it came to admiring the bevy of beauties on offer. “It truly isn’t necessary, Miss Blackwell-Straud… You’re kind to humor an old man.”

“You’re quite old,” I agreed, “but not dead. Undead, which is all you need to be on your noble quest for new love.”

“Perhaps you might consider searching for a special someone for yourself instead, miss…? Romance is the domain of youth, or so they say.”

“Bat fangs, no,” I said. “Papa says I’m much too young. He wants me to be his little porcelain princess for eternity.” I smiled reassuringly. “There’s nothing to fear, Thaddeus–I have ever so sophisticated taste.”

Thaddeus had sworn he would never remarry, but I truly saw no reason for him to suffer alone forever, no matter how much he spoke of things like “penance” or “the natural way of things.” Everyone deserved love, and so I would find it for him.

Handsome in a distinguished, older man sort of way–young women who didn’t have a perfect father figure like Papa might find that appealing–with impeccable manners and good grooming habits. He spoke five languages fluently, owned his own home (though I would make no mention of its modest size), ran a prestigious butler academy, and was an expert on vampire lore, though I could only include the latter tidbit on certain websites.

Truly romance material, mon frère.

As an aspiring expert in amour, I thought I highlighted his most marketable points quite nicely.

After I published Thaddeus’s latest profile and returned home, Gaston was waiting patiently for me.

Le plus beau chien du monde…

Gaston stayed close while I read my sister Ophelia’s latest romance in the library.

He saw no need to leave my side, even when I heard Papa and Galatea talking on the other side of the bookshelves.

“Sometimes I really wonder if I should’ve aborted his ass,” Gal said. “God, he was such a cute kid–what the hell happened? I mean, I knew he’d be a shit the second he hit puberty and grew all his dad’s body hair, but I didn’t know he’d be an explosive diarrhea-level shit.”

My sister certainly had a way with words. Poor Galatea, having a beast of a son like Silas–or Sly, as he still insisted on being called, even though he wasn’t the least bit clever.

“I was hoping for an emo goth phase, not whatever the hell spoiled rich douchebag shit this is,” she went on, running her fingers through her turquoise hair. “Who the hell crashes a famous director’s Ferrari into a fucking ice cream truck so he can ‘make it rain Choco-Tacos’ for his Simstagram followers?”

I learned far too much of my beastly nephew’s exploits through his Simstagram account–he thoroughly documented the aforementioned incident, along with evidence of his bribing my young nephew and niece, Romeo and Juliet, to keep silent throughout the entire ordeal.

“Rhys is a better parent than I am, Dad—fucking Rhys, and he’s got weird as shit kids, but I’d take weird over douchey at this point.”

“I heard you were getting along well these days,” Papa said.

“My kid could’ve gotten his killed–and now everyone’s probably like, oh, of course Galatea raised the shit kid, what a big fucking surprise, who the hell let her have kids without a license. But Bas was supposed to cancel me out–thank god we didn’t have another one like he wanted.” She sighed. “But he deserves a good kid, so maybe we should’ve. Or should we try again and hope we get one that doesn’t suck this time?”

“Breathe, my turquoise-winged butterfly. Have you considered leaving the boy in the tender care of a certain grandparent?”

“You better not mean you,” she said. “Sly’d probably find a way to sell Belle off to vampire hunters or sex traffickers or whatever the hell he thinks his fucking Simstagram followers want to see. Me and Bas hoped that his parents would be a good influence–I mean, these people are pure goodness, you know?–but his underage ass chugged every alcoholic drink in the damn place over a single weekend.”

My nephew had documented that as well; a pity he marred the modern architectural beauty of the San Myshuno skyline so thoroughly.

He managed to gain thousands of followers that night after drunkenly falling from his grandparents’ balcony and capturing the moment on camera, despite the number of internet denizens screaming “FAKE.” Many others praised his “sick prank,” entirely ignorant of his true fae nature.

“I prefer to spoil my grandchildren,” Papa said. “I was never one for discipline–outside the bedroom or dungeon, of course. No, I speak of your other parent, my dear girl.”

“God, Mom would…I don’t know what she’d do, actually.”

“And my dear Mama is with her as well,” Papa said. “She has little patience for unruly boys. Between her and Isla, he’ll have little room to cause trouble.”

“That’s…that actually might be a good idea, Dad. Thanks.” Her voice wavered. “I just…I just don’t know where I went wrong. I mean, it had to be me, right? Bas is the good one. Or maybe it’s Starlight Shores and the whole showbiz scene, or maybe we didn’t give him enough attention, or too much, or maybe it was the sushi I ate when I was pregnant, or…”

“You’ll discover, Galatea, that a parent can only do so much,” he said softly.

“Explains how Finn turned out okay.”

Papa ignored her barb, as he always did. “Sometimes, you’ll merely have to wait. Wait, and hope they’ll mature, that they’ll grow to appreciate your love for them and finally return to you. But throughout it all, you’ll have to love them, no matter how painful or difficult it might be.”

“…Message received, Dad.”

Galatea rarely embraced Papa, but she did just then.

I was only the slightest bit jealous, because I knew Papa had room in his unbeating heart for both of us, and because I loved my sister very much too. It had always hurt to hear how she talked to our père.

Silas Strider was born on the very same day as me, yet he was still une bête mauvaise. How had he managed to stray so far from the Path of Love and Beauty?

If only he’d listened to me all those times I tried to properly educate him. Everyone–including him and Thaddeus–would be far better off if only they’d trust my expertise.

Ah, well; I was determined to offer my wisdom and assistance, whether they wanted it or not.

Truly, they would thank me, in the end…

40 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Belle

  1. BELLE!!
    Ahh! She gets a PUPPY!! (The most beautiful puppy!!)
    No puppy gonna keep this girl from doing HER THANG tho, nope.

    Eee, I loved her interacting with Thaddeus! He is so sweet and grandfatherly with her (but always proper bc The Best Bulter)
    “Maman never told me I was owed a special butler”
    AHH. She’s so perfect and darling; out of most people’s mouths that would be absolutely insufferable, but I’m just well “well, sh’yah, ofc you are wonderfull bb gorl” ❤

    I love love love what you've done with Thad and Belle! He's like this extra parent or relative that brings something else to the table, and I think it's SO SWEET that they've sort of taken each other under their respective wings, and how she's trying to set him up on dates (poor guy) as a teen.

    (Wednesday Addams vibes x 100000 in that dress OMGGGG)
    She is the cutest thing ever born, I swear to Goddess.

    ROMEO AND JULIET I SEE U AND ILU (eventho we no met yet is fine tho) ❤ ❤ ❤
    Sly is amazing.
    Gal's frustration with Sly? Also amazing.
    "emo goth phase" ROFL; girl you wish.
    What a little dick! (Oh, is it? Actually, probably average I guess).
    I can't look at that wine sipping picture without cracking up all over again.

    I love Belle's instincts to help people; it may turn out a little misguided here and there (I'm banking on it, actually) but look at her faaaaaace! I can't say no to that face, I love it too hard ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 4 people

    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ (OMG just got up after being hit in the face by a wall of text–I can tell someone likes Belle. ❤ ❤ <3)

      I love that dog aaaa. ROFL, Belle is like Bianca in some ways, she can get away with shit that no one else can. Like her mom, she too Means Well.

      Thaddeus spends too much time by himself, and despite being spoiled by her parents, Belle can relate. They both bring something to the table (even if it’s a laptop with a bunch of dating sites open).

      Man, maybe Sly would’ve been emo goth in another generation; alas, this is the Instagram/YouTube gen. Everything must be on display at all times! *old lady yells at cloud* I crack up at the wine sipping pic too, like, yes Sly, wear sunglasses and drink wine at night in the city, ok, you’re so cool buddy.


      Aaa I love screenshotting as much as her dad’s, so expressive

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh God, matchmaker Belle! Haha This should be good (“good”… lmao) Also omg the dog is named Gaston? I can’t even 😂

    Loved the interactions between Belle and Thaddeus! I hope that her trying to set him up on a dating website maybe means she’s a little more open to the idea of second chances at love? Either way, I’m glad she doesn’t seem to dwell on Lysander anymore and I hope she now allows her mother to grieve in peace when she needs it. ❤️

    Sly is… holy crap. Better than I ever could have imagined 😂 Grade-A spoiled celebrity douchebag. This is fantastic. 😂❤️ Omg I can’t even begin to imagine how poor Bas deals with it though, if GAL is already going this crazy.

    I loved the interaction between her and Graham, of course. They seem to have made complete leaps and bounds over the past several years! It makes me very happy to see their relationship is so much better now. Hopefully that’s the case between most of the other Strauds too ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Gaston is a fine French name, okay…! 😉

      Lysander is too boring for Belle to keep thinking about. (Poor Lysander, the water of Fangs characters.) But yes, Bianca can grieve in peace, fortunately.

      LOL, Sly. Me to Cement: “HEY do you have any ‘rich kids of Instagram’ type poses, I need Sly to look like a douchebag in front of a fancy car.” Cement: “DO I EVER!!!!!!!!!!”

      Gal and Graham are in a much, much better place now–and Gal and Rhys too, despite Sly’s bad behavior. Of course, Belle would rather see her treat their dad even better…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Aww Lysander. A nice glass of water can be refreshing, okay? 😭 LOL glad Bianca has some peace now. I have this vision of Belle catching her mother getting a little emotional by some Lysander reminder and just rolling her eyes like “ughhh there she goes crying about that boring human dude again. Yawn.” 😂 Better than being paranoid that he’s a threat to her parents’ love though? 😛

        And I totally understand Belle not liking the way Gal speaks to Graham… but if only she knew how far they’d come! Haha Glad to hear things are better for most of the Strauds. (I get the feeling things are probably a lot better between Graham and his kids than Isla and the kids… but hopefully things are at least a little better on that end too?)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Isla alternates her time between staying with Vilhelmina and visiting her brother in the fae realm, so she probably doesn’t see her kids as much as Graham does. Things are still better, though!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. aaaaaaaaaAAAA ma mignonne baguette, grown to wheaty perfection as one of the most kawaii desu wait that’s not french

    I love how she took to Thaddeus easily despite being so suspicious of him and his alien meow son before. Hehehe, Lysander is an alien cat hehehehe
    Here’s to more badly spoken French in the future with teenage Belle ❤️ now that’s over I can put my original comment here

    Aside from Sly being such a huge douche he’s AAAAAAAAAAAAAASCREAMING 1 THICC BOYE 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ HellO PUBERty
    *spreads legs*

    Liked by 3 people

    1. aaaaaa I was excited for you to read this chapter (bad French, worse Sly), ty again for the douchiest of poses~ ❤ ❤ ❤

      Thaddeus gave Belle what she wanted all along: a sibling who paid attention to her and treated her like the adult she wants to be.

      LOL, just wait until Sly hits YA! I don't know why the game makes teens so narrow. He’s supposed to be bigger, but man, it’s scary when a relatively thin sim has a body like | as a teen.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. you’re v welcome, douchebag poses are needed in this community to make more realistic teenagers 👌 LOL

        man Ikr, that’s why i end up stuffing my teens n then they age and become THICC and I’m just WOW THERE WE GO
        Unfortunately stuffing teens doesn’t make them grow chins

        Liked by 4 people

      2. Ahhh, who among us doesn’t look back on their chinless teenager days from time to time, I remember when I hit age 20 and finally grew what I wanted most: a chin of my own.


        Liked by 4 people

  4. So much in this chapter. Belle is bound to influence everyone. After all, she has so much wisdom to give. Thaddeus will get set up (I wonder to whom…that could be funny) and Sly…he needs a wake up call. The look on Belle’s face at the end was priceless. She’s doing this for everyone’s good whether they liked it or not!

    Gal…happy to see her with her dad. Such a sweet scene between the two. Sly is out of control. Lol! Mr.Douche. I’m shocked Bas allows this behavior but Sly is fae. They’re probably hard to control. Simstagram followers…bahahaaa! He’s probably making tons of sponsorship money on the side. 🤑

    That winter scene was so beautiful!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. People better accept her wisdom, damn it! Belle Blackwell-Straud knows best. 😉 It’s going to take a lot for Sly to pull his head out of his ass, that’s for damn sure. Poor Gal and Bas.

      I really liked having Gal interact with Graham again. ❤ They're in a much better place now. It's true though, when your son is fae and you're human (in Bas's case, at least), there's only so much you can do. Plus Sly was born into a certain lifestyle, which doesn't help.

      Glad you liked the winter scene! ❤ Those were the first screenshots I took after getting Seasons, and I decided to use them here.

      Liked by 3 people

  5. I love Sly and his douchebag self already. Please tell me we will get a Sly POV at some point. I’d love to see him at Grandma and Great Grandma’s house. Their strictness(and man hating tendencies) ought to straighten him out for sure. Of course very few people have their Grandma and Great Grandma being lesbian lovers so he might enjoy his time there if not for the Insta-worthy opportunities he can capture. Strange that he’s more of an attention whore than Bianca and Graham’s kid. I wonder what’s going on at that Strider house. 🤔
    At least Belle seems to have a good head on her shoulders all things considering. I’m still shipping Belle and Thaddeus despite their new “sibling” relationship. Might be the first “incest” relationship in Fangs, I think?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. HA, glad you’re a Sly fan despite (because of?) his douchiness. ❤ ❤ I love him too–and I promise you'll get a Sly PoV eventually, though it might be a ways off. LOL, he'll have an interesting time with his grandma and great-grandma, that's for damn sure. And I love your point about him being a bigger attention whore than a product of Graham and Bianca–who would've thought?!

      Belle did turn out surprisingly thoughtful for Graham and Bianca's kid, even if she still has that pushiness and unassailable confidence, LOL. Belle x Thaddeus, huh? I wondered if anyone would ship them!! The closest thus far would be the adopted second cousins with Lani x Fox/Griffin, LOL.

      Liked by 3 people

  6. I never expected she would take Thaddeus as her honorary brother, but that’s so sweet! And the fact that he let her set up a dating profile for him made me laugh. With Gal considering shipping her kid off to his grandma, does this mean we’ll get to see Isla again? GAH I missed her, but I don’t think Sly would enjoy being with his no-nonsense grandma lol!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thaddeus and Belle are both pretty lonely, albeit for different reasons, so it was good for both of them that she took him as her honorary brother. ❤ …Setting up dating profiles for your stubborn siblings is what a sister does, right?

      You'll see Isla again! But you're right about Sly, 100%. LOL.

      Liked by 2 people

  7. First….Sly…..OMFG. He is gorgeous! Douche or not! 😍😍😍. No wonder he gets away with it all!

    And this: “Sometimes, you’ll merely have to wait. Wait, and hope they’ll mature, that they’ll grow to appreciate your love for them and finally return to you. But throughout it all, you’ll have to love them, no matter how painful or difficult it might be.” Graham? Wow! Great advice dude and so wise! What happened to Graham? He grew up! Fatherhood and maybe the dungeon has been really, really good for him.

    But of course this was a Belle chapter … all about love, this one. Going to help everyone with her wisdom and experience even if they don’t want it, because of course they will thank her in the Bahahaha! 😱. I can totally her her voice with a fake French lilt to it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ❤ ❤ Sly…he's seriously one of my favorite characters to write this gen, despite not being one of the main four.

      Graham has learned a lot between being a dad several times over, going to family therapy, and maybe the dungeon. 😉 He's definitely different from the man he was in gen 1, even if he still has that Graham-ness.

      LOL, Belle…her chapters might be the easiest to write, just like her mom's were. I always look forward to them, because she's always meddling and won't take no for an answer…

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Dark WitcHazard: I need a Velvet chapter ASAP cause Sly is nipping at her heels for my favorite character of this gen! This is too much I love this kid! You have to be crazy to make Gal Get fed up with you I love it!

    Lover WitcHazard: Aw so sweet how Belle blossoms but keeps her innocent factor with the pigtails! Really Thaddeus a brother haha that’s hilarious but so Belle love the Gaston dog bit! I’m glad she got over somewhat the issue about Lysander so hot! I hope it becomes a mother daughter chat later on in life such a sweet moment it would be! As for Sly I love a man with confidence he has my vote hunk of the this gen that’s for sure!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Leave it to Ophelia and Rhys to name their children after suicide lovers! 😂 Belle was very cute as usual but once again Sly was a show stopper and stole the show that kid needs help!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL, if Gal thinks you’re too much, you did something wrong (or right?). Luckily Velvet’s next chapter is on Wednesday. 😉

      Belle is 100% Daddy’s Girl (no, not that kind of daddy), so she has no problem being youthful in some ways, complete with pigtails. It’s funny though, her YA hairstyle makes her look a lot older. And ooh, will Sly be the next Strider hunk? LOL. He’s…something, all right.

      HA, Sly would be pleased that he only appeared in 3 screenshots and STILL stole the chapter!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. LOL, is Fangs 3 turning into some alternate version of beauty and the beast where the beast is Belle’s nephew and Gaston is a dog?

    I kinda like Belle, which is weird because didn’t think I would.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. LOL, if Sly holds Belle prisoner in his home, maybe. 😉 Then again, he wouldn’t want to deal with Belle if he didn’t have to.

      I’m glad you like her a little! I know everyone expected the worst, considering her parents…

      Liked by 3 people

  10. I’m just going to sit here and predict that every kid this gen is going to be in some way based on a fairytale character. I have no idea which they’ll all be yet, but I’m feeling it.
    Belle is précieux! Going off on her own to seek out Thad! I’m quite happy with how she reacted to and treated him, especially when she was like, “You’re my brother.” For such a spoiled and posh little lady, I think she has a sweet, romantic little heart.
    Or big heart, because holy hell she grew up too fast 😭😭😭 I’m not ready! I mean, I am, but I’m not! Farewell, innocence of childhood. Time for what crazy future Lobster has in store for us all! ♥♥♥♥

    Also, omfg Sly. Poor Gal!! So funny she’s complaining about him being so awful when she wasn’t exactly the best kid either, lol. Love that she went to Graham for advice, though. Things have sure changed! I really hope Sly goes to his grandmother(s???) and gets some sense magicked into him >:)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha, who would the other kids be based on, I wonder?

      Glad you think Belle is précieux. ❤ ❤ She definitely has a sweet, romantic heart, despite being so used to getting her way. Path of Love and Beauty and all that. Everyone starts aging up from this point forward, so you'll start seeing teen versions of each character by the end of their chapters~

      It is pretty ironic that she’s complaining about Sly when she was a little hellion herself. And she did expect a rebellious kid! Just not this rebellious, maybe.

      Liked by 3 people

  11. Like Eddie I’m shipping Belle x Thaddeus no matter what you tell me. Though “bro” has less sex appeal than “daddy”. Will it sound better in French? 🤔🤢

    Meanwhile Gaston is the prettiest powderpuff but he wouldn’t break Belle’s heart ever. No way. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  12. …and of COURSE it would be the shirtless picture Belle would find. LOL These families have a serious problem, right, Orlando? xD Someone give them fully functioning shirts!
    Can Thaddeus adopt me as his granddaughter, please? The poor man makes such a lonely and sad impression. He has buried his wife and son and his daughter will follow and it seems he’s sated with life already. Can’t resent him. What would life hold in store for the next thousand years? Seeing generations and generations of his great-great-grandchildren grow up and die? What a terrible vision for someone who was made for a human lifespan.
    Ohmigoodness, Gaston is the perfect name for that dog O.o
    Okay so let my pharmacist self explain something to poor ignorant Gal: Sushi during pregnancy should be avoided not because of the raw fish or anything, no but because it IS CAUSING IMMENSE HAIR GROWTH in puberty. And as we all know, hair growth leads to an excessively rebellious and irresponsible behavior. So yes, Gal, you should have let the Sushi be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. These families certainly do have serious problems. 😉

      And aww, Thaddeus would be happy to adopt you as his granddaughter. ❤ Your impression of him is pretty accurate–his is a lonely life, but he seems resigned to it.

      Glad you approve of the dog's name. 😉

      And ROFL, I'm dying at your sushi explanation!

      Liked by 1 person

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