Chapter 8: Clementine

Most kids hated school, but most kids weren’t as popular as me and Fox.

I was glad Griffin didn’t go to school with us, because I knew my twin would be stuck to his butt like wet paint, even if I was Fox’s favorite.

Daddy says if I was born in the fae world, I wouldn’t have known who my parents or brothers and sisters were, unless I had a twin. I liked knowing that Fox would’ve been my twin, even there.

But sometimes, I really didn’t understand him…

“Do you like it?” Fox asked again. “I know I couldn’t do her face justice with regular paint–maybe if I borrow some of Mom’s special ones.”

“I…like the flowers?”

It just looked like some random girl to me. She didn’t look like any of the other kid models I knew, so I didn’t know why Fox was so obsessed.

“You always like the flowers, Clem.” His big stupid grin wouldn’t go away. “But believe me, she’s pretty. The prettiest. I just have to find a way to see her again.”

“…How about we do our homework instead?” Time for a subject change, even if I hated homework.

But he talked about her the whole time–Lani this, Lani that–until I escaped to Mommy’s studio. Boys could be so dumb. I was really glad she was painting normal flowers, and not dumb random girls wearing them.

“I wish I’d been born fae,” she said. “Maybe in another life.” Did humans have more than one life? Daddy said that fae did, but what happened to humans after they faded away?

I climbed up into a wobbly wooden chair and watched her paint. “How come?” Not that I could blame her–I was prettier than all my classmates, and I could fly too if I wanted.

“It’s so beautiful there,” she said. “It’s like a dream. The colors, Clemmie–the ones here can’t compare. And I’d have so much more time…”

“Time to do what?”

She didn’t answer right away–she was probably thinking about what shade to use on a flower petal. “…To paint, silly goose.”

I thought she had tons and tons of time to paint already. If she wasn’t painting, she was almost always with Daddy, it felt like. But Fox said she was saying lots of weird things lately.

And the next morning, she said another weird thing in front of me.

“…Do I look old, Clemmie?”

“You look like a mommy,” I said, “which you are.” I didn’t say Mommy and Daddy in front of my friends at school, in case they’d think it made me sound like a baby–just at home, because that’s who they were.

Mommy really liked covering her face with makeup and wouldn’t leave the house without a bunch of different things, even though I didn’t think she needed all that stuff. I liked her without it the best. “Do you know what fae love above all else?” she asked softly.

“Beauty,” I said right away. “Daddy tells me every time I do another modeling photoshoot.”

“So he says that even to you…”

It was common sense. Fae were pretty and liked pretty things. So why was her smile all wobbly? “Don’t worry, Mommy,” I said. “You’re pretty too, for a human.”

We were interrupted by a scream from behind us. “Is that–is that a gray hair, weasel?” (They had weird nicknames for each other.)

“I tried to hide it,” Mommy whispered, but I was close enough to hear. She stood up and got really close to him. “I’m so sorry, Orlando.”

“For what, you little fool?”

Was I supposed to leave? Sometimes when Mommy and Daddy were together, it was like nothing and nobody else in the world mattered, not even me or Fox. This felt like one of those times.

“If only I’d been born fae…”

“Enough of this nonsense–but we’re moving, Lyanna. Immediately. Your human body should decay more slowly in an enchanted land brimming with vitality, and perhaps Darius–Sunflower–knows of something–”

“What about Fox and Clementine?” she asked. “We can’t just uproot them–we should wait until they’re older. They deserve to have normal childhoods and see their friends and grandparents…”

“If we wait for them to grow older,” Daddy said, as if I wasn’t right behind him, “then you’ll grow older too, Lyanna. And they’re fae, not human; this is hardly a normal childhood for them.”

But I liked all my friends and my teacher and Grandma and Grandpa and their raccoons… I’d never been to the fae world, unlike Fox, because Daddy said it was too dangerous. (Why was it too dangerous for me but not for Fox? Just because he was a boy?)

“Will you love me less the older I get, Orlando?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he said. “But this is clearly the ideal solution. The king of the fae was promised a duke, and Sunflower claims the realm is on the verge of true peace–and no doubt my guidance will prove invaluable in handling fae court politics, now that most of the violence has been stamped out.”

“Most of it? Would you rather put our lives at risk than see me get old?”

“That–that isn’t what I meant, weasel, and you know it. I–I treasure you above all else…”

Even me and Fox? I wanted to run out of the room and go ask what he thought about this. He’d probably be happy, because he liked the fae world, and he could spend all his time with Griffin talking about dumb boy stuff.

“Please, Lyanna,” he said, taking big long steps to catch up to her. “I want us to be together. All of us. I–I can’t live without you.”

…Gross. Why’d that barfy stuff always work on her?

Fox was obviously more like Mommy than I was, with his dumb paintings and that sparkly look in his eyes when he talked about girls. Yuck. I was never gonna be like that when I grew up.

At least Splotch gave me an excuse to move when he nudged his way through the door…

“Lemme brush you,” I said in a low voice, not that my parents were even paying attention.

I didn’t go looking for Fox again until later that night, after Mommy and Daddy told us both (even though I already knew) that we were gonna be moving.

“Do you actually want to live there?” I asked. “Even though you’ll have to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa–and Lexie and Lena and all the other girls who have crushes on you? And some of the boys, I guess.”

“It’s pretty,” he said. “And we’ll probably get to live in the palace, or at least I can hang out with Griff there a lot. And I promised Lani I’d take her there someday.”

Ugh. Was that all he cared about? He knew her for like, a week or something. Maybe two. Boys were so dumb, even if they were my twin.

“But don’t you like it here too?” I asked. “I do. And I like being a model, and how all the girls in class want to be more like me, even if it means they try to copy my outfits and I can’t wear them anymore.”

“You don’t understand, Clem,” he said. “When you see the fae realm…it’s special. It feels like home, like you’re meant to be there. Life around humans just can’t compare.”

“It’s really that great?”

He looked up at the sky, like he was thinking about flying there. “It is. I promise.”

“And…I guess we’ll always have each other, right? So it won’t be too weird.”

“Exactly. Nothing to worry about–you’ll see.”

I rested my chin on his shoulder. I always felt better when he was around.

Fox was my twin, and I believed him no matter what.

21 thoughts on “Chapter 8: Clementine

  1. Ohh, Lyanna, nooo! You’re BEAUTIFUL OK. Omg. I get it though, why she’d be obsessed about her looks, seeing as she’s a very aesthetic person to begin with, PLUS she married a fairy who makes no secret about their cultural obsession with beauty!

    Ahh! Poor Clem, I mean, I guess I hope she likes it? But, like, doesn’t this mean Griffin will be around all the time now? Stealing Fox, even though She’s His Favourite? Does Splotch get to come? 😭
    I LOL’d so hard at her just awkwardly standing there while her parents had A Moment, omg, kekeke.
    she’s like ‘o this shit again, pfft’

    And what about Lani?? Fox won’t get to stalk her from fairyland! (Oh, will he? Does that actually make it easier? IDEK) and I know Orlando said it’s safer and stuff, but, what if a thing happens, who will babysit?? Hm, maybe Penny and Byron and the raccoons…

    Okay, but I feel like something about to be turned upside down (no shit, Sherlock, they moving, duh).

    Liked by 3 people

    1. ❤ ❤ It's true, being an artist and all, Lyanna's all about aesthetics. And that's even if fae didn't love beauty…

      Griffin will be around 100% of the time now, so yes, you’re definitely right to worry. The dogs will get to come at least…! But may or may not appear in certain future screenshots because I exceeded the household count, shhh. LOL, Clem’s miserable faces while her parents were being all “barfy,” as she put it, got me too.

      Fox won’t get to stalk Lani from fairyland, so that’s one thing to be grateful for! LOL, your questions will be answered soon, I promise. ❤ ❤

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh man, I always knew Lyanna’s aging would come up eventually (and I had a feeling a move to the fae world would be the solution!). I loved seeing my favorite couple again 😍 Though it was under kind of sad circumstances. 😦

    I’m sure Orlando just wants more time with the woman he loves. But I wonder whether part of Orlando kind of fears his own vanity too, as a secondary reason… He himself is always talking about how selfish/shallow/etc the fae are… he says he’ll love her even when she grows old… but I wonder if part of him fears that won’t be true too :-/ At least moving to the fae world will help to prolong that! But it’s something they can’t avoid for all time 😦

    Poor Clem. This was a rough one on her. I don’t think she really understands the implications of her mother’s mortality yet. And she seems to be so much more at home among the humans. Uprooting her entire life to move to a whole different realm won’t be easy on her… but at least she has Fox. Their connection is so sweet, and I hope it lasts ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ahh, humans and their pesky aging. 😦 Not the best time to check in on Orlando and Lyanna again, alas.

      As for Orlando’s true feelings, well…shame he doesn’t get a PoV again. 😉 Lyanna will just have to take his word for it–or not. But her mortality isn’t something they can avoid forever.

      And Clem really doesn’t understand the implications, but she’s young. And unlike Fox, she’s definitely way more at home among humans…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It sucks to get old especially when you are married to an immortal. Much less when your partner ages with you. And of course Lyanna isn’t “old” yet. I suppose they will get to come back on occasion. I hope. Fox will miss Lani for sure. But more Griffin! I like him too! I like all of the kids.

    I think Clem likes the human world because she feels superior. She is soooo cute. But in the fae would she may get lost in the mix. But she adores her brother which is sweet even though he is so happy go lucky and obsesses over Lani that he probably doesn’t see her dependence on him.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yeah, it’s true, aging is bad enough even when you’re not married to a fae, LOL. And Lyanna’s still young–she and Orlando would just rather keep it that way… Glad you like little grumpypants Griffin though–you’ll definitely see more of him. ❤

      And ha, that's a good point about Clem–she gets to be a big fish in a small pond, and she loves that. In the fae world, she'd just be another fae at best. And you're absolutely right about Fox, he has no idea just how much Clem depends on him…

      Liked by 3 people

  4. Wow…Lyanna AGING! Like Lysander. NOOOOO! She’s got to find a fountain of youth or an elixir!

    Clemmie isn’t happy she has to play second (or third) fiddle to Lani. And that painting! Fox is an artist extraordinaire! Magnifique as Belle would say. 😀

    So…they’re moving to the fae world. I’m excited. I’m HOPING this means jungle adventures! The place is so gorgeous! I can see them getting into all kinds of trouble there, too. 😛 With all those fae flapping around. Heh.

    But that means they will leave Lani! 😦 But Clemmie isn’t sad about that. She has her Fox! 😀

    Liked by 4 people

    1. The fae realm should hopefully slow the aging, at least for a time…but for how long?

      And Clem really, really doesn’t like having to share the spotlight with Lani (or Griffin)–man, she and Belle would have some interesting interactions, LOL.

      Alas, the fae world isn’t jungle adventures, but that would’ve been a cool idea–I just hate hate hate fooling with the vacation worlds for screenshot purposes. I knew I’d only visit Selvadorada once to test it out and never again. 😭 Then again, Wagonfruit makes it work, so maybe I’ll give it another go one of these days. I’m so desperate for new worlds.

      Lani probably won’t see Fox for a long time… (Clem’s happy about that though!)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I used Selvadora once for screens and what I did was put everyone there for as long as I could go (I think 7 days), and then kept sending them back when the vacation ended. Sometimes I would just take the screens I needed and NOT save, in order to keep it going as long as possible.

        Also, I’m sure you know this cheat, but bb.enablefreebuild allows you to enter build/buy mode while they’re on vacation. (WagonFruit showed me that handy trick!)

        It is sort of a pain, but it’s not QUITE as painful as you might think! ❤

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      2. Yeah, the vacation nonsense is such a pain! :scream: Not saving is a good idea. Selvadorada is so gorgeous though, it’s tempting…

        Still wish you could live permanently in destination worlds, or at least visit the lots even when not on vacation.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Anti Shipper: You shouldn’t have said anything Orlando it’s always a trap!

    Lover WitcHazard: Aw our Weasel couple having some issues I mean Lyanna had to grow older sometime which brings up the horrible thought about what’s Penny look like know! If she goes I know ours handsome Papa Byron is going to break!😭

    Dark WitcHazard: So they’re moving Yay we might even get a glimpse of this Fae War bring on the carnage and Warrior Fae Queen Dru!😈

    Emotional WitcHazard: Although I understand her hesitance to want to move I still feel she enjoys being a big fish in a small pond and he idea that she won’t be the most glamorous being around makes her secretly feel insecure!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Aw the Weasel Ship Glad the giant rock was avoided! That conversation could have taken a different turn but it’s all in Weasel Town!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL, Orlando should know to tread carefully…then again, Lyanna is usually much less sensitive. He touched a nerve though.

      As for Penny, she’s still enjoying (?) the effects of the fairy fruit, so she looks pretty young. You might see her again…! But Byron couldn’t live without her.

      And Clem definitely does feel insecure at the idea of just blending into the crowd. Give her the spotlight and a whole slew of admirers!!

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  6. I don’t know if it was intentional, but the fae realm is said to be a place of such beauty that any mortal who goes there and then returns to their world would forever long for it. They’d never find anything or anywhere on earth to compare. Or something like that. BUT POINT IS I got some of those vibes from Lyanna a bit.

    Poor Lyanna, though… It’s like Bianca and Lysander 😭 But if eating some strange ass fairy fruit prolonged Penny’s life, I’m sure living in the fae realm would prolong Lyanna’s. STILL THOUGH Orlando wanting them to move so she can live longer, more-so than keep her youthful beauty, was super sweet! (I hope that’s how it was and I didn’t just misread because I’m dumb and read in bed without glasses on, and now wordpress doesn’t want to load anything but comments for me 🙃

    Anyway, this chapter was about Clem! So let me shut up and talk about her xD
    She’s becoming a little more likable for me. Her world right now seems so simple and easy. She’s popular, pretty, a fairy.. her only real troubles seems to be Fox not paying her enough attention and Griff taking away Fox’s attention, lol. I’m hoping something happens to turn her world upside down (and not just moving to the fae realm). You’re always so damn good at character development, though, so I’m sure Miss Popular will get her due!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I always loved reading about RL fairy mythology, so bits of it probably worked its way into this. 😉 I remember reading a story about people who’d go to live with the fairies and it would feel like no time at all had passed, then bam, they go home and everyone they ever loved is dead. 😱

      Lyanna and Orlando is like Bianca and Lysander, it’s true. 😦 If only both became vampires! But it would’ve made them less “themselves.” And Orlando does genuinely love Lyanna and want her around as long as possible.

      And hmmmmm, Clem does seem to have it pretty easy right now, right? It’s always harder to relate to characters like that, which is why I’ve said she probably won’t be anyone’s favorite, unlike Velvet or Lani. We’ll see what happens, though~

      Liked by 2 people

  7. It’s interesting to see Lyanna so worried about her looks, when that never seemed to be something she gave much thought to before. Orlando has made it clear that he doesn’t care what she looks like, that he loves *her*, but seeing her insecurities show through is something else. Generally the older you get the less fucks you give, but that doesn’t seem to be Lyanna’s case!

    Clem is a sassy little one and I’m falling for her! 😀 “…all the girls in class want to be more like me, even if it means they try to copy my outfits and I can’t wear them anymore.” HA! Brat!! Like with Fruity’s story, I have a soft spot for spoiled little shits, so I’m eager to see what goes down with Clem in her new digs. She won’t be the prettiest anymore, how will she deal with that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lyanna really never did care all that much about her looks, even if she did love makeup. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say she was never self-conscious about them–she knew she was pretty because everyone always told her so, but she took it for granted. If she weren’t married to a fae, aging wouldn’t be weighing so heavily on her.

      LOL, Clem’s a bit of a brat for sure. 😉 Has to be a little trendsetter. But her whole life will change very, very soon…

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  8. Maybe I should be charmed by Orlando wanting to extend his time with Lyanna if at all possible…but let’s be real the most deserving mortals are Daisy and (probably really old now) Penny. But even the bronze-level wives need a prize. 😛

    OMG she named Giant Batty (“please, Batty is my father’s name” – Splotch probably) and also hates parental affection. Now it’s gonna last forever~

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Yes, boys are dumb. And flowers are beautiful. And Orlando has an eagle’s eyes because grey hairs in a blond tuft are hard to spot. And he has that losing-his-shirt illness (and his spots, sadly xD Lyanna should reapply them)

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