Chapter 2: Belle

Maman was the most beautiful woman in le monde entier, and everyone knew it.

I didn’t have to look at the judges’ faces to know that we’d win. We always won, Maman and I, just as Papa always came to every one of our mother-daughter pageants.

Before they announced the winners, I caught Papa speaking to one of the judges in private…

She was très jolie, but Papa never looked at anyone else the way he looked at Maman. So why was he smiling…?

I decided to ask ma mère, even though I was worried about what she might say. But she only laughed…

“Your father’s only bribing her, Belle. No reason at all for a fuss, truly.”

“He pays the judges to let us win?” That didn’t make sense… “But aren’t we the most beautiful contestants?”

She lifted a hand toward the crowd of mothers and daughters waiting to hear who would be crowned ice queen and ice princess–and all the lower titles only fit for peasants. “A single glance would tell you that we are,” she said, letting her hand fall on my shoulder. “Please don’t tell him we know, dearest.”

“But why would he do that…?”

She went quiet. “Men like to feel useful, I suppose. He was like that as well…” Why did she sound like she was going to cry? Maman didn’t cry–tears would ruin her makeup.

I looked up at her. “Who?”

“No one, darling. Keep this a secret between beautiful vampiresses?”

Bien sûr, Maman.” I didn’t like to fight with her, since Papa had such a hard time picking sides, and I was glad to be trusted with a secret like an adult.

“That’s my lovely girl.”

The three of us talked about happier things on the way home, like our new first-place titles. Papa was so proud, just like he always was.

He and Maman were so in love…

When I grow up, the first thing I’ll do is find a rich and handsome man who loves me as much as mon père loves ma mère.

If only I could grow up faster…

Papa was going to have to order someone to build more shelves.

The more trophies I won, the less exciting each new one became…

But I liked having something special to do with Maman, and I wanted everyone to see me next to her.

Papa came to my room a couple hours later, which probably meant he and Maman were using the dungeon again. “Admiring the spoils of victory, my little ice princess?”

“Papa, did you bribe that judge today?” It was something I had to find out for myself, even if I made a promise. “Does that mean Maman and I aren’t really the prettiest?”

“Of course you are, ma belle.” He laughed. “I was only financing a new set of eyewear for her,” he said, “so that she could better see just how beautiful my two moonlit opals are. Keep it a secret from your mother?”

Bien sûr, Papa.” If I promised to keep a secret, Papa would have to buy me more presents or give in to more of my demands. “Can you invite Galatea over, s’il vous plaît? Or Ophelia?”

They were both my older sisters–Galatea was Papa’s daughter with another wife who he liked to curse about sometimes, and Ophelia was Maman’s with…someone she never mentioned, so she must not have loved him half as much as she loved Papa. Ophelia was a very beautiful writer though, so her father must’ve been handsome…

Even though Ophelia was a vampiress like me and Galatea was fae, I liked Galatea’s glamorous movie star life best and how she always had something funny and clever to say. She was magnifique! Maybe I could be in a movie with her someday, the way Maman did pageants with me…

“I wish I could, my petite porcelain princess,” Papa said, taking my hands. “But your sisters are very busy. Your mother tells me Ophelia’s on a book tour, and my turquoise-winged butterfly is promoting her latest film.”

“…What about Finn? Oh, and Benedict, since they’re always together.” Finn was Galatea’s brother and Benedict was Ophelia’s, and they were married because our family is very unique.

“They’re still very busy with all that adoption paperwork and travel arrangements,” Papa said, “even after I offered to help cut through all that inconvenient red tape and secure a child through less conventional means.” He laid a hand on my head. “Won’t you like another niece or nephew?”

Non,” I said, puffing out my cheeks. “I have six brothers and sisters, Papa. Why can’t any of them make time for me? Except Leopold,” I added, “but he’s boring and tries to order me around.” No princess should have to clean up after herself…

“They all love you very much,” he said, “but I’m afraid they–”

This called for one of Maman’s special techniques (except I couldn’t do exactly what she does, because I’m his daughter). “I want to see Galatea,” I insisted, squeezing him with my dainty (but très fort) vampire arms. “Please, Papa? Pretty please with bonbons on top?”

“I’ll see what I can do, my snow-feathered dove.”

That was as good as a promise with Papa. His “I’ll think about it” always meant yes too, but Maman’s meant no.

And thanks to Papa, my sister arrived two days later.

Bonjour, Galatea,” I said cheerfully.

“Still in the whole random French word-vomit phase, huh?” But she gave me a hug anyway without me having to order her to. “And before you or the tabloids ask, I’m not pregnant–I just ate half my body weight in fried food now that my movie’s done shooting. Bas and Daisy won’t stop feeding me.”

My bedroom door opened. “This place is a shithole,” my nephew said.

“Sly, what’d I tell you about calling people’s homes shitholes?”

I loved hearing Galatea scold her loud, rude son… Maman and Papa never talked like that to me, but I was always une princesse parfaite.

Sly smirked. “…Don’t do it where they can hear me.”

“Damn right. And don’t destroy any priceless antiques while you’re here–and be nice to your aunt.”

“I’d rather play video games,” he said.

“Tough shit.”

“You just wanna get rid of me so you can go home and fuck Dad in peace,” he complained.

You try not getting any for two months straight,” she said. “Well, when you’re older, anyway.”

“I’m gonna get laid every day.”

“Not if puberty is anything like it was for your dad.” She glanced at me. “Speaking of dads, don’t leave him alone with ours for more than five minutes. Wait, maybe five’s too many…”

“You’re leaving?” I asked. “But you just got here…”

“I’m leaving too,” Sly said.

“Like hell you are. Your mom needs a break.”

“CHILD ABUSE!” Sly yelled.

“Yell a little louder–if you get taken away now, I’ll get to miss the shitty teenage years completely.”

And then Galatea left me alone with my awful nephew. Why didn’t any of my brothers and sisters want to spend time with me? Was it because I was only their half-sister, or because they were all so much older than me? But Maman and Papa agreed that I was very mature for my age…

“Got any good snacks?” Sly said. “Mom says Gramps always buys the most expensive shit.”

That was true, but… “Why do you hate your mère?

“My what now?”

“Your mother.”

He scratched the side of his nose and shrugged. “I don’t. Everybody wants to be my friend and gives me free stuff because she’s famous.”

“Then why are you such a–” I tried to think of something that suited him. “Such a bête mauvaise to her?”

“The hell you call me?”

“A bad beast.”

“Huh–’bad beast.’ I like it.” He shrugged. “And that’s just how we talk. It’s different with my dad. What’s with all your annoying weird words?”

How could Galatea’s son be so unrefined? “It’s French, the most romantic language in le monde entier. Papa says I’m descended from a beautiful French vampire queen.”

“Whatever. It just makes you sound like a twat.”

I had a feeling I didn’t want to ask what that word meant. He was fae like Galatea, but he didn’t look or act fae at all…

But I knew I could impress him, because Papa always bought me the best presents. And at least I had someone to play with. “Let’s go to my playroom,” I said. “We can pretend we’re the hero and heroine of Ophelia’s new novel.”

“Mom says Aunt Ophelia is a giant fucking weirdo,” he said.

Non, only poor people can be weird,” I corrected him. “Rich people are excentrique.”

Sly wasn’t happy about me forcing him to wear a costume, but I was the princess of this castle, not him. “You better not expect me to do any creepy Game of Thrones shit,” he mumbled. “I’m not kissing my aunt.”

“I wouldn’t waste my first kiss on a bête mauvaise, even if we’re only acting.”

“Hey, this place is pretty cool…”

I smiled proudly. “Papa renovates it completely every year and Maman scolds him for spending so much money until he buys her a present that costs just as much.”

“Your parents are weird.”

Excentrique. And there are fancy little cakes in the castle–some without plasmafruit.”

“Hell yeah.”

Maman had taught me that men were easily controlled and bribed…

But playing with Sly wasn’t as fun as being with Galatea or Ophelia, who were so mature and sophisticated. Sly was just a little boy, even if he was exactly the same age as me. Had my kingdom always felt so small?

This was a child’s playroom, but I didn’t feel like une enfant anymore…

I couldn’t wait to grow up.

49 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Belle

  1. Belle definitely does need to grow up and get a reality check. But to be fair, what else would a filthy rich only child/baby of the family (yikes!) turn out like?

    Meanwhile I absolutely love Sly and every f-bomb that comes out of his mouth holy shit. 😍

    Liked by 6 people

  2. Okay, first off, I’m super intrigued by what’s going on with Bianca here… she certainly didn’t look very happy in those “my parents are so in love” shots 😬 And how sad that she still mourns Lysander but won’t ever talk about him in front of Belle. 😦 I’m not really onboard Grianca, but I really want Bianca to be happy. It worries me that she might not be… 😦

    Belle is… well, I agree with Gal about that French 😂 But she is very fun and 100% her parents’ daughter! I feel bad for the kid having all these adult siblings who don’t have time for her… and for how oblivious she seems to be about some of the stuff going on with her parents. Still though, my advice to her is DON’T GROW UP! IT’S A TRAP AND THINGS JUST GET WORSE

    And omg Silas is perfection. 😍😂 100% who I’d expect Gal’s son to be! Their interaction was the best. ❤️ I’m already eager to see him as a teen. Ha!

    Another amazing chapter! This gen is totally shaping up to be the best one yet already 😱

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Aww, Bianca might have something on her mind, but what? If she didn’t want Graham to kiss her or hold her (or do anything else), though, she wouldn’t let him.

      Growing up is the worst, I wish I’d savored childhood more, rofl. (Don’t we all?)

      Silas is Gal’s son, all right. Hope the rest of the gen doesn’t disappoint!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I just wish Bianca would be more open and talk about her feelings with the people she loves. I mean, that’s never really been her style. But then, it’s always seemed to do more harm than good to her. I know she wouldn’t let Graham touch her (or have dungeon time 😈) is she didn’t want to. But I think she’s bottling up too much (and maybe not even just Lysander). I worry about her 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Alas, if I could only give Bianca her own PoV and reveal her true thoughts and internal struggles…. 😉 Maybe a different child would pick up on things better, but there’s a lot Belle doesn’t know anyhow.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hahaha I know, I know. I keep dwelling on Bianca every gen! LOL I just have always loved her very much. So I’m still worrying about her three gens in! 😂

        Maybe Belle will be more in tune with her mother when she’s older (but again — TRAP! Don’t do it, girl!)

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I loVE SILAS as much as J’ADORE MA BELLE

    She’s spoiled, for sure
    Sneaky, definitely
    But man, seein her all sad at the end makes me sad too 😔 GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS

    On a side note
    I love how Graham casually mentions blatantly stealing a kid.
    … I mean, securing a child using unconventional means. 😉❤

    Liked by 5 people

    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ So happy you love them both!!

      Graham would give her whatever she wants if he could~

      And rofl, what's wrong with stealing a kid? You can pick out the perfect one that way. Better (?) than finding a baby in the garbage… 😉

      Liked by 4 people

    2. I thought he was implying that he’d knock up someone (with Bianca’s permission and pleading that it’s for her precious son of course) but of course kidnapping is much better.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. I hope Belle never outgrows the random French word vomit stage! I’ll est parfait!❤️ She was so funny already figuring out how to manipulate both of her parents. It was sad to see her already feeling the emptiness of the trophies and begging to hang out with her sisters or brothers, well except Leo. 😂😂😂 And at the end…she broke my heart wanting to hurry up and grow up…but didn’t we all want to grow up faster….

    OMG – Silas and Gal! I would have expected no less. The way she talked to him when he was a toddler he had no choice but to have her potty mouth. And go ahead, if they get you now I can skip the shitty teen years! 😂😂😂. Silas looks so much like his mother but with that head full of Bas hair. He’s going to be the hairiest fae around. ❤️

    Bianca broke my heart still mourning Lysander, but of course she would. Obviously Graham is in heaven. Not so sure about how happy Bianca really is, but no doubt she adores Belle. I think she hoped Belle would fill the emptiness inside her she felt when he died. And she does to an extent….I guess I shouldn’t dwell on Grianca too much, we may not see much of her this gen. But soooo loving all the kids and their uniqueness so much. ❤️

    Liked by 5 people

    1. HA, glad you enjoy the random French word vomit. Belle’s an odd kid, but what can you expect. And she knows how to game the system when it comes to her parents, LOL. Poor Leo though, as always…

      I don’t think Silas and Gal’s relationship will come as much of a surprise to anyone–or the inherited potty mouth. 😉 We’ll see how much hair puberty brings, rofl.

      There’ll be more on Bianca’s state of mind in the next Belle chapter, at least from her daughter’s PoV! But Graham is still ecstatic, of course.

      Liked by 3 people

  5. Ugh! Belle is testing my french. I thought I’d not have to use it again but nope. 😦 I’m 100% finding and bringing my french dictionary to her next chapter. (Fortunately I did alright and remembered enough!)

    I love Silas, who is a mini Gal, but don’t know about Belle. She’s a bit too much for me. xD I blame Grianca. And hey, what’s wrong with being weird?

    Liked by 5 people

    1. ROFL, Belle is testing my French too, of which I know zero. Why did I decide on this as a quirk?!

      Glad you love Silas–and I can totally understand why Belle is too much. Maybe you’ll warm up to her someday…! (Okay, maybe not. 😉 )

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You don’t know why? Je ne sais pas pourquoi… (sorry, just felt like it was needed…)
        Guess taking french paid off a little.

        Yes, Silas is my favourite character in this gen so far. His mum was my favourite by the end of last gen though! xD

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Poor Belle! So lonely in her princess castle. And her mother, too…Bianca looked so sad! I guess she just misses Lysander so much. I love how both Graham and Bee keep secrets from one another.

    Belle is so beautiful! I’ve never seen a prettier child! I think both of them would have won without the bribing, GRAHAM! lol! (And I really liked your judges…especially the silver vixen!)

    OMG…Sylas and Gal are a trip together: “CHILD ABUSE!” Sly yelled.

    “Yell a little louder–if you get taken away now, I’ll get to miss the shitty teenage years completely.” I busted a gut on that! CLASSIC!

    Sly takes after his mom so much. I bet Bas pulls his hair out with him–that TUDE! Love!

    Belle’s playroom was so perfect! Too bad she doesn’t have friends to play with (and she wants to grow up so fast!)

    And so…she’s learning manipulation from the best. Cannot WAIT to see what she does with it. (She’s still my favorite, btw… ❤ )

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Graham and Bianca both try to be considerate of each other by keeping secrets, so at least Bee does seem to care about her husband. How much and what she thinks about Lysander might be another secret…

      Awww, I love dressing Belle up. ❤ ❤ And they probably did have a good shot at winning, but Graham doesn't like gambling when it involves his moonlit opals. 😉 Thank you to your enormous gallery for the judges btw. LOL.

      I think writing Sly and Gal together was my favorite part of this chapter. Poor Bas has his hands full, LOL.

      And I'm so happy Belle's your favorite. ❤ ❤ I know Lani's easier to like! Curious what you'll think of the other two girls…

      Liked by 2 people

  7. “Finn was Galatea’s brother and Benedict was Ophelia’s, and they were married because our family is very unique.”
    They are, ma petite chou… just like rich people are excentrique, and not weird!
    I love her. I mean, I knew I would, but, she exceeds expectations ❤


    Ahh! Grianca continues to be amazing, lovingly going around each other in an effort to keep the other one happy ❤ ❤ ❤

    "That was as good as a promise with Papa. His “I’ll think about it” always meant yes too, but Maman’s meant no."
    Ah! She's in such a hurry to grow up, bless her little porcelain heart.

    GAL! SILAS! Zomg.
    Best mom ever, he's like a bit of a mini-Gal with Bas hair!
    “I’m gonna get laid every day.”
    He still carried her around the castle tho; bless his angry little heart (WHOA, btw; that castle is AMAZING, holy crap).

    I love both these kids so hard rn ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thanks for all the help with the random French word vomit. ❤ ❤ (Any errors are entirely my own/Belle's, because I don't have anyone beta read my chapters LOL.) Eee, so happy she exceeds your expectations!

      And it's true, Bianca is far more considerate of Graham than she would've been if she had never been married to Lysander. She learned a lot about being a good wife and the little white lies that can help keep things harmonious. And the same goes for Graham and Isla–this marriage never would've been possible without their previous spouses.

      LOL, with my parents, it was my mom's "I'll think about it" that always meant yes and my dad's that always meant no.

      I found that castle on the gallery and was so impressed I had to use it! There were more "princess-y" rooms, but this one was just cool.

      ❤ ❤ ❤ Ty for your love!!

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Dark WitcHazard: How wonderful Silas wasn’t corrupted by his sunny side up father and aunt! This kids going places! Love how he think she’s automatically going to be in high demand for sex haha dream on kid! Atleast he already knows the best way to deal with people is through sarcasm! Haha Bianaca still in denial just stay there it suits you!

    Lover WitcHazard: I love Belle my adorable little cream puff! Love how only poor people can be weird the rich are encentrique! I can’t wait till she grows up and goes on the hunt for the perfect love!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Is there trouble in paradise for Grianca when we last saw them they were all over eachother now they look fine fine is not good for ships don’t do this to me or I’ll have to revoke your shipping license! Then make you re apply for you ship making permanent!

    Emotional WitcHazard: I hope Belle isn’t too disappointed in growing up cause it’s not as glamorous as you think as child! Also I love how she just adores her older siblings it’s cute! Also hope Bianca gets some therapy for the whole Lysander situation she clearly hasn’t gotten over it properly could Benny have been right and she was too stubborn to admit it? (Gasp) Honestly I find Silas and Gals realationship adorable! It suits them!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Silas has too much of his mom’s snark to be corrupted by Bas and Daisy. 😉 Snark is more fun to write anyway, so I’m glad too.

      Belle is going to have very high standards when it comes to her own love. Luckily, that’s a long way off! Probably.

      Hmm, is there trouble in paradise for Graham and Bianca? A lot of people seem to think so… But only Graham and Bianca know for sure~

      Silas and Gal’s relationship is my favorite. ❤

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  9. I. Love. Belle.

    Seriously! 😀 She’s a spoiled little shit, but look at her parents! It would be a marvel if she WASN’T a spoiled little shit! Poor baby is a victim…but that doesn’t mean we can’t love her bratty ways!

    Already we can see Graham doing Graham: paying off the judges, remodeling Belle’s room every year, “ordering someone to build more shelves.” Even though he has what he wants–Bianca and a child with her–he still feels the need to shower his daughter with gifts. What is he compensating for? Or is Belle legit just his baby and he loves her?

    I know Bianca certainly didn’t look like a happy wife in the pictures of her with Graham, but my guess is that she’s just trying to come to terms with her new life. In the grand scheme of things, 8 years (or however many) to be married and have another child is just a blip in time compared to her 400+ years on the planet. I want her to be happy, so I hope she finds that with Graham!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I really enjoy writing spoiled little shits, in case you couldn’t guess. 😉

      Graham is used to having power and doing as he pleases–and it pleases him to spoil his little princess. Unlike Gal, Belle eats up the attention and presents. He was a king once!

      Eight years isn’t a long time in the grand scheme of things (especially when you’re a vampire), and some things you never completely get over. It’s been three years since my mom died and I still have moments or even days where it’s really hard. But Bianca wouldn’t want to trouble Belle with any “grownup problems” anyhow.

      Liked by 2 people

  10. J’adore Madamoiselle Belle! Vive La Belle! Oui, oui!
    That’s as much french as I know. LOL. I totally love her already!
    That look Bianca had during the ‘my parents are so in love’ shots is concerning. Obviously, Bianca is still not over Lysander. I hope necromancy doesn’t take place in this gen otherwise poor Graham would be out of luck.
    And Silas is totes awesome, just like his mother. You have shown me five kids thus far and I love all of them. I have no idea who I am going to root for into adulthood but I am not complaining. I am already too greedy for all of your awesome characters.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. ❤ ❤ LOL, I was able to understand all that, even with my limited French knowledge. (Though I'm actually learning a bit while looking this stuff up for my chapters, rofl.)

      Another person in the "Bianca isn't over Lysander" camp! Or what if…Bianca is pregnant again? Maybe she’s feeling a bit under the weather~

      5 kids down, aaa I don’t know how many to go. But there are more. So many more. Hope you love them too! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Well, I don’t know what else I expected from a Grianca child. She’s a lot like her Dad in temperament; still hankering for the days of absolute monarchy and the divine right of kings. Even if she’s never technically known them.

    Like a lot of others, I’m concerned for Bianca, she does seem unhappy. Of course, Belle doesn’t know everything that’s going on. She has a really spectacular pair of rose colored glasses.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Belle absolutely inherited her dad’s manipulative streak along with his thirst for power. At least she only demanded to see her big sister instead of ordering any beheadings.

      Belle adores her parents and would never even consider that things might not be perfect. So any possible issues would go completely over her head, at least for now…!


  12. Sly love, lots and lots and lots of Sly love lol I really feel for Belle to be honest she’s obviously got everything and yet the one thing she really needs it nowhere to be seen. Hopefully she’ll make her kind of friends, well either that or she’ll learn a lot of new….non-french words pmsl.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ❤ ❤ More Sly love! He's a good foil for Belle–but if she keeps hanging with him she'll have to say "pardon my French" a lot for a very different reason. 😉

      She's a lonely kid, though–all those toys and trophies don't really matter, in the end.


  13. Belle is a cutie, and she seems to be a Bianca 20, which I approve, LOL. Oh child, do not wish to grow up fast…being adult is boooooring!
    Silas seems like he is the cool kid at school…you know, the type that knows alllll the forbidden words. xD

    Liked by 2 people

  14. Omg, Sly! 😍😍 J’adore! Gal was my fav last gen anyway, so that’s no surprise.

    And Belle-I like her! She’s fun, and bossy, and the perfect little offspring of Grianca (who I’ve shipped from the start). But Bianca’s sad looking face, though… 😢

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Belle would be so insulted that Sly stole the spotlight in her first chapter. (But with him interacting with Gal, how could he not?)

      And aww, I love that you shipped Grianca from the beginning!! Graham would approve. 😉


  15. I need that big ass bow on Belle’s head like, yesterday. And also wish I had that green dress she’s wearing with it back in Rose Garden’s early days!

    God, I love Sly and Gal’s interactions. I wouldn’t expect anything less from her and her kids xD It makes me want to see Bas and how he is with all of it lol!
    I always forget Graham was a king, which makes soooo much sense when you think about it.
    But I gotta move on to Belle now because she’s the star here and I love her. I love her because she’s a spoiled little shit, but I can sympathize with her and see where some hints of loneliness linger. Graham could give her the world, but what’s the world worth when there’s no one to share it with?

    I look forward to seeing how she grows and seeing more beast references >:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ROFL, I thought the “big ass bow,” as you put it, suited her so perfectly.

      And man, sometimes I wish I’d chosen Sly as one of the four main PoVs, but I was determined to do all girls. Interesting family life, I guarantee you that. 😉

      Even Graham eventually understood that he could be a king and have all the material things in the world, but they don’t mean much when you’re alone. But Belle seems to recognize that pretty early…

      There’ll be more beast references, rofl. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a similar relationship with my father – we’re always mocking each other, insulting each other, and jokingly raising our voices in mock anger. Drive my mum bonkers at times when she realised we’re just mucking around.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Same! 😀

        My dad was in hospital recovering from surgery one time, and a nurse asked my mum what he prefers to be called, Pete or Peter? Without hesitation I said in a deadpan voice, “Arsehole.”

        The nurse laughed and said, “I think I’ll call him Peter.”

        Mum nearly died of embarrassment.

        Liked by 1 person

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