Chapter 1: Lani

In the orphanage, we all survived by pretending.

We pretended our families would find the love or money they needed to take us back. We pretended they’d never died or disappeared. We pretended a new family would want a child full of fear and sad memories instead of a perfect new baby.

But I only pretended that good things would happen when it rained on sunny mornings.

Miss Hudson said that was called a “sunshower.” I liked to pretend it meant the sky was crying happy tears, without any clouds to hide them.

It stopped raining by the time I began my morning chores.

Everyone at the orphanage had to work, but I loved plants, so I didn’t mind. Because of the rain, I didn’t have to water, but I needed to pick whichever berries were the ripest and pull out any weeds.

Sometimes I felt bad about the second part. Didn’t a weed deserve a home too? Just because nobody wanted it around, it wasn’t allowed to stay…

Sometimes I wondered if that’s how my parents felt about me, but I couldn’t remember them. I only remembered the rain and the lightning–but it was dark and cloudy and cold, not like a sunshower at all.

The sound of strange voices nearby made me drop my basket. There’s a fence, I told myself, even though I wanted to run and hide. No one can get in…

Not unless they had wings.

“See, Griff, I told you I knew where I was going, ” a pretty girl with wings said. “Look, a real, live human. Maybe even the one I saw in my dream.”

“Doesn’t look normal to me,” said the other girl, just as pretty as the first. Maybe both of them were pretty enough to get adopted, even if they were old. “There’s something weird about it. Can we go home now?”

We all pretended at the orphanage, even if we knew better. There were so many things that we knew would never, ever happen…

And this was one of them.

“Don’t you wanna get closer?”

“Nope. Humans are boring and stupid and I hate them.”

I just had to sneak out of the garden and run back inside and tell Miss Hudson, and everything would be okay…

“Hey, my mom’s a human,” the other one said, laughing. “C’mon, before she gets away.”


The air moved behind me. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t breathe–it was all getting sucked out…

I gasped for breath. “Go away go away go away go away.”

“Fox,” came a voice that sounded even closer than it did before. “Can it see us?”

“Nah,” came another voice, just as close. “I made us invisible.”

“Then you messed up, duh.”

The air moved again. “My dad taught me how, and he’s just as fae as your dad. Hey, human, can you see us?”

I shook my head without meaning to.

“See,” a bored voice behind me said. “Your glamours suck. Let’s just go already before it does stupid human stuff.”

“Hey, princess. Your two princes are here to rescue you.”

“Princesses are dumb. And you’re only the son of a duke, not a king.”

“Princes?” I said. “I thought you were girls…” There weren’t any boys with long hair at the orphanage, but all of us were supposed to keep our hair short to make things easier.

“We’re fae,” the one floating in front of me said. “We’re just naturally really pretty. The prettiest.” Instead of getting mad at me, he sounded happy. “But you’re pretty too–I knew you would be.”

“I have to go,” I said suddenly. “Lessons start soon, and the other kids will be mad if Miss Hudson doesn’t have the berries to make tarts…” I tried to smile, even if my shoulders shook.

“We’ll come back, don’t worry.”

How many kids here had heard the same words? I didn’t expect to see them ever again. But when the next morning arrived, so did they.

“That’s where our kingdom is,” one of them–Fox, the cheerful one–said. “I think.”

“Don’t just make stuff up, idiot,” the other one said. His name was Griffin, and it was his idea for them to hide their wings, just in case someone else saw them too. “You’re just trying to impress a dumb human.”

“Don’t mind him.” Fox put his hand on mine. “He’s just grumpy because he’s a prince with a tragic past.”

I just nodded. I didn’t think tragic pasts were very interesting–all the kids here had one too, even if they couldn’t remember them.

“When we rescue you,” he said, “we’ll take you back to the palace there and you can live like a princess.”

I liked how Fox acted like I was special, even though I knew I wasn’t. Miss Hudson was nice, but she couldn’t pay more attention to one kid than another, not when there was only one of her and so many of us. She’d been one of us once, too, and was never adopted.

“We’re not allowed to take humans back,” Griffin said, his voice rising. “My dad got in trouble for that once, and he’s king.”

“We’ll make an exception for Lani,” Fox said, “because she’s the prettiest human in the whole world.”

“You don’t have to pretend,” I said. “Not if it makes your friend upset.”

“Friend and cousin,” Fox said. “His aunt’s a human, in case he forgot, and she’s my dad’s favorite.” He looked down. “And you’re my favorite too, I think.”

After that, Fox and Griffin started visiting the orphanage every day. I knew Griffin didn’t want to come, and that he was probably mad at me for stealing his friend, but I was only borrowing Fox for a little while. I’d never had anything of my own before, except for my stuffed bear.

I knew Fox wasn’t really mine, even if I pretended. Everything else could be taken from me, but now I’d have a memory to hold on to once I was alone again, just like some of the other kids had.

I didn’t really know what to say, but Fox didn’t seem to mind. He told me all about the fae kingdom he’d bring me back to someday.

“You’re not allowed,” Griffin said again. “And you live around humans most of the time, remember?”

“My dad’s talking about moving,” Fox said. “You don’t have a family, right, Lani?”

I nodded.

“We’ll be your family, then, me and Griff.”

This time, I took his hands. “Thank you.” For pretending. For making each day different from the one before. For the memory.

“You don’t even know her,” Griffin said. “She could be a zombie or a werewolf or a zombie-werewolf. I’m telling you, she’s weird.”

“Then I guess I’m weird too,” Fox said cheerfully.

I don’t know why I decided to kiss him on the cheek.

Neither did Griffin. “GROSS,” he said.

Another memory I could keep forever: my first kiss…

Every morning, Fox returned, just like the sun. For some reason, Griffin always came too, even though he looked unhappier every time.

“I promise to come back every day forever and ever, until I can take you back to the fairy kingdom,” Fox said. “Pinky swear.”

“You’re my cousin,” Griffin interrupted. “And I’m the prince. So why can’t we do what I wanna do for once?”

“Thank you,” I said to Fox. “I’ll wait for you.”

“I mean it, Lani,” he said. “You’ll see. The flowers there are really pretty.”

I took his hand in both of mine. Was this what the kids who found new families felt like?

Gross,” Griffin said. “Humans are gross and so are girls and princesses and Lani is the grossest.”

I wanted to tell him not to be sad, that Fox would leave and forget about me someday, but that made me sad instead. But I couldn’t be sad for very long with Fox around, not when he tried so hard to make me happy.

Sometimes, he brought me presents.

Somehow, he knew plants were my favorite thing of all.

“My mom and dad and sister love flowers,” he said when I told him. “So I hoped you would too. …Are you gonna take it?”

“It’s so pretty…”

“It reminded me of you.” He grinned at me. One of his front teeth was loose–maybe it would fall out by his next visit. “…Am I your favorite?”

I wanted to make the memory last longer, because I knew the flower wouldn’t live for long. But I wanted to make him happy too. “You are,” I said quietly, taking the flower.

I hugged him, careful not to crush the flower.

It might be the last present–and hug–I ever got…

The next day, Griffin grumbled even louder than usual while Fox told me stories. Fox had a twin sister, he said, but she wasn’t as pretty as me.

“What’s so great about Fox?” Griffin mumbled.

“Everything,” I said quietly.

I was surprised when Griffin pulled me off the ground and dragged me by the hand. “Come with me,” he ordered. “I wanna show you why I’m better.”

Fox laughed. “Good luck with that, Griff. See you tomorrow, Lani.”

“So obviously,” Griffin said when we were alone, “I’m the son of a king and he’s just the son of a duke. And my mom’s a vampire and his is just a normal dumb human like you.”

“I don’t know what a duke is,” I said, “but I know Fox, and he’s nice to me.”

“Just because he gave you some stupid flower? I can give you a zillion flowers when I’m king.”

“I don’t think I need that many…” They might fill the entire orphanage, and each one of us only got a tiny amount of space to ourselves.

“I can think of something better, I guess.”

He thought of something, but it wasn’t what I was expecting…

It started raining on my way back to the house. The sun was still out–and Griffin was still with me.

“Think about it,” he said, holding a giant leaf over my head to protect me from the rain. “If you pick me as your favorite, I’ll grant you a wish. Anything you want, unless it’s really gross or stupid.”

“I can’t think of anything…” And I’d already told Fox he was my favorite.


I knew what I wanted. What we all wanted, every single one of us. “A family,” I whispered.

“And then I’ll be your favorite?”

I nodded.

“…You promise? Not that I really care or whatever, but I’m fae and a trade has to be fair.”

I hesitated. I didn’t want to betray Fox, and I knew Griffin couldn’t give me what I wanted most, but it wouldn’t hurt to pretend, just this once. “I promise.”

“Done.” He sounded smug. “I’m really powerful, you know. My dad says so.”

I had the strangest dream that night. Or maybe it was a nightmare, but I wasn’t falling and there wasn’t any lightning.

The next morning, there was another sunshower.

I was starting to believe good things would happen, instead of just pretending. Maybe Fox had brought me another present…

But Miss Hudson stopped me when I brought my dirty clothes down to wash.

“Lani,” she said, “I was looking for you.” She smiled at me, the smile every kid in the orphanage got exactly once–or never in their whole time there. “You’ve been matched with a family.”

“Are you sure?” I blurted. Griffin couldn’t have granted my wish…he was a fairy, not a genie.

“They’re coming from far away,” she said. “I didn’t want to tell you until everything was in order and I was a hundred percent sure. They can’t wait to meet you.”

When I did meet them, they weren’t at all what I was expecting…

“I’m Finn,” the one dressed all in black said. “And this is my husband, Benny. We’d like to be your new dads–if that’s okay with you, Lani.”

They looked so hopeful. Even if they weren’t what I was expecting, I could pretend, the way they’d have to pretend I was really their daughter and not one that someone else forgot or threw away.

“It’s okay,” I said shyly.

It would have to be. And if it wasn’t, I’d pretend.

41 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Lani

  1. “Fox had a twin sister, he said, but she wasn’t as pretty as me.” I thought the fae were the most likely to be incestuous. I swear this was chatted about once, and Fox is a class traitor.

    Though being GAY ADOPTED (GOD FUCKING BLESS) might muddy the waters there. Hehe.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. LOL, twins wouldn’t be gettin’ it on, but as that’s the only familial relationship fae who are born in the fae realm recognize, there’s probably a lot of Accidental Incest going on there. Sunflower would be considered a giant weirdo for recognizing and raising his own son.

      And technically Lani would be Fox and Griffin’s second cousin I think, if she were blood-related and not gay adopted~ Still weird tho.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. “The Fae Adopt Visitation Rights” is gonna be my new fanfic, thnx. ❤

        Still weird but you could find a backwards-enough place to move everyone to if you needed to make it work, now couldn't you? 😛 I don't really like straight childhood romance love triangles on general principle but I can at least see this crew having some adventures that’ll make me root for one side or the other. Maybe the trope just needs magic or gay uncles.

        Liked by 3 people

  2. *Lani casually ignores Griffin for 85% of the chapter*

    Griff: “notice me u dumb human gdi”
    Lani: *notices*

    yes beautiful start to gen 3 hehE

    Liked by 6 people

  3. Wooh, kicking things off with a love triangle already! I approve 😈

    Lani is so precious, and I really love the way this whole intro was set up — great start!

    Griffin totally isn’t what I was expecting haha but he’s fun… though I’m worried now about the implications behind that deal Lani made with him… 😬 poor Fox. He’s such a little sweetheart! I can totally see his parents’ influence in him!

    I’m happy Finn and Benny decided they’re finally ready for parenthood, and that Lani is deciding to roll with it, even if two guy vampires may not have exactly been her vision haha. They will love her very much and I have no doubt they’ll bond well as a family before long 🙂

    That extended family though… dang, Lani has no idea what sort of family she just stepped into… 😂 Brace yourself, little lady! At least she had two cute and very charming… what do you call it if your parents are cousins? Cousins twice removed or something? Hahaha we need a chart of relationship names for this gen 😂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I think this is the earliest possible love triangle aside from having them be toddlers, and that’d just be weird. LOL.

      Glad you enjoyed the start!! And Griffin is a bit grumpy, LOL. Fox takes after Lyanna a lot (and the squishy parts of Orlando).

      It took Finn and Benny a little while, but they’re ready to be dads now! And they’ll absolutely love Lani, even if it’ll be an adjustment for all of them.

      Pretty sure Lani would be second cousins to Fox and Griffin, but Finn’s uncle is also Griffin’s dad and hell if I know what that would count as…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. So second cousins, but then Griffin is also… *googles* her first cousin once removed? at least there’s no blood relation? That helps a little? 😂

        Liked by 2 people

      2. You need to hire an ancestry expert to come in and keep it all straight for you 😛 Hehe Just hand then a copy of the family tree and say “LOL GOOD LUCK” 😂

        Liked by 2 people

  4. Told you Griffin would end up my favorite 😏 And so far I’m right! Definitely Dru’s kid, holy shit LOL.

    Lani is super sweet in a very sorrowful say, and Fox is remarkably sweet, too! He reminds me more of Sunflower with the way he treats and talks to Lani.

    Ahhh, and Benny and Finn! Lani got a good set of dads 😀 Hope the whole vampire thing doesn’t get too in the way…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Aww, glad his grumpypants exterior didn’t chase you away. 😉 100% Dru’s kid, LOL. Though he does look like Sunflower with Dru’s nose and coloring when he’s older.

      Lani’s used to not hoping for or expecting much, so this was all new to her. Hopefully life will be happier for her from here on out. ❤

      And Lani did in fact get an awesome set of dads. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Dark WitcHazard: Yes! Time to start the gen off with a Fang! Hehe! The tension is real my friend! Definitely feeling those young Dru vibes from Griffin this will be interesting! And is this really a power move cause you may not be blood related but now Lani is you cousin or second cousin one of the two! Can’t leave the inbreeding alone can you Lobster!😝 So whats with Griffin’s unnatural dislike for humans! Also tragic past oh are his parents off fighting the fae war and left their son with his auntie! I’m intrigued!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Let the war begin! Team Lox vs. Team Griffani!

    Lover WitcHazard: It’s Okay to lead people on Lani you’re young with no experience! But once you get older you have to wise up! Naturally you’d want to test how each candidate uh “waters your garden” before making and decisions on who you stay with! 😘

    Emotional WitcHazard: I really don’t like romantic confrontation between family members but for the sake of emotional growth I’m on board!

    Anti Shipper: I’m hoping this experience will make the loser weary of love, but let’s be honest this is secretly a Blackwell Legacy disguised as a sitcom so if you’re a Blackwell you’re definitely more likely to end up knocking someone up or knocked up, or is some shape or form end up with a progeny.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Wouldn’t be a new Fangs gen without the court of WitcHazards weighing in. 😉

      Griffin has a whole lot of Dru in him, LOL. Lani’s his and Fox’s second cousin, which is still weird, but hopefully not as weird as first cousins. 😉 And hey, there’s been no inbreeding yet…! Just…a really, really intertwined tree. 😭

      I wonder which ship Shipper is on already. 😉

      Poor Lani, she sort of stepped in something she didn’t mean to. But she’ll have bigger things to worry about, for better or worse. LOL, it’ll be a while before anyone waters any gardens, unless you mean actual gardens. 😉

      LOL, at this point I think like half the cast is a Blackwell of some sort…


  6. Woooo HOOO! Generation THREE begins!

    And it doesn’t disappoint!

    I ADORE Lani! She’s beautiful! No wonder both Fox and Griff are smitten with her! Poor Griff–a little too smug (or insecure)…I loved how he was always in the background trying to talk himself out of liking her (it was obvious). But Fox has all the self esteem, (and the moves), so he’s swept Lani off her feet early. I call our first POLY relationship in Fangs…I’m VERY excited about it. I can see how each relationship could develop. Love how the friends are going to spar for her love.

    And those poses were so cute. Especially the fae ones. OMG…fairies are fun! Sorry you have to work so hard getting those shots but they’re worth it.

    And BINNY dads! Yes! Although Lani was surprised, she’ll be loved and cherished by those two. And now Fox and Griffin are her cousins and can see her all the time. They’ll be happy about that.


    Liked by 4 people

    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ So glad you're excited!

      I was a little nervous about having an adopted kid leading this gen, because it seems like there are so few adopted kids or "heirs" in simlit in general, despite it not being uncommon in real life. I see so much emphasis on genetics too, in both gameplay and in stories–and hey, I spend a lot of time in CAS seeing what everybody’s babies look like too. 😉 Luckily (?) no one will be worrying about anyone's genes dying out with the way this story has gone, rofl. I'm glad you love her already, I do too.

      HA, Griffin may think he can hide his feelings but like Dru, he can't do it for long. His personality is a bit punchier than his mom's, but we'll see how that changes as he grows up and hopefully matures. Fox is definitely much more secure in himself (and is already a shameless little flirt). They're two very different cousins, LOL.

      Oh man, this chapter took FOREVER to shoot. I also had to be careful to hide all the wings clipping into stuff, rofl. Ahh, the magic of angles.

      Ha, I should've known you'd love whoever ended up as Binny's kid. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 3 people

  7. Babbee Laniiiiii!! 😱❤️
    Ahh, she’s so cute (the cutest) OMGYSSSS!

    So, she likes plants, and she can see fae who may (or may not) have made themselves invisible… so either Fox bungled the glamour OR our girl Lani is *something* possibly more than human? 🤔

    I’m so happy she got to have her gay dads in shining armour 😭
    What a beautiful moment! They gonna love you, Lani noboo ❤️ you won’t need to pretend ok ❤️

    Fox and Griffin are so different, but so wonderfulllllll, omg Fox is all nice and thoughtful and sweet, and I’m not surprised Lani likes him the most (so far), but grumpy little Griff and he’s so jelly(bean) and wants to be noticed and likes her too even tho she gross human but u have to be nice ok Griff (somethin to work on)… possibly helping get a family with your gay uncles is VERY NICE (I’m just going with uncles bc too tangley) ❤️


    Liked by 5 people

    1. ❤ ❤ ❤

      I'm sad there wasn't any place for Toddler Lani in the story because TOO CUTE FOR WORDS, but I'm glad you like Child Lani too. ❤ ❤

      And yeah, either Fox done goofed or Lani really is weird. Who knows? (I do.) LOL.

      It’s going to be a major adjustment for Lani, but she really couldn’t have asked for better parents. ❤ ❤ Can't wait to show more of them.

      Griffin could stand to learn a lot from Fox, especially if he wants to get anywhere with Lani (and he does, for all his grousing).

      LOL nice ship. ❤

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Yes! I was just telling Lobster that I think Fox’s magic worked but Lani could just see through it (since she’s so “weird”, as Griffin liked to point out multiple times in this one. HMMMMM…. :P) Because otherwise, wouldn’t someone from the orphanage eventually look out the window and be like “who dat”? LMAO

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Loving Lani and this love triangle already! This reminds me a little bit of the Dru-Lyanna-Darius love triangle from when they were kids and roaming around in their dreams. I am curious about this “tragic backstory” business. I hope that means Dru is alive and well seeing as how Griffin talks about his father a lot but only mentions his mother to declare that she wasn’t a stupid human like Fox’s Mom.
    If Griffin is anything like Dru, he’s gonna hold Lani to her promise. It will be interesting to see who she will choose when she’s older. Griffin might be the mean jerk right now but Fox is a natural charmer already so I don’t see him wanting to settle down with his childhood love as he gets older.
    When I saw that Lani lived in an orphanage I had a feeling Finn and Benny would be the ones to adopt her. It will be interesting to see what kind of fathers they will make. I think Benny’s parenting style will mirror his mother’s since he’s so dramatic just like her. He’ll need Finn to get him to turn off helicopter mode for sure! I also have a feeling Lani will grow up close with her more immediate cousins like Silas, Romeo and Juliet, Anders, and Anders’ little sibling. But most of all, I can’t wait to see her interact with her new aunt, Belle! I know technically Madamoiselle Belle is Generation 2 but will she be a main character of Bat Fangs and Broomsticks?

    Liked by 5 people

    1. ❤ ❤ So happy to hear you're loving it!! And ha, it is a bit reminiscent of last gen's love triangle, isn't it? Except this time, two people actually do like the same person, unlike Dru’s misguided jealousy before.

      Don’t worry too much about Dru and Sunflower–Griffin talks about them in the present tense, and everything is more dramatic to a kid. 😉 Fox kind of jokes about it too.

      That’s interesting speculation about future Fox and Griffin! It all depends on how they are when they’re older, and it’s easy to say things as a kid and fully mean them.

      You’re right that Lani will see much more of her immediate cousins, rather than the Blackwell side of the family. And I love your thoughts on Finn and Benny’s parenting styles, LOL.

      Shh, don’t tell anyone, but Belle’s chapter is next…

      Liked by 3 people

  9. Too much gush about,so a bulleted list it will be!

    -Lani is so, so beautiful. ❤ You told me you built her from scratch and she doesn't disappoint, what a stunner!
    -DOUBLE DAD DUTY!! I can't wait to see what these boys are like as dads, especially our awkward Benny with his Byron-like tendencies. 😀
    -I think it's adorable that Fox and Griffin are BFF, like Dru and Lyanna were (are?). No wonder Griffey is already upset and jealous–my guess is that he's not had to share Foxy with too many others, plus the fact he's kinda crushing on bb girl too. I wonder what "trade" he will have down the road.
    -Grifftacular senses something about Lani!!!! We all took the mythology classes, we know how heroes often start: *mysterious background.* HMMMM. Who is she?

    What a fantastic start to a fantastic story! Who next, I wonder??

    Liked by 4 people

    1. LOL, “built from scratch,” rofl. With like 75% of the cast being related at this point, I needed some fresh blood this gen, so there’ll be other built-from-scratchers too.

      DOUBLE THE DAD, DOUBLE THE FUN. Hopefully. It’ll definitely be weird for everyone at first.

      Fox and Griffin are BFFs, even if it’d be hard to get Griff to admit it. 😉

      Pshh, Lani’s just a normal girl, okay! Nothing weird here, promise.

      Liked by 2 people

  10. This was the sooooo good! Those kids were absolutely adorable and sooo darn cute! I am in love already. Griffin is sooo much like his mother even though he is fae. And same goes for Fox. Except he is very much more sure of himself and forward than his mom. Probably because he is fae. He is sooo sweet and charming…

    When I first saw the pinky swear pose, I thought it was mine and was fangirling, then I realized they were sitting and you made them. I still loooved them! I loved the flower poses too. Sooo many poses and so gorgeous. The looks on Griffin’s face while he pretended to be bored were so Dru like. And at the end he gave her the greatest gift of all, a family. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I already love this little love triangle. Which according to your banner possibly continues into teen years. Maybe a poly relationship? But do fairies share? Hmmm. A love triangle not unlike Ophelia/Finn/Benny or more likely like Dru/Lyanna/Sunflower in their dreams…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you so much!! ❤ ❤ Glad you love the kids already. And Fox definitely has that fae confidence that Lyanna lacked, LOL. He's very adventurous.

      Aww, I wish that was your pose, or even mine, but I got it off of Lana's! Same for the flower pose, LOL. Glad you thought they were cute anyway. ❤

      And eee, I love that you're invested in this love triangle already. As for sharing, it depends on the fae, though they're generally more open-minded than humans–and also tend to be more casual about romantic entanglements. Still, they're not known for their generosity either (without a price) and there's probably plenty of jealousy or competing just for the sake of competition–and backstabbing.

      Liked by 2 people

  11. Lani is adorable, no wonder the two boys like her. You just feel so sorry for her early on in the chapter and can feel her loneliness really coming through…even if thats all going to change and she may well wish for a bit of alone time in the future. Foxx is gorgeous so she’d better not ditch him….and Griffin, well he just comes across as a bit awkward one of those guys that are a bit off with you until you notice them and then when you do….they get all silly in love about it. So in short I hope she doesn’t ditch him either. In fact even this early on in you story, I don’t think Lani should think of it as a love triangle but more as polygamy (I am ever hopeful, girl power and all that!) Love the fact she’s getting adopted, I just wonder how much Griff actually had to do with it lol (Plus with Finn and Benny adopting her we get to see more of Finn and that is always a good thing :D)

    Liked by 4 people

    1. ❤ ❤ As much as Lani tries to accept the loneliness, humans (or even fae and vampires) just aren't meant for a lifetime of solitude. She craves the attention and contact for sure, even if she swears that breadcrumbs are enough.

      LOL, lots of calls for a poly relationship early on! And, well, two of them are fae, soooo… We'll see. 😉 It's good that she'll no longer be alone regardless, with two new dads in her life.

      That's a very good question about just how much Griffin influenced the adoption~ And there will definitely be more Finn in the future! 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  12. Wow this is an exciting start to the generation! Lani seems like a great kid, and I’m so glad Finn and Benny are gonna take care of her and love her. I’m so hyped!

    Also, I know something about ansestry and family relations, so I can confirm that Lani would be the boys adopted second cousin.

    Liked by 3 people

  13. *squeeing* Lani is so adorable, poor kid. It seems like things are looking up for her tho.

    I love the dynamic between her, Fox and Griff, and I’m excited to see where it goes. Also, now I know the context of that part of the banner.

    Liked by 2 people

  14. I was wondering (and hoping) you would continue this wonderful story, with the next generation. I’m so happy you decided to write on, with these entertaining families.

    I enjoyed the 1st generation, loved the 2nd generation, and look forward to a lot of laughs and tears with this 3rd generation.

    You have a wonderful imagination and are a very talented writer. I hope that even if you don’t continue writing Sims stories, that you continue writing. Hone your talent. You won’t regret it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaaa, thank you so much! I really appreciate you saying that, and I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying this oddball family saga so much. ❤ This story has really rekindled my love of writing, after unsuccessfully trying to get novels published. I hope one day to be brave (and skilled) enough to try again…

      I keep swearing every generation will be my last…but I can't say goodbye to these people (or their kids), damn it. So happy that you're not ready to say goodbye either. ❤ ❤


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