Chapter 98: Galatea

It didn’t take long to figure out what Bas’s pervy secret fetish was: feeding.

He was always cooking me new recipes, some he obviously got from Daisy. Cooking in his underwear, if he wore anything at all. (And he did, after I ordered him to.) He probably spent more time at my house than he did back at his apartment…

I sank into a chair at the kitchen table–I was so tired all the time lately, probably because of all that weird fae-tree crap, so I hadn’t even bothered with many auditions. Not that anyone would hire me with the pounds I was packing on. “Could you maybe choose something low-cal this time…?”

“Fish is plenty low-cal,” he said.

“Yeah, not when you add all the sauces or breading or whatever the hell you have to add to make it taste like not-fish.”

“If you have to cover up the taste of the fish, you’re doing it wrong, Gal. You’ll see.”

He was such a dork. He was making some noodly bullshit for himself, but hell if I was eating all those carbs. How’d he keep his body like that when he ate the way he did…?

“It’s not safe to cook without clothes,” I said. Again.

“I’ll be careful.”

“Don’t blame me if you spill boiling ramen broth all over your dick and can never be a father.”

“I won’t.” He set two plates down on the table–well, a plate for me and a bowl for him. “Now take just one bite of this…”

“Raw fish? Seriously? I know what it’s gonna taste like: raw fish.” Where were Trash, Garbage and Rubbish when I needed them?

But I took a couple bites, just to make him happy. He deserved that much.

And god, did he look cute when he was happy…

Luckily, I was saved from further raw fish torture by a very sneaky Rubbish, who’d evolved into his final ugly-ass form.

If Bas wasn’t stuffing me full of food, he was pulling me into bed. (And then stuffing me full of Bas.)

“Easy on the tits,” I said. “They’re not a couple of dead fish that you slice into disgusting raw slivers and then try to feed your girlfriend.”

“Thought you liked it.” He laughed–and squeezed. “Damn, it’s like they’re growing.”

“They are growing, because they’re basically fat-sacks, and I keep getting fatter.”

“Thicker,” he corrected me.

“Don’t even start.” Oh my god, he was like Rubbish with the freaking catnip mouse. Why were they so fucking tender anyway? Was it about that time? When was the last time…?

I swatted his hand away. “Fuck-fuck-fuck-FUCK. Bas, I’m late. Really, really late. Months late.”

“Late for what?”

“For my PERIOD.”

“Oh. Oh. Well, uh…” Seriously, was that all he could say right now?

“Holy fuck, Bas, I could be pregnant. Pregnant. Me.”

“That’s, uh, not the worst thing that could happen…”


He took my face in his hand, even though I was ready to rip it clean off his body for mauling my tits and probably putting a fucking baby in my fat belly. “A little early, sure, but I always wanted to be a dad, you know? Got a little saved up…”

How could he think that money was the problem and not–not the fucking mother?

“You don’t understand, Bas. You just don’t understand.”

“I’m not gonna walk out on you, Gal.”

Easy for him to say that now.

“Just forget it. Periods can be irregular, or maybe I have cancer, or just…it could be a million different things. So go home for once, okay?”


But he went home–and I went straight to the convenience store and then right back home, even though I was sorely tempted by a taco truck.

…Was that a sign I was pregnant? But not-pregnant people wanted tacos all the time, especially fat not-pregnant people.

I should’ve known better…

Okay, maybe it was a fluke. These things could have false positives, right? And if it wasn’t, pregnant women weren’t supposed to eat sushi for some reason, and maybe that reason was because it killed unborn babies or some shit. Problem solved.

Or maybe I could get rid of it without Bas finding out. Or…break up with him, pop the little fucker out, and drop it in Finn’s lap like a hot potato. If he married a guy, maybe he’d be grateful for it, and it could be his little gayby or whatever.

But it bothered me to know there’d be a little piece of me out there somewhere, sucking life and happiness out of the world.

…It could still be a fluke, right?

I had to tell Bas. I couldn’t tell Bas. If he knew, he would never let me…do what I needed to do. It was for the little fucker’s own good. He’d just have to understand.


“How the hell’d you get in here?”

“Private eye, remember? And, uh, you left your back door unlocked…”

“Here,” I said, forcing the stupid pee-stick into his hand. “I guess you deserve to know, since you did this to me.”

He accepted it and coughed. “Uh, Strider family tradition with run-down motels…”

…It would’ve had to have been around that first time. I’d started taking the pill after that, but it wasn’t like I’d needed it back then, and apparently Bas just assumed instead of running out for a fucking condom.

“I have to get rid of it,” I said. “I have to.”

“You’d–you’d kill it? Our kid?”

“It’s not a kid, it’s a fetus. And I don’t want to kill it, I just want to launch it into the sun and never have to think about it ever again.” My voice kept rising until I sounded hysterical. “I can’t be a mom, Bas. I can’t. I’ll fuck it up and it’ll hate me and then it’ll hate itself and then it’ll grow up to be a shitty parent too, and now it’s like this whole big endless cycle of shit…”

“I don’t believe that, Gal. I think–I think you’d be a great mom.” He let out a deep breath. “But…it’s your decision to make, and I’ll support you whatever you choose.”

“…Why are you so fucking perfect?” Unlike me, I could see him being a parent. The perfect dad that every kid wanted to have.

He slung an arm around my fatter-by-the-day body. “Nobody’s perfect,” he said quietly. “But I love you, and I want you to be happy.”

Shit. My vision was getting blurry. “How the fuck am I supposed to become a baby-killer now?”

He just held me. “Whatever you decide, you’re still the woman I love.”

God, what did I do to deserve him? And was there any way to actually kick him hard enough to send his hairy giant puppydog self running away forever?

Probably not. And…maybe he’d cancel me out with his sheer Bas-ness. I could see him calmly listening to some rebellious asswipe of a teenage son after he pulled some stupid shit for attention–just like his mom. A kid like that would need a dad like him to turn out okay.

“…Fine,” I said, my heart lifting the tiniest bit. “I’ll keep the stupid fucking thing. But you have to feed it and take it for walks.”

“…I love you, Gal.”

For a moment, I didn’t say anything. “I guess I love you too…but don’t let it go to your head.”

I didn’t slap his hand away when it went to my stomach. At least we’d be stuck in this shithole together…and with him, maybe there was a chance of climbing out of it.

40 thoughts on “Chapter 98: Galatea

  1. Aww Gal I knew you’d be next for some reason. 😈 (It’s always the crazy ones, ya know?)

    Hopefully I can find another place to use the words “sushi abortion” now.

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Yaaaaas! The moment she mentioned gaining weight, I knew 😂 Bring on the nooboos!

    Bas is right… the Strider family tradition lives on! Haha I feel bad for Gal though. Clearly this isn’t something she wanted this soon. But at least Bas is being so supportive. These two balance each other out and make a great team. I think they’ll be okay, and Gal will be a much better mother than she thinks she’ll be ❤️

    Will there be any wedding bells any time soon now? Gotta make an honest woman out of her, Bas! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ahh, mysterious weight gain, the #2 pregnancy giveaway in simlit. 😉 (#1 is feeling sick, of course.)

      Damn that Strider family tradition. It definitely wasn’t what she wanted so soon–or at all, but that could be fear speaking–but she has Bas. Gal as a mother should be…interesting, at any rate.

      LOL, Bas will want to marry her ASAP.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. GASP.
    I’m so pleased the Strider family tradition continues! ❤️❤️❤️

    Also RUBBISH final evolution! ❤️

    Oh Gal, being SO GAL; could have been worse? Thank Goddess she has a loving, supportive partner to help her through her initial round of “oh shits” 🤗

    She’s right tho; if any sim guy ever born deserved the title of Perfect, it’s Bas! That man is a saint, and looks so very very amazing with no shirt on 😍

    And aww, the ilus happening at a more appropriate time than boom boom! ❤️

    As pleased as I am for them in all this, however, the visual of Gal unceremoniously dropping a newborn in Finn’s lap then stomping off makes me cackle 😈

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Some family traditions are beautiful…! rofl.

      Fully evolved Rubbish cracks me up every time. Props to Cement’s Tugg, his hilarious-looking daddy.

      Gal really lucked out having Bas to help her through the initial freakout–and the freakouts that will inevitably follow. 😉 LOL, Bas the Perfect.

      Def a more appropriate ilu time. 😉 And rofl, can you imagine Finn’s face…?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. GAS is PREGGERS!!!!

    Poor Gal feeling insecure about her parenting skills. But Bas…omg. Could he be any more perfect? Such a sweet guy. I love him so much! ❤

    I should have known where this was headed when she was complaining about getting fatter, I mean, thicker. (Bas–you're so sweet!)

    And yes, he'll be a great dad, but I just bet Gal will surprise herself and be the best mom ever IN SPITE of her upbringing. Can't wait to see the little munchkins. They're such a cute family already. (Rubbish, though…very ugly cat. So ugly he's CUTE! <3)

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Incoming Gas baby!

      Bas really is the sweetest dude. Even if he’d want the baby more than anything, he’d still put her first.

      And yeah, guess Bas wasn’t fattening her up that much. (Maybe a little? But hey, she’s eating for two now.)

      LOL, ugly-cute Rubbish… And Gal will be an interesting mom, that’s for sure~

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  5. “Okay, maybe it was a fluke.” Yeah, that was what I thought after I got 6 immediately-positive pregnancy tests too 💁🏼‍♀️

    I feel sorry for Gal and I totally support people doing whatever they want with their bodies, but I also think her being pregnant is kind of a great catalyst for becoming more secure in herself (although purposefully having nooboos to solve problems generally seems to create more problems)

    And oooooooh, generation three!! Bas will make a great Dad. You matched up everyone so perfectly – like I never considered Ophelia and Rhys before, but they do obviously share a flare for the dramatic (and BDSM)

    I always get especially excited when there’s a Galatea chapter ❤️

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Also, in the very first screenshot – how the heck did you get those half walls in the middle of the wall? I love building stuff but Sims4 building tools still confuse me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh man, I wish I build that house! It’s gorgeous and I’d totally live there.

        I think I’ve managed to do half-walls like that by laying down normal walls first, then knocking down a couple and selecting the half wall tool and filling it in. Both times, you have to select the tool that lets you lay down the walls without creating a room though. Man, I’m so bad at describing stuff! 😱

        Liked by 1 person

    2. LOL, it can still be a fluke, right? …Okay, maybe not.

      And yeah, deliberately having babies to try to fix a relationship or other questionable reasons almost always makes things worse. But this does have the potential to make her–and her relationship with Bas–stronger.

      I’m so excited for gen 3! I’m currently working on the third chapter…I’m starting out with 4 girls, something I haven’t done before.

      And eee, I love that you love Gal chapters! ❤ ❤ She's my favorite to write~

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I almost got distracted from the Bas Gal pregnancy debacle from laughing at this: “Luckily, I was saved from further raw fish torture by a very sneaky Rubbish, who’d evolved into his final ugly-ass form.” 😂😂😂. Animals are supposed to be so ugly they are cute….but you figured out to just make them creepy! Congrats!

    But congrats go to the least likely person to become a parent in this story…as soon as she said she was tired…and then fat-ter….and then….yes! And all those pregnancy tests…so very Gal.

    Bas❤️❤️❤️ Her hairy giant puppy dog….he’s so perfect for her. She is right – he balances her out.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Awwwwww, I couldn’t wait to see what you had to say about Rubbish! 😈 Seriously, your comments about the ugly-ass Fangs animals have left me cackling. So glad Cats & Dogs came out when it did.

      Gal totally should’ve realized she was pregnant earlier, but there’s no way she’d even consider the possibility until it became too obvious to ignore. Very Gal. 😉

      She really lucked out with Bas. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Nooboos WitcHazard: I knew there’d be Nooboos! Yes! Make more! Gal good head on your shoulders even if you couldn’t take care of the precious child giving it to a loving home is the best next thing!

    Dark WitcHazard: I nice taste of misery before Gas gets all mainstream happy! Thanks for the sip!

    Lover WitcHazard: So you hopped on that Dick when you weren’t on the pill, didn’t think about him wearing a condom,and you let him 🥜 inside you but didn’t think you’d get pregnant! Thanks a darn shame!

    Shipper WitcHazard: She said I love and you in the same sentence itcountsno takr backs!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha, I would’ve been shocked and disappointed if Nooboos didn’t make an appearance today. ❤ ❤

      LOL, and a little misery for Dark too…

      Gal wasn't exactly thinking straight the first time she got Bas alone in a motel, rofl. And it was her first time and she didn't want him to know, whoops. And Bas sure as hell didn't ask or offer…

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Gal is so lucky, I’m glad she realizes it! Bas is going to make such an amazing father, and I really hope Gal is able to settle into that life and not run away from it… She seems the sort who would get terrified and flee! OH MAN I can’t wait until Isra and Graham find out, too!

    Also, side note, Gal is so fucking beautiful, I can’t handle it 😭😍

    Liked by 3 people

    1. ❤ ❤ ❤

      She's really lucky–and she knows it. Bas will be a great dad. It's funny, I initially planned on her going through with one of her panic-induced, harebrained schemes, where she'd dump Bas without ever telling him she was pregnant (and then Bas would find out later somehow), but…that's not who she is anymore.

      She's skittish, but Bas is able to help her through her shit now. Also, we're near the end and things should be calming down, not revving up, LOL.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I agree! And I’m glad for that. Gal has grown so much, and that’s what matters! She still shows signs of who she was, with her panicking a bit, but that’s natural 😀 I can picture her doing that several times even after the kid is born xD
        But I also bet she’ll love it, because let’s be real – nothing is uglier than newborns…

        Liked by 2 people

  9. Gal’s reaction to an oopsie baby is pretty much 100% on point. I am married and have a house and a job and all that “adult” bullshit, but hell, I would react exactly the same way. Thank you Lobster, for the most realistic interpretation of an unexpected pregnancy I have ever seen in simlit! 😀

    Liked by 4 people

      1. I get the feeling they will but also the feeling they won’t. I don’t know. I could see both happening. Theory: Gal has twins and one hides it while the other doesn’t so no one can really tell they’re actually twins. xD

        Liked by 1 person

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