Chapter 96: Benedict

My anger at Finn should’ve lasted longer than it did. He made a fool out of me, hiring me as a butler for a man who didn’t exist–and for months.

Why? It didn’t matter–I would never forgive him.

And yet…I waited for him to return to Fangs Island. To explain, to apologize again. To beg for my forgiveness.

But days turned into weeks, with no sign of his return.

“Finn disappeared,” I told Ophelia. “He admitted his wrongdoings and disappeared.”

“If you’re so mad at him,” she said, “wouldn’t you want him to disappear forever?”

“Y-yes, but…he should apologize. Again. Until I’m not mad anymore.”

“Finn isn’t good with fights, Benny,” she said sadly. “He’ll retreat instead of pushing. If you want to see him again, you’ll have to seek him out…”

The last time we fought, I hadn’t seen him in years. “Who says I want to see him?”


“He–he probably toyed with me as Leonidas, all those years ago. Laughed at me, as I remained ignorant of his true identity…”

“In ButlerQuest?” Ophelia said. “Finn never played–I tried to get him into it once, but he doesn’t like multiplayer games. I think I got his sister to play though, after I noticed her dark, terrible crush on Leo. ”

“Finn never played ButlerQuest…?” And someone on this earth had feelings for Leopold?

Leopold…Leonidas… Then… Could Mr. Strider have gotten it wrong–and was it Gabriella Straud, not Finn, who played my long-ago love?

“Sorry Benny,” she said. “I have to go–I disobeyed three of Lord Blackthorne’s direct orders. Eheheh…”

If Finn wasn’t Leonidas…why did I still want to see him? Why did I still feel as though I owed him any loyalty at all?

And why, when I cast aside my anger, could I picture him as the butler of my dreams?

Well, if he wouldn’t come to me…maybe I could go to him. And demand another apology.

For some reason, when I passed the coffee shop I’d loathed working at so much, I thought not of the permanent stench of that bitter liquid or the endless persnickety orders, but of Finn passing by every day.

…How long after I’d gotten the job had he moved into the apartment above my workplace?

“And when those braces come off and your fangs come down,” he’d once said to me, “I think it’d feel really good to kiss you.”

Had he pined for me all this time? Surely there were more productive uses of his time–and I couldn’t imagine anyone pining for me. I’d been a smelly teenager whose fangs were hopelessly stuck in his gums…and as an adult, I was a pathetic wannabe butler.

But when I knocked on his door, I found myself wondering how it would feel to kiss him.

But no matter how long I waited, he didn’t answer.

I came back the next day and the next, to no avail.

Where else could he be? Mother had said he was no longer staying with his father–probably because his houseboat was so close to Fangs Island.

Where else…?

I had my suspicions–and then, an idea.

I’d forgotten to return the key to my old workplace to Miles Bingham-Long–or whatever his real name might be.

“Benny?” Finn said. “What are you doing here…?”

“I…I wanted to see you.”

He only looked at me as I tilted his chin upward.

And then he wrapped his arms around my waist. “I–I thought you’d never want to see me again.” His voice was muffled, but I could still make out the words–and the emotion behind them.

When I made him look at me again, thoughts of kissing him invaded my mind. He was a beautiful man, his blue eyes so striking against his pale skin. (Skin untainted by Voidcritter tattoos.)

Why had it taken me so long to see him in a different light? Maybe I needed a new glasses prescription.

“Of course I’d want to see you again,” I said. “And…we have unfinished business.”

“We do?”

“You paid for a butler’s services,” I said formally, “now allow me to serve you…”

It was strange, to see Finn caught so off-guard. “What–what about Hamlet? And your father–Benny, it’s too soon…”

“Hamlet and I are no longer together.” Hadn’t I told him that, or had I only complained about my mother and Leopold? “And…my father wanted me to be happy. You make me happy, Finn.”

He responded by kissing my white-gloved hand.

And I responded by kissing him.

And then…I proceeded to serve him to the best of my ability.

“…Easy on the fangs, Benny.”

Maybe it would’ve been easier if my fangs had never dropped.

I very much enjoyed the sounds Finn made, as well as certain other things it would be improper for a butler to mention…

I wiped my mouth (with a handkerchief, not the back of my white glove) and looked up at him. “…It was a pleasure to serve you, Master Straud.”

“…Master Straud?”

A needle of fear pierced by unbeating heart. “You don’t like it?”

“It’s just–that’s what butlers always called my dad. But…I don’t mind it.” He smiled. “One of the perils of loving a butler.”

Loving a butler…

“…Shall we retire to the master suite?”

“…I think I’d like that, Benny.”

It was awkward, at first. I’d never been with anyone but Hamlet…and Hamlet enjoyed doing things a certain way. His body was different too, whereas Finn’s was as unmarred and burnished as the 20-foot bronze butler statue that a successful alumnus had gifted to the Blackwell-Lyons Butler Academy and Finishing School.

I never had the courage to suggest this to Hamlet, especially when he’d seemed slightly intimidated by the sheer size of my family curse, but Finn…Finn was different. I didn’t have to hide anything from him. “Are you sure you don’t mind…? Am I hurting you?”

“You–you don’t have to worry about that. I’m a vampire. And…I definitely don’t mind.”

And then there were no more questions…

…For a time. I’d now experienced two very different but equally appealing types of pleasures, and all I knew for certain was that I’d very much like to see Finn in a butler uniform. “I’m not sure which I prefer…”

“You don’t have to–choose, Benny,” he said. “Not–with me.”

How pleasantly accommodating…he had the nature of a butler, if not the uniform and training.

But even if he never donned the uniform–and especially if he donned nothing at all–I would want him, I realized.

As a friend. As a lover. As Finn.

This time, I wouldn’t let him go.

25 thoughts on “Chapter 96: Benedict

  1. 😍😍😮❤💙💚💛💜🖤💖💕👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍😋😋😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    (Cannot find the pride flag emoji on my phone, SIGH)

    Finn is a Straud. Certainly he couldn’t have a fear of big Blackwell weens if he ever walked onto his dad’s sets. There’d be bigger ones there probably.

    Ugh I’m just so proud of these two. Benny went in with no fear. What did you do to my gay loser? 😛

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  2. Wow, Benny also inherited his mother’s thing for a little role play, huh? 😂 Him and Ophelia crack me up.

    It was very sweet (and refreshing!) to see Benny finally suck it up (ew wait, no, poor choice of words 😂) and go seek out Finn. They both really needed each other so much after everything that’s happened. ❤️ I love seeing them both happy!

    (But I still hope that somewhere offscreen, Hamlet has found an adorkable nerd to love him — tattoos and all!)

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    1. LOL, the roleplay thing must be hereditary! Well, maybe not Leo. Not that he’d turn down Daisy if she asked…

      Benny sucked it up, all right. 😈 And they’ve both found some happiness after a lot of loneliness.

      I do love Hamlet. ❤ As for whether we'll see him again, hmm…

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      1. He most certainly did 😂 Once I typed those words, I knew I just had to roll with it 😂 I am sure Finn appreciated both manners of sucking up 😈

        And as for Ham… Aww… I hope we do ❤️ (why do I always get so attached to your side people? First HGR, now Ham! Haha)

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  3. Ahhhh!


    Sigh. That was amazing. Now that the walls are down, they’re able to really see how much they mean to each other.

    I love how Benny “served” Finn first. (And he has problems with his fangs like his uncle) 😛

    Yay for Ophelia’s first hand knowledge about Finn’s personality. I laughed when Benny was going to force an apology but when he got there, he melted right into Finn’s arms.

    And now I’m off to read it again! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ I knew you'd be rooting for your boy! And your ship. 😉 I'm glad it didn't disappoint!

      Benny finally realized that not everything is about him all the time, even if Finn messed up badly–and that maybe intentions do matter more than the deception itself. He wasn't going to repeat his teenage mistake.

      LOL, if Benny had found Finn at his apartment, he might've tried to force an apology. Or maybe he'd have succumbed to Finn's sad puppy face. 😉

      ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. Disobeyed three of Lord Blackthorne’s direct orders, eh, Ophelia? 😈
    What’s that about?! (I’m sure we’ll find out soon ehehehehehe)

    Always nice to see these kids talking to their siblings to work shit out; no matter how dysfunctional they may seem at times, they still turn to each other in times of need ❤️

    All that pent up anger, Benny! I’m glad you found a constructive way to “work” it out of your system 😎
    And once again I’m reminded how much better Binny is than Eggs Benedict; Benny can be himself in ways he could never be with Ham (physically even 😮)

    I mean, I’m sure they got crap to talk about etc, but skree! I have high hopes! 😍

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    1. LOL, Benny doesn’t even think to ask about Ophelia’s weirdness. (Okay, he realllly doesn’t want to know, LOL.)

      It’s good he has his little sister, though! Without her, he and Finn might never have reconnected. ❤

      ROFL, yeah, Benny found a way to let off steam. 😉 And Hamlet was sweet, but Benny was always a bit skittish around him. He's a lot more comfortable with Finn. (I just started writing cumfortable, what.)

      ❤ ❤

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  5. I love me some gay vampire (fanfiction) SimLit ❤️

    Hmm, everyone seems to be getting a happy ending right now – I feel like either something kind of bad is going to happen or this generation will finish soon 😭

    Do you have an idea of what you want to do after this generation ends? If you want to do a vote I vote for gen 3 😁

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    1. ❤ ❤ ❤

      There may be a couple more bumps in the road~ But we're very, very close to the end!

      Right now, I'm planning to jump right into gen 3 at the end of this gen. I was considering for seasons, but I think I can manage without it for now. I already have the first chapter done, and unless my math is off, it'll debut July 2nd!

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  6. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Bennnny! I’m so proud 😭 Finn was so cute in this chapter, but Benny was so confident and I love them! And for once Benny wasn’t flipping out about his mom! Maybe a bit of naked Finn was all he needed to chill 🤔

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  7. Binny! Benny looks so different without his glasses. Very handsome. And Finn. I have always loved his sweet puppy dog face. Glad Ophelia cleared up butler quest for him…lol…and told him to go after Finn. She knows Finn very well after all…

    When I saw it was a Benny chapter and 3 Lobsters I fist pumped! Lol….not because of 3 Lobsters but because I knew it must mean they finally got their happy endings. Well, Finn got his first…😂😂😂

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    1. LOL, I’m always a little sad about having to do the warnings because it can spoil things, but at the same time I’m glad it drums up a bit of excitement! ❤ And better to be safe than not-spoiled.

      Ophelia's always happy to help. 😉 And Benny does look a lot different without his glasses, like Gal. And yet somehow he looks different from Leo!

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  8. Lover WitcHazard: The third best way to have sex Make up Sex! It totally should have happened sooner but atleast no more blue balls for Finn! Binny is a go! Although if you were so confident to come get some Benny I’m shocked you didn’t wear sexy butler attire trench coat and a bow tie! Nothing else! But this works too!

    Dark WitcHazard: All my favorite misery characters are getting a life and movie Big on Ugh now I have to wait till gen 3 to get more miserable pawns for the slaughter! 😫

    Shipper WitcHazard: Eeeeekkkkkkk! Another sailing ship oh what joy! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊!!!!!

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    1. ROFL, sorry Dark. A bit less misery from here on out…but next gen will roll around soon enough, I promise. 😉

      Now I’m curious what the first two best ways are. 🤔 And Benny will be happy to wear sexy butler attire in the future. 🧐

      More ships to sail soon…!

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