Chapter 84: Galatea

I let Bas’s weird little roommate have Mom’s (or Dad’s) summer home, along with that catboy actor guy and my uncle. The latter obviously wasn’t in the greatest shape, and it wasn’t like we could take him to a human hospital to recuperate.

So Bas and I hightailed it back home, stopping at a cheap motel on the way. “I’ll, uh, rent us a room,” Bas said. “Unless you want your own…?”

“One’s fine,” I said. “I’m kind of unemployed right now, and an actress never really knows when her next gig is coming.”

“I could cover you…?”

“Nah.” Take a hint, idiot.

He sure hauled ass to the motel’s office after that, so maybe he did.

While Bas was busy checking us in, I decided to call my mom. “So, I guess we kind of rescued your brother. He’s in the summer home, in case you were wondering.”

I expected to hear tears of joy or some shit, maybe, but all I got in response was: “I know; he’s my twin.”

Huh. Well, that was that.

“Hey,” Bas said a couple minutes after I hung up. “Got us a room.”

“Must’ve gotten a hell of a deal,” I said, “with a shit-eating grin like that.”

Bas was pretty cute when he blushed. He was pretty cute in general, when he wasn’t busy being hot and mostly naked.

I followed him into a tiny, dingy room (after he apparently got so excited he dropped the key).

“Home, sweet home,” he said.

“God, I hope not.”

I had a nice, big house back in Starlight Shores waiting for me, along with three cats. This room looked like it hadn’t been updated in decades–or cleaned in the last month or two.

He plopped into a chair by the window. “What a week,” he said. “Or however long it was. Just wanna sit down, pull off these pants and relax.”

I sidled up to the chair, laying my hands on his shoulders. “Is that all you feel like doing?”

“You, uh, got any better ideas…?”

“Lose the pants,” I said decisively. “But forget the relaxing part.”

He grinned. “Sounds like the start of a good plan to me…”

For a moment, we just looked at each other. And then he patted his lap. “Sit here?”

“I’m not a cat,” I muttered. “And I’ll crush you.”

“I like to think of myself as pretty durable.” He pulled me toward him–and then onto him.

“…I should shower first.”

“First? Before, uh, what?”

“Before we fuck.”

He let out a nervous laugh. “You–you don’t have to. Not if you’re just trying to make me happy, or pay me back, or…or any reason at all.”

“God, Bas, I want to fuck you, okay? A girl has needs too. …And I like you.”



“Well, in that case…shower fast.”

Yeahhh, I wasn’t sure how clean I was going to get in this particular bathroom.

And fuck if I was reapplying my makeup again afterward. If Bas was going to see my naked body, he might as well see my naked face too. It wasn’t like I was walking the red carpet–and he was lucky to get to walk the turquoise one.

…Was I really doing this? Here, in this shitty motel room? Now…?

“You look like a giant wad of chewed up gum,” I muttered to the mirror. “And you’re even worse on the inside. How could a guy like him want to fuck you?”

For a second, it was like I was back in that nightmare dump again.

Bas was sitting on the bed expectantly when I came out of the bathroom, like a dog waiting for his owner to feed him.

But his expression changed the moment he laid eyes on me. “Gal, no…”

“What, your boner run away while I was gone?”

Fuck, why did I always make his face look like that? “You don’t need that…whatever that fae magic is,” he said, his voice strained. “You’re beautiful.”

“It’s a glamour,” I said, “and I wouldn’t be able to walk around in public without one. Is it a fetish or something–like, you can’t get off unless I’m fat? Is that the only reason you’re even into me?”

“It kills me to see you like this,” he whispered.

“Because I’m not fat?”

“Because you’re hurting yourself. Because I’m attracted to you, not the woman you think you have to be. I just wish you could see what I see.”

“You walked away from me once,” I said slowly. “Why not just do it again?”

“Because,” he said, getting as close to me as he could, “I regretted it ever since. I just…I couldn’t watch you tear yourself apart from the inside. I couldn’t make you happy.”

My anger deflated like a shitty clown’s balloon. “…It’s not your job to make me happy now–you’re my boyfriend, not my therapist. Sometimes I’ll never be happy, and sometimes I’ll just hate myself for no reason–and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Are you okay with that? Because if you’re not…”

“…I just wanna be with you, Gal, no matter what. And wait–boyfriend?”

“You think I fuck just anybody?”

“So, uh…that part’s still on?” He coughed. “Because, uh, with the arguing, and if you need some more time to, you know, feel better…”

“My parents angry-fucked all the time.” Okay, they probably weren’t the best role models. Or role models at all. “And it’s still on, if you’re cool with putting up with my shit.”

“…I am,” he said in a low voice, right before I kissed him.

I’d schedule another appointment with Dr. Puck when I got home. But right now, I was pretty sure Bas fucking the shit out of me would make me feel pretty good.

“So, uh,” he said, “what part of you do I need to squeeze to make you go back to normal?”

“Ugh, fine,” I said, but I was laughing.

The laughter made me feel better too. My altered glamour gave way to my usual one, and Bas’s smile…well, I guess I could understand why someone would care so much about making someone else happy, if they had a smile like that.

He pulled me onto the bed next to him–and went straight for my underwear. Funny, most guys would probably go for the bra first.

“I can’t get over how blue–turquoise–it is,” he blurted.

“You’re into some really weird shit, you know that?”

It was kind of hilarious to see a grown-ass hairy man get as excited as a vampire kid in a blood bank. “…Lemme, uh, warm up your engine…?”

“What a gentleman.” Which was true, because it’s not like the guys in Dad’s movies ever bothered.

“Uh, tell me if I’m being too rough…”

I didn’t have to tell him anything–I should probably write a thank-you note to one of his ex-girlfriends, who had apparently taught him where the damn clit is.

I’d been kicking myself for calling him my boyfriend out of nowhere–couldn’t we just hook up like normal people our age?–but maybe I could get used to this…

Yeah, I could definitely get used to this. I’d never really paid much attention to hands before, but I liked his–not just how they felt, but how they looked, too: strong and masculine as the rest of him.


God, he’d already worn me out. “What do you want, a medal?” I cursed inwardly the second I said it. He was sweet–probably the sweetest guy I’d ever known–and here I was, still giving him shit. He deserved so much more. “Lie back,” I ordered him as I slid off the bed. “I’ll let you relax like you wanted.”

Ugh, mounting a big, sweaty, hairy man was way harder than it looked in Dad’s bullshit movies. Come on, it’s not like you’re assembling a chair from IKEA. My breath hissed through my teeth. “There, fuck,” I managed.

“Holy shit,” Bas breathed.

And I’d only just gotten started.

We hit a snag when he tried to get my bra off. “…Damn, who the hell soldered you into this thing?”

“It’s heavily fortified, okay?” I said. “It has a lot to hold in.”

But I helped him out. He tried so hard and cared so much…I could take care of him too, just this once.

God, when I caught him looking at me…how could anyone look at me like that? Like I was all they ever wanted. Like he’d die if I told him to fuck off forever.

I didn’t want to hurt him, not really. So I tried to make him feel good instead.

I thought it was pretty good, as far as fucks go.

He was panting by the end–and sweating even more. “…Hey, uh, Gal? Is it your, you know…lady-time? I mean, if it is, that’s cool–we can just throw down a towel next time…”

“Nah,” I said. “Why?”

“Because there’s a pretty big red stain on the covers now, and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t one of the stains that was already there…”

“Congrats,” I said. “You just deflowered your first fae.”

His eyes practically bugged out of his head. “…What?”

Great. He better not make a big deal out of it.


32 thoughts on “Chapter 84: Galatea

  1. She sure knows how to get around the bedroom for a first-timer. But oh yeah. Daddies porn. Bahahahaaaa!

    Loved all the faces Bas made. And CUTE! He wanted HER. All of her. (I think she looks better that way anyway. I’m in total agreement with Bas. She looked too much like Isla skinny.)

    That was our first fuck and I enjoyed it immensely. Laughed all the way through it. Great job!

    I’m awaiting more deflowering…(Daisy? Tee hee!)

    Liked by 5 people

    1. LOL, she tried to fake her practical knowledge as best she could. And it seemed to work, since it caught Bas by surprise until the end…!

      Bas’s faces. ❤ ❤ And I agree with you and Bas–I like her normal appearance better. But hopefully she'll get more comfortable the longer she's with him.

      Eee, so glad you enjoyed it! It was the first official Big Bang of Fangs, unless you count Ophelia x Finn and Hamlet x Benny. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      1. First official couple bang…those others were just warm ups!!! These COUNT! I’m sooooo looking forward to ALL of the Fangs bangs.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. (Okay before I go into my Gas-gushing, wtf Isla. 😂 I was just as surprised as Gal. Can’t wait for more on that front…)

    In other news, eee! ^_^ I love that Bas was able to make Gal feel wanted — the way she is. She needed that so much. I could 100% relate to her (well, in most of her chapters, but this one especially haha). I loved how real their sex felt too. These two are so sweet together. ❤️ 😍

    But I agree with Gal and hope Bas doesn’t flip out too much about the fact that he was her first. Whoops 😬 With all Gal’s big talk, how was he supposed to know though?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. More on Isla later… 😉 I know you’d love Isla and Graham chapters, LOL.

      Bas was definitely a good choice for Gal’s first–and this really was something she needed. Her first time could’ve been so horrible. 😱 I’m glad their sex felt realistic too! LOL. I know Fangs is a crazy comedy a lot of the time, but I think of these two as my most “normal” couple in some ways.

      Bas wasn’t supposed to know…that was the problem, rofl.

      Liked by 3 people

  3. Man I thought it would be daintier and more literal, like sparkly flower nectar gushing forth. It wouldn’t be very Gal-like but she wasn’t much of a typical fae to begin with.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. LOL, I’ve actually thought about this. (Help…) Gal wishes her periods involved glitter instead–then again, glitter gets everywhere.

      Also I thought it’d be funnier for poor Orlando if fae anatomy was more similar than it was different without him even realizing~

      Liked by 3 people

  4. Okay, I had to take a few extra laps around this chapter to fully absorb the GLORY of Gas taking it’s victory cruise around the bay… ADGSHKLKH… OMG (that was me dying) hold on to your nip nops, I fear there is many caps in your future 😬

    OMG, BAS WAS SO EXCITED! Dropping his keys, trying to be all casual and cool, failing to fool anyone (SQUEE)

    By the way, that motel room was a masterpiece… FAR grosser than the Daul room that came before it; I loved it! ❤️ The proud tradition of Strider men boning their ladies in a crappy rented room continues! (SO ROMANCE)

    I was a little worried there for a moment (on the first lap) when Gal started in on all the negative self talk, and then she came out looking all… WRONG but Bas handled it like a champ! (He’s going to need that skill)

    Is it just my imagination, or does it seem like she’s getting more self-aware? (DR RHYS WOULD BE PROUD) chastising herself for snapping at Bas (I swear that man is perfect), aww, it’s okay Gal, he won’t scare that easily (because perfect)!

    The look on his face when he found out he was the first to water her womanly (turquoise) garden AHH. I die again. That’s right, you’re a lucky man, Sebastian!

    Sweet, and cute, and a bit funny, and HOT, and made me all giddy and I can’t wait to see how they progress!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

      Aaaaaa, it was so hard to keep this from you for a month, rofl. And I was so worried it'd be a disappointment. So I'm glad it's apparently the opposite. ❤ ❤

      I loved Bas's faces–normally the goofy-ass perma-grin in this game just looks wrong, but it works for Byron and then Bas around Gal.

      I spent a lot of time browsing motels on the gallery (I have a bunch saved to my library now) and then found the perfect one with this ugly brown room I added the vampire pack grungy details to, LOL. Sometimes I'll use different buildings/rooms for exterior and interior shots, but I wanted this to match, damn it.

      There was a chance things could've gone badly with Gal's insecurities, but…Bas is a steady, supportive presence. And Gal is definitely becoming more self-aware and trying to talk through things rather than burning everything to the ground. 😉

      ❤ ❤ ❤ Your giddiness is so infections, thank you!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. When I saw this was a Gal chapter and had three lobsters I was fist pumping! The. I was like crap….it needs to be a 5 lobster becase BAS! But you didn’t disappoint. Although we didn’t see Bas Ass, it was an awesome chapter and I loved it. Fang Bangedy Bang Bang! 😂😂😂

    Yes…Mounting your man that first time is a little hard and you did it like a pro! It will be easier from here on out. Yes, boyfriend, I don’t just fuck anybody. Apparently not! 😂

    Okay….now that Daisy is alone with the drooling vampire….maybe some more deflowering might occur? Fang Bangedy Bang Bang!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. ROFL, I try to be a little tricky with the lobster thermidors sometimes–their very presence can seem like a spoiler. Your comment had me cracking up. So glad you loved it. ❤ ❤

      Fang Bangedy Bang Bang, ROFL.

      Gal was determined to mount her man!! LOL. But practice makes perfect. 😉

      Hmmm, what will Daisy and Leo get up to while everyone’s gone?


  6. I just knew she was a virgin all this time! Yes, she’d talk this big game and acted like she would give out hand jobs to random dudes all the time but I knew her talk and actions were all just for show! Gal likes to keep people at arm’s length so it seemed strange for her to have sex, something so intimate, with men so easily. Though many people have casual hookups and see it as completely physical and don’t get attached, I didn’t think Gal was like that. As much as she shits on love and romance I know deep down she wants that for herself. I have always been a Gal fan so I’m very proud of the progress she is making. She had a few slip-ups but I’m happy she not allowing herself to slide back to that junkyard anymore. Plus she’s so gorgeous and sexy just the way she is. No glamour necessary, whether Bas had insisted or not. And Bas is one sexy ass tree to climb for the first time! I think I’ll set my jealousy aside and just be happy for our girl. 😀

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Apparently the only one Gal fooled is Bas! 😈 She was 100% talk–a little honesty could’ve gone a long way. At least she finally opened up to Bas (figuratively speaking) now…!

      But there was no way she’d share that level of intimacy with someone she didn’t completely trust, not when she hates feeling vulnerable so much. Hookups just wouldn’t work for her, you’re right.

      We all slip up sometimes, but Gal really does want to make progress (and climb that sexy-ass tree). ❤ ❤ And Bas totally agrees with you on the gorgeous and sexy part. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Oh , man . It’s so sad. I mean, it’s very sweet with so much potential for healing and actual reciprocal love, but that final line – what sadness it reveals for the little girl Gal never got to be .

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  8. Dark WitcHazard: Such a masterful bluff Gal! People get all in their head when you say it’s your first time they get in their heads and from my experience it fills the romance! I remember my first time I went in and handled it like a boss so much so he reached a paid me$300 because he thought I was a prostitute did I let him believe that for the next two weeks and got $3,000 out of him yes yes I did!

    Lover WitcHazard: These are the chapters I live for! Although the look on Bas’s makes me wonder what the heck the girls before Gal we’re doing!

    Nooboos WitcHazard: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 I don’t recall the use of protection Nooboos!!!!!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Yes this ship is consummated!🎊🎊🎊❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Anti Shipper: Great now all I can picture is tan hairy teenage boy with turquoise hair EVERYWHERE thank you Lobster that’s an imagine I really want in my head!😓

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ROFL. I guess Dark definitely has some war stories…

      And Lover’s going to be happy with all the upcoming lobster thermidor, apparently–and good catch, Nooboos. 😉

      LOL, one ship consummated among many. Aaaaaaa. As for Anti, lolllllllll. I’m sorry? ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  9. This is my favorite chapter
    I know I’ve said that before
    but this is it

    Gal’s changed so much, for the better! She will forever be my favorite character (though Dru is a close second), unless Gal/Bas babies happen (I’m imagining turquoise werewolves). Then the babies might take over the favorite spot.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ❤ ❤ Don't worry, I won't hold you to a favorite. 😉

      She has changed a lot! I remember back near the beginning people were (rightfully) afraid of her getting into a romantic relationship, but it seems like most people are onboard now. 😉 LOL, I wonder what you'd think of any possible Gal/Bas offspring who may appear next gen…

      Liked by 2 people

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