Chapter 74: Lyanna

After Mr. Duke told me he was leaving, I couldn’t think about anything else. Even losing my job couldn’t make things worse.

Sleep wouldn’t come to me; I would’ve taken Primrose for a midnight walk, but she was enjoying her dream. I needed air.

Why couldn’t I go with him? How could he leave without explaining? Didn’t our time together mean anything to him…?

I knew he loved me, no matter how many times he said he didn’t. Or was that just what I wanted to believe?

But he was so kind to me, so gentle when I needed it the most. I knew I could always rely on him, that he was always thinking of me, even if he was complaining about me in the same breath…

I had to find him. But where could he have gone…? How would I ever find him again…?

The night breeze rustled nearby flowers, stubborn ones that bloomed despite the drought.

You know where he is.

I immediately called Dru. Even if it was late, she was probably up punching things.

If I followed him, someone would have to take care of Primrose while I was away…unless I took her with me, but then I’d have to stop by Mom and Dad’s, and I didn’t want to burden Mom with having to take care of Primrose, or my silly boy problems…

But Dru didn’t pick up.

It was late, but she didn’t pick up the next day either.

So I ended up relying on a different family member to take care of Primrose…

“She’s really well-behaved,” I said. “I promise she’d be no trouble at all…”

“…I’m not certain the master of the house would appreciate canine fornication in his own kitchen,” Leopold said.

“Oh,” someone said softly. “It’s Batty’s friend.” My cousin Ophelia glided into the kitchen, still in mourning clothes.

“Your dogs have met, Ophelia?” Leopold asked.

“Batty gets so excited whenever we walk past Lyanna’s house. …Used to walk,” she corrected herself, a distant look in her eyes. “He must’ve missed her so much…look how much he loves her.”

“…Master Straud most certainly would never–”

“Never what?” Rhys interrupted; his voice had become instantly recognizable after him talking so much during makeup applications. “I’d be delighted to welcome any guest of your sister’s–two-legged or not.”

So that was one less thing to worry about while I searched for Mr. Duke…

Now the only hard part was finding him.

It hurt a little, not stopping by to say hi to my parents. But I had to do this…and soon. Why the urgency, though? I missed him, of course, but there was something else pushing me…

I found him exactly where I thought I would, in the ruins I’d always followed him to when I was little. He didn’t hear me creep up on him…

He was muttering to himself, as he always did when he was alone, but I couldn’t completely make out the words. Snippets drifted on the wind: “I can’t…no…must…weasel…”

I hid behind a crumbling pillar so he wouldn’t see me. He probably didn’t want to see me ever again…the pain of my teenage years returned in full force.

But I didn’t leave the ruins. I waited until nightfall (and even peed in a bush) and followed him when he left. To my surprise, he headed straight for my house…

…Where I found him talking with Dru.

Dru. Was this why she hadn’t answered the phone or responded to my texts? Were she and Mr. Duke…having an affair? Well, it couldn’t be an affair if Mr. Duke and I were never together, but…had he fallen for my sister?

I couldn’t blame him, not when Dru was so strong and independent.

I barely registered the addition of two more people. Maybe this wasn’t a late-night liaison after all, but I had to get closer. Why was Mr. Duke here?

…And why was that tree glowing?

And then my twin started going into the tree…

“Dru!” I yelled.

But she was already gone, swallowed by the darkness.

I’d wanted to find Mr. Duke…but she was my sister. She’d always be my sister.

So I followed her.

“Weasel,” Mr. Duke shouted. “Weasel, stay away from there!”

I loved Mr. Duke, I really did. But somehow, I knew I was meant to follow Dru no matter what.

And so I followed her into the strangest place I’d ever seen in my life, outside of a dream…

“Weasel, get back here at once!”

But why should I go back, when he didn’t want me…? He’d never wanted me…

But Dru had always wanted to be near me.

And then I got distracted by strange blue lights…

And Dru vanished.

But I’d find her again, I knew it…

This place was like a labyrinth in one of my old favorite stories, where a prince had to find a princess trapped in the center…

And there were traps and monsters and… I shuddered.

…Was that a door?

I’d always liked gardens, but this one was overgrown and poorly tended, filled with brambles and neglected stone statues of lonely fairies. The flowers had sharp thorns, but the blooms themselves were beautiful…and familiar, somehow.

But the deeper inside I got, the darker it became, the thorns sharper and the brambles thicker…

I wanted to call out…but the name I longed to say dissolved on my lips.

He doesn’t want you, Lyanna. He never will. Why won’t you understand that?

A thorn scratched my arm, but not deeply enough to draw blood. And then I wasn’t in the overgrown garden at all.

I stood before a palace surrounded by tranquil, vibrant gardens…so I went deeper. There was something here, something I needed to find. But I didn’t know what…

Turn back. This place was never meant for you.

But how could I leave such a beautiful place…? I felt like I was meant to be here all along.

And then I caught a glimpse of the strangest person I’d ever seen…

“My queen,” he said with a gentlemanly bow and a flutter of enormous butterfly wings. “It has taken you far too long to arrive here.”


“Naturally; for who else would suit a king as pure and good and generous as I? You belong at my side, and mine alone.”

But I had a reason I couldn’t be at his side. I belonged at someone else’s…but whose? I couldn’t remember anymore…

When he took my hand, I didn’t pull it away…

“You were a fool,” he said, his voice surprisingly cold for such a pretty face, “if you ever thought you were meant for a lesser fae.”

I felt like a princess in a fairy tale being whisked away…

But the air got colder the higher we rose, and soon I was shivering.

He finally deposited me close to the spires of the tallest towers of the palace…

“You little fool,” he said. “How could you have ever let him deceive you?”

“…Who?” I tried to think, but the harder I thought, the farther a certain name drifted away…

“No one,” he said. “You need only think of me.” He leaned in closer, but I involuntarily turned away.

He lifted my chin. “Why do you look so miserable, little fool? He never deserved you.”

“But I loved him,” I whispered. Loved who? “He was always the only one I wanted…”

“Silly human. You’ll soon forget him, just as you were meant to…” His lips came dangerously close to mine.

“Weasel,” someone yelled. The voice warmed my heart, as strained as it was. “Unhand her!”

“…And why should I do that, my friend? My only friend, my traitorous friend, my thieving friend…”

“Because,” pleaded the most beautiful man I’d ever seen, “I love her. I love her, and I want her for myself.”

The man holding me vanished, as if he’d never been there at all.

And then the other man landed beside me. “Don’t let those words go to your head,” he muttered. “I only sought to conquer my nightmare–”

And then I remembered everything. I knew exactly who he was–and how he felt. I threw myself at him without hesitation. “Mr. Landon!”

Weasel.” He looked away. “Lyanna.”

“I knew I could always rely on you,” I whispered. “I knew you loved me.”

“Mind the wings–they’re incredibly delicate. Must you hang all over me like a slug crossed with a sloth?”

“You loooove me,” I sang, like I was a little girl again.

He grunted. “I suppose I best shut you up the only way I know how…”

And he did.

Our first kiss might’ve only happened in a dream…but at least now I knew it was a dream we shared.

And when we woke from that dream, I pretended to sleep a little longer…

He didn’t seem to mind.

Don’t forget Dru. But something told me that Dru didn’t need my help, not yet. And it was only for a few more minutes…

24 thoughts on “Chapter 74: Lyanna

  1. Yaaaaaaaaas! #TeamWeasel is grinning from ear to ear over here. That was perfect. I loved seeing Orlando finally confront his fears and confess his feelings. About time! 😂 And the kiss was perfect (especially with Orlando in his true form. Even better!)

    Just hoping that this finally-officially-sailing ship does not distract Lyanna from helping Dru… assuming she needs it. Maybe she really will be fine? Hmm…

    Also, ahhhh I’ve been waiting so long for HGR to get some action with Primrose 😂 Hard to say which ship I’m actually happier about 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lyanna and Orlando’s ship finally got some much-needed wind in their sails. 😉 And of course Lyanna loved his true form.

      Damn, the next Dru chapter won’t be for a couple weeks. 😱 But hey, Lyanna has faith in her sister and she totally isn’t distracted by a hot butterfly dude…!

      HGR x Primrose, the true best ship this gen.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved how Dream Darius sounded exactly like Orlando.

    What a gorgeous dream! And that castle! WOW!!!

    Now, I wonder if Orlando stopped Lyanna from following Dru by putting her into his dream? I know Dru is off seeking Darius and she’s with Bas and Gal (although maybe they’re not going into the magic tree.)

    SO YAY!!!

    They’re a thing. So sweet!

    I loved the way Orlando confessed. Sigh…

    Oh..and BATTY! That naughty doggie. Were those Cement poses or yours? Love it! And how Rhys was down with having Primrose there. Such a cute scene with Leo, O, Rhys, and the mating doggies. LOL!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Weird, Nightmare Darius™ did sound a looot like Orlando. 😉

      I love that castle! It’s so beautiful on both the inside and the outside.

      Orlando didn’t intentionally draw Lyanna into his dream–Darius was very worried about Dru coming to rescue him, talking about her getting drawn into nightmares, and apparently that’s what happened with Lyanna and Orlando. Still, Dru’s a pretty independent ball-puncher…

      Those poses were 100% Cement’s and I love her forever for them. Sometimes I’ll just be like AAAAAAAAA I LOVE YOUR HUMPING POSES, YOU ARE A MASTERRRRRR. I wish I could pose even half as good as her. 😭


  3. Team Weasel: 😪
    Team PUPS: 😍🐶😍

    Imagine the EARS on them!

    (Also I gotta commend you on a dream chapter. Had a stark lack of Lyanna getting her pussy ATE but it had the lush, escapist feel if always loved about yours…and always tried to emulate in mine. Keep up the good work sea queen 😙)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. LOL, I knew which ship you’d prefer this chapter! They would indeed have glorious ears.

      And thank you!! I love doing dream and/or fae chapters–gives me an excuse to use all the fantastical lots I have sitting in my library. One day we’ll get a magical world… 😭

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but, I freaking love Orlando’s choice of pants; that is a man who is comfortable with who he is!

    I’m just going to skip right down to the end of the chapter and say: EEE! Weasel kisses! OMG, and BLUEFORM weasel kisses no less (Squee, hold on, gotta scroll up and go look at it again).

    And we’re back! Man, nightmare Darius is such an ASS (and sound suspiciously like Orlando a bit, rofl) but is he though? He drove Orlando into finally proclaiming his love for Lyanna, so maybe he’s an alright dude after all 😉

    “You loooove me,” I sang, like I was a little girl again.
    She is so adorable, such a good match for that crotchety old fae ❤
    Lyanna was SO pretty in this chapter!

    And omg, shout out to my man HGR finally getting it on with his HEA? Well, you win, LL: the first simlit I've seen with bestiality 😱

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL, when Orlando left the island and had to pass himself off as human more carefully, he subconsciously imitated or tried to appeal to Lyanna: pastel blues, sandals, and his pants look like they have paint splotches on them. Of course, few human men would ever wear an outfit like that, rofl. Oops.

      Weasel kisses. ❤ ❤ About time, right?? And it had to be blueform~

      What, Nightmare Darius sounds like Orlando? I dunno… 😉 And whether he was an ass or not, or real or not, Orlando FINALLY admitted his feelings, you're right.

      I don't think anyone would've been as good a match for him. Can you imagine Isla? 😱😱😱 And I almost considered matching him up with Gal before I started writing this gen–holy shit, that would've been a disaster, along with pretty weird. LOL. Funny how things change over the course of a story…

      I am a trailblazer, clearly. And hopefully (?) not a trendsetter…? LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I adored this chapter….Lyanna and Orlando…the kiss….. ❤️❤️❤️ She has melted his frosty heart…He may well have saved her for real this time. 💕

    And the doggie love…lmao. Puppies!!! Gawd awful looking puppies! I can’t even imagine a large dog looking anything like HGR! Run away!!

    Now I am anxious for another Dru chapter!!! I want to know what happens in that tree!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ So glad you loved it! It was a pain to screenshot (outdoor shots involving multiple levels and balconies 😭😭😭) and with so many scene changes…but it feels worth it now. ❤

      I'm sure you'll be the first to describe any potential puppies in a truly fitting way. 😉 I look forward to it. …If any puppies should arrive, that is. I mean, shelter dogs should all be spayed and neutered!

      Dru's chapter isn't too far away…!

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  6. OH-MY-GOD! Lyanna really hit the jackpot. Orlando is so handsome, even more so than usual. I guess it’s the wings – I just love their color scheme. Thank you so much for not abandoning my favorite ship! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I am going to guess that the tree led to a sort of halfway place between the human world and the Other Side, where the magic just responds to the psyche of nearby fae. Presumably Dru got drawn into Darius’s dream/nightmare, and since Orlando followed after Lyanna, it responded to his nightmares/fears as well. I don’t even wanna know what sort of mess would happen if Galatea and Bas went in there, if that’s right. 😀

    HGR/Primrose…? Every toilet has a seat?

    I still maintain that only HGR could adequately satisfy Ophelia’s longing for dark, dark, romance with extra blood, but dude’s running out of virgins.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fae running (flying?) around willy-nilly in a mysterious magic tree probably isn’t the best idea–and Darius was definitely afraid of Dru coming after him for a reason. At least Orlando was able to take control over his own nightmare…! As for Gal and Bas, well… 😉

      LOL HGR x Primrose OTP.

      Poor HGR though, how can he do a virgin sacrifice without any virgins. 😦


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