Chapter 48: Leopold

I had always endeavored to be an honorable man and butler, one beyond reproach.

How could I have made such a grave mistake–and let my baser instincts overpower my butler’s honor?

It all began when Master Straud was away on business, and I took it upon myself to keep an eye on the manse…

All was quiet, as it should be. I was grateful for a reprieve from Miss Strider’s disastrous messes in the kitchen, and a lack of Lady Dru’s errands to perform in her stead.

Ah, sweet ignorance…

How could I have ever expected to be greeted by such a sight…?

Never in my immortal existence had I seen such an outrageous brassiere… Only a pair of flowers concealed her most ladylike secrets.

Why couldn’t I look away?

In truth, my experience with lady’s undergarments was limited–aside from the ones Ophelia had constantly left lying about–as I’d never let any of my relationships pass the point of impropriety, at Mother’s behest.

“Oh, Leo! Are you supposed to help me house-sit? …Leo?”

I was uncertain as to where to permit my gaze to rest…

A wave of intense dizziness washed over me. Why had all the strength gone out of my vampiric knees?

I fell forward, using Miss Strider’s delicate, womanly body to break my fall…

I fear my hands–although gloved–touched a great deal more than I intended…

I attempted to recover the strength to rise, however…

I was repeatedly struck by waves of dizziness, my vision blurring–as though it were some sort of divine punishment for resting my eyes where a gentleman should never dare…

I could barely stand, and yet stand I did…

Did my hands graze against her skin in an unacceptable manner…?

I could only beg for Mother’s forgiveness as I unintentionally manhandled this innocent maiden…

“Um, should I get you something to eat, maybe…?” she asked, as I covered my eyes in shame. But to avoid examining her body…or my own misdeeds?

No, I was a Lyons. I couldn’t look away from my mistakes, no matter how unforgivable.

“I promise to take responsibility,” I told her, my head spinning. “I will restore your honor and do everything in my power to keep your virtue intact…”

And then I committed the most unforgivable act of all and drew her into a kiss…

Or did it progress further…? My memory was so hazy, likely brought on by the shock and the sheer impropriety. Regardless, I had conducted myself most shamefully, and it was a poor, innocent young lady who was paying the price.

Somehow, I awoke in my own bed in my butler quarters.

Mother and Father hadn’t so much as held hands until the day they wed, and yet I…I had very nearly taken Miss Strider there on Master Straud’s fainting couch. I had never suspected that such an irrational, uncontrollable beast dwelled within me.

Father would be so very disappointed in me. I aspired to be like him in all things, and yet… I’d stained the Lyons name.

Father… Yes, he would know precisely what to do.

“Father,” I began, after answering the series of questions Mother always insisted he ask if any of us called. “If I were to ever have made a terrible mistake…perhaps involving soiling a lady’s virtue…” I swallowed. “I haven’t conducted myself as a proper butler should.”

Father was silent a moment. “Leopold… You’re my son–and a Lyons. I have faith in you to make things right, just as I did with your mother.”

“You behaved improperly toward Mother?”

I simply couldn’t imagine such a scenario, especially when Mother had always insisted that I never lay a hand on any of the girls I brought home. Was it because of past experiences with Father…? Had she been living with the shame for all these years?

He cleared his throat. “I, ah, perhaps took certain liberties with her that a man shouldn’t, not without the promise of marriage…but I set everything aright by asking for her hand with all due haste.”

My unbeating heart sank. I’d known all along what I should do, but he confirmed it. “Thank you, Father. I won’t be a blight upon the Lyons name.”

And now…

I hadn’t expected to reach this point in my unlife so quickly; I’d planned to wait until I was far more established in my career, and after an acceptably lengthy courtship.

It was all happening entirely too fast…

Despite Master Straud’s continued absence, I found Miss Strider preparing food in the kitchen. Today, I would avoid clearing my throat or giving pointed glances in her general vicinity in order to reprimand her for her untidy habits… I had no right to, after my shameful behavior.

Was I hallucinating, or would I forever be reminded of my misdeeds…?

I blinked away the image of Miss Strider in her undergarments, her untamed hair flowing all around her slim shoulders.

“You have nothing to fear, Miss Strider,” I promised her. “I’ll…I’ll do everything in my power to ease your burden… I won’t let you down…”

“Oh, Leo, you’re soooo sweet. I’m so glad we’re getting closer! I thought you hated me.”

Hated her…because of the way I disrespected her, pawing her with white gloves that would never be clean again? After that, how could she offer me such a sweet, lovely smile?

I excused myself–I had something very important to take care of.

Fortunately, there was no shortage of jewelry shops in Starlight Shores…

Though I doubted I would be able to afford much in this place on my meager salary…still, I would make amends to Miss Strider. She deserved more than a pitiful rock.

But was I prepared to be a husband…?

I would soon find out. But I was a Lyons, and I would do well to remember that.

25 thoughts on “Chapter 48: Leopold

  1. Oh poor Leo! I love seeing his perspective, because it’s so vastly different from how he’s perceived on the outside!
    He’s really such a sweet, innocent, and proper dove.

    And… “Mother and Father hadn’t so much as held hands until the day they wed”

    Lolol – that is all xD

    Liked by 5 people

  2. The HORROR! He touched her on her…??? Lol AND kissed her? He soiled this fair maiden and now must amends. Lysanders a sly one. Trying to get his son married off. But I wonder if Daisy would say yes. She’ll probably let him know that most people don’t look at the world from a 1700 time periods perspective like his mother. I can’t wait until he asks her and Daisy lets him down. (Then proceeds to take him to the closet for some…ahem…modern lessons.) ROFL! 🤣

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha, he only kissed her in his delirious mind. ROFL. But good luck telling him that.

      I think Lysander expected his son to have gotten a bit farther than he did…whoops.

      Daisy would be very, very confused if Leo proposed. But you’re right, she’d probably be happy to teach him a thing or two. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG this boy is his parents’ son alright! 😂 he is so freaking ridiculous… just like the two of them hahaha I love that he still manages to feel like his own character, while still being so much like them.

    This one has me rolling. Can’t wait to see how Daisy reacts to this proposal LOL Especially since I’m 99% sure that kiss was just in his head, or that he passed out or something and she tried giving him CPR and he was misremembering 😛 (with Fangs, you never know! Haha)

    Also, I loved seeing Leo out of his stuck-up butler getup 😛 You look good in a t-shirt, dude 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    1. He is Bianca and Lysander turned up to eleven in a special unholy combination.

      The proposal miiiight make things a little awkward between Daisy and Leo. LOL. And the kiss was totally in his head. But even then, a kiss is a marriageable offense.

      Ha, glad you approved of his sleepwear. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Is that how he thinks of his parents? LOL Unlikely…have they not told him about the birth/wedding day yet??

    So, Leo does like Daisy! DEO!!!!!! No marriage yet Leo, you can wait for that one….

    I agree with everyone that Daze needs to teach him about modern relationships…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Bianca would bring the cake baby secret to her grave. (Not that she needs one, being a vampire and all.)

      Shhh, it would be very improper for a butler to fall for his coworker. 😉 And it would be even more improper for that coworker to teach him certain things… 😏

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I laughed so hard at this! The WHOLE TIME!!! XD
    Okay, okay, you made me like Leo! He’s so adorably clueless, much like his mother was before she and Lysander started spending time together in bathrooms. Leopold and Daisy as a couple will be interesting especially since Gal had a crush on him when she was a child. I can’t wait to see how Leopold ‘does the honourable thing’ by Daisy. That ought to be hilarious!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ❤ ❤ I'm so glad you like him now! He manages to be even more uptight than either of his parents…but definitely as clueless as pre-bathroom Bianca, LOL.

      Daisy is in for a surprise. And so is Gal, if she runs into the two of them…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh…Leo is so funny. Of course he thinks they never did anything but hold hands. He would absolutely die, if he could, should he find out how he came into the world! Can’t wait for the proposal!

    Liked by 1 person

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