Chapter 42: Galatea

After the Blood and Bishops pilot was done shooting, all I could do was wait for the axe to fall. Because it had to–no way was I doing a show with Finn’s freaky fuck-buddy (how the hell did that even happen?) and Rhys. But even if I wanted this job, crappy as it was, I knew better than to put all my fucks in one basket.

So I took whatever jobs I could get.

Between the sporadic acting gigs, I kept auditioning…and waiting. Daisy wasn’t around much–she was busy with her own shitty job, and now she was house-sitting Rhys’s stupidly big mansion while he was away at hair gel rehab or wherever he was. (I didn’t ask.)

It was nice to have the apartment to myself, and not just because I could use all the hot water I wanted.

Now I could slowly step out of the shower and grab a couple towels (the biggest ones we had) without worrying about Daisy trying to talk to me in her underwear–or less.

Apparently she comes from a family of exhibitionists or something. Dad would approve. Ugh.

I’d be getting a call from my agent soon–the network probably already made a decision on whether or not to pick up Blood and Bishops, and the bad news couldn’t be far off. A full season of that shit…not a chance, even with the reunion angle between Rhys Straud and Hamlet Richardson.

Nobody likes chess, and vampires are over.

But every actress wants full-time employment. Especially fat ones who seemed to be getting fatter. Would the show recast my stupid genie character the second they saw me again? Actors got recast all the time between shooting the pilot and the show going to air–or they could just cut the role completely.

No one wants a fat genie, especially network execs hoping for advertisers to shell out for airtime. Fat wasn’t profitable, unless you were promising to get rid of it.

Yeah, it was probably good Daisy wasn’t here. I’d probably take out my bad mood on her. Which I did a lot already.

And now I could just watch TV or whatever the hell I wanted without her trying to tell me what Rhys Straud liked.

And then I realized I wasn’t alone.

A strange man had broken into the house to…play with Trash?

I wasn’t scared. I was fae, and even though my fae magic skills were shit, I could defend myself if I had to. Even a glamour change could scare a burglar…but was this a cat burglar?

He was talking to Trash too.

“The fuck are you doing to my cat?” I made a threatening gesture–and my towel dropped. Oh fucking well–that was one way to scare a guy out of my house, no fae magic necessary.

“…Gal?” He swallowed and shakily pushed himself up. “Galatea Straud?” …Yeah, I knew that face. That voice. Those eyes, the ones that were always kinder than I deserved–and were now looking at me.

“Lockwood now.” My fat nakedness had to set in at some point. Maybe I could help him along.

His eyes wandered down–and widened. “It’s blue,” he said. “What–what’re you doing here?”

“I live here. And I’d say it’s more turquoise.”

“My–my sister lives here.”

I groaned. “…You’re Daisy’s perv brother? God, no wonder you tried to get a good look.”

“…’Perv’? What’s she been saying about me?”

“Way too much.”

“…Hey, you’re not–corrupting her, are you?” The idea of his poor little sister at the mercy of a fucked up Straud was apparently enough to get him to look at my face again.

“We have hot, hot lesbian sex every night. She’s the little lesbian.”

“So you’re–”

“Yep. Fuck dick–I finally realized I’m all about munching carpet. Hers is as curly as up top, in case you were wondering. And she squeaks the whole time, like a mouse on helium.”

“…You haven’t changed.”

“You were hoping I would?”

“Yeah,” he said quietly. “For your sake.”

“Fuck off.”

“…Just came by to drop off some ingredients for Daze.” He gestured toward the counter, which was covered in even more cooking crap. “I’ll get out of your hair.” He started moving toward the door.

I drew his attention back to me and my disgusting self. “My turquoise hair? Your sister likes it too. She says it’s like frolicking in a unicorn meadow with her tongue–”

“…She really likes you, you know. Talks about you all the time–says she couldn’t ask for a better roommate.”

That caught me off-guard. “Yeah, well–your sister’s kind of an idiot, isn’t she? At least she’s a good lay.”

…That was the last straw for him. I knew it, even before I said it. I grabbed my towel in shame while he made a bee line for the door. It was like I was back in Dr. Puck’s office all over again, and he finally had enough of me a second time–this time in five minutes flat.

“Goodbye, Gal.” I watched him walk out the door.

…Yeah, whatever. I never wanted to see him again anyway, and he barged into my apartment, and fucked with my cat, and just…ugh.

I changed back into my pajamas. I didn’t feel like doing anything today. Maybe I could just sleep–and I could, without Daisy or anyone else around to bug me.

And then my phone rang on my bedside table. My stomach dropped. My agent…? But I didn’t recognize the number. Maybe my agent had dropped me and it was a random assistant instead.

“…Yeah, what?”

“My dear sister–”

“How the hell did you get this number?”

“…My assistant.”

“How the hell did your assistant get this number?” I’d liked her, though, and it wasn’t her fault she worked for an idiot.

“She’s an assistant–she does things so I don’t have to. Anyhow, I’m assuming you’ve heard the news–we’re going to be working together from now on.”

“…Blood and Bishops is happening? Are you shitting me, Rhys?”

“Not at all. I thought you’d sound more excited than surprised. Brother and sister, working together for the first time…”

“Don’t remind me.” But I was going to be a working actress, with a full-time gig. “Guess your agent is better than mine, telling you first.”

“I am a star, you know.” Sure, Rhys, think whatever you want.

At least I had something to think about now too–something other than Daisy’s stupid brother.

20 thoughts on “Chapter 42: Galatea

  1. Gal 😭 Why must you keep pushing every single person who cares about you away???? This was so frustrating to read. Poor Bas!

    At least he got a nice view first though 😛 Your censorship in this one was epic 😂😂😂 and I loved “It’s blue” LOL

    I really look forward to things getting better for Gal 😦 She always breaks my heart!

    Guess now I’m just wondering if being on this show is gonna help her or hurt her, in the long run…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. It’s a shame things went down the way they did…maybe they would’ve gone differently if she hadn’t been surprised and Bas hadn’t asked about what she was doing to Daisy. Then again…

      I had fun with the censorship. 😈

      Sorry about the heartbreak though. 😦 I knew Gal was going to really frustrate people with this chapter…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah, his question was a little rude and leading hahaha But I also can’t entirely blame him, given their history… ugh what a mess!

        (But those are so fun lol)

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Turquoise….it’s not blue! 😂😂😂. Poor Gal. She likes him so she pushes him away. But yay for working together. The show will go on with the cast and crew of misfits!

      Liked by 4 people

  2. Ugh! Gal was in RARE form today! Bas is a Saint. 😢 If he ever talked to her again, it will be a miracle. I wonder when she’ll ever let her defenses down. Otherwise, she’ll be a lonely, bitchy soul for the rest of her life. 🙁

    Bas…such a man! Lol! Remarking that her hair was turquoise…all of her hair. 😂

    But what could he do when she accosts him without a towel? And if she puts two and two together she’ll realize the bro of Daisy’s who likes bigger women is him!

    I’m glad she was feeling a little badly afterwards…shows that deep inside she does care. She just has built herself a tall tower and locked the door. Maybe Bas can climb it one day.

    And RYLIE on the cat commercial. Ha ha! Fun!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Gal totally gal’d it up. 😦 You’re right about her defenses–if she keeps this up, she’s going to slowly but surely push away everyone who cares about her until there’s no one left and she’s all alone.

      Bas is definitely a man. 😈 At least his chapter is next!

      The situation really wasn’t set up well for any of them. If she had kept her towel on, maybe he wouldn’t have accused her of corrupting Daisy.

      She definitely does care…we’ll see if Bas tries to climb her tower someday, but she’ll have to put away the burning oil instead of pouring it down on his head.

      Rylie, commercial lesbians with Gal. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I was so ready for this chapter. I might’ve hoped Gal would do good, but I was ready for it. I have faith that Bas won’t give up on her, though! Besides, he has to find that old ButlerQuest player eventually!

    Your images are always the absolute best! I think I’ve personally learned a lot about scenes and good angles and shots just from reading your stories (I have lot to improve on still, though!)

    I also really love Daisy’s love of color, like wow. How can anyone be unhappy in that living room?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww, I’m glad you were prepared for it, even if I’m sad to dash your hopes. ❤ You may be right about Bas–and he does need to find Leonidas…

      Thank you so much for the compliment! That makes me feel amazing that my shots inspired you, because I absolutely love yours–they’re so beautiful and evocative of the time period!

      And ha, I’m with you on Daisy’s love of color. It’s so chaotic but joyful and it just works for her, and I love shooting in that apartment…except I need to remember to turn down the lights, Trash was practically GLOWING and I couldn’t fix it… Ghost cat~


    1. Her insecurity is her worst enemy. 😦 And maybe actress is a good career for her (or a terrible one) the way she constantly hides behind a facade.

      I appreciate you wanting to give her a hug, even if she wouldn’t. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Okay….I just got it. The blue cat covering her…stuff. But, maybe it was more turquoise…lol 😂 I just realized why you used a cat, instead of your usual coverings. Anyone who doesn’t get it? Think about other names for a cat, feline, pu??y, etc. Shame, shame…..but very funny 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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