Chapter 18: Lyanna

I would never tell Dru, but I adopted Primrose because she reminded me so much of Mr. Landon, with his long, beautiful brown hair.

Mom had always called me silly, but shouldn’t a childhood crush pass after so long? Maybe I was silly. The silliest.

Mr. Landon had called me worse things, but I didn’t mind. “Shouldn’t you be crying by now?” he demanded afterward. “I’ve never seen a creature erupt into nearly as many tears as you.”

“There’s no point in crying this time, Mr. Landon,” I’d said. “Because I know you’ll only make me smile again.”

For someone who hated me so much, he spent so much time following me around on Fangs Island…

But sometimes I followed him too. And even if his words to me were harsh, he was gentle with the plants and flowers, and kind to the wild animals on the island.

Sometimes, I even heard him singing to them, but he denied ever singing a note in his life when I asked him to sing for me.

I loved Mr. Landon. I wished I didn’t. When I first met him, I thought he was the loneliest person I ever saw, but maybe he wasn’t lonely anymore. Or not lonely enough to want to be pestered by me…

“Are you gonna set the table or keep sighing over there?” Mom had asked me one day, when Dad and Dru were at the gym and I was staring out the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of his beautiful hair or tanned, muscular shoulders.

“Isn’t Mr. Landon pretty, Mom?” I sighed. “The prettiest…”

Mom kept stirring the mac and cheese. It always made me a little sad when she cooked, because Dad and Dru couldn’t enjoy the food as much as we did. “He’s pretty, I’ll give him that,” Mom had said. “I liked a pretty boy once–don’t tell your dad.”

“I won’t. And Dad is pretty…funny,” I said helpfully.

“He sure is. But sometimes guys can be big chickens, Ly, and you have to chase ‘em down yourself. Don’t worry too much.”

“I don’t think I can chase Mr. Landon… He’s really good at hiding.”

“You were always really good at chasing butterflies,” Mom said. “Okay, right off a cliff sometimes, but still.” She grabbed an empty plate and waved it at me. “Now I’m not talking about your Mr. Landon here, not until you’re a little older, but if you want something, you have to go after it. The things I had to do to get your dad to–never mind, but you and Dru were born, right?”

But I wasn’t brave like Dru. I wouldn’t chase Mr. Landon, not when he hated me. I was probably annoying, tripping over everything and coming close to walking off of cliffs and almost getting decapitated by low-hanging branches…

But I did want to go to art school, so I decided to chase that dream instead. I’d always let those butterflies go after I’d caught them, and I’d set Mr. Landon free too.

But when I was so far away from Fangs Island, far away from everyone and everything I loved, I struggled. I couldn’t see the beautiful flora of the place I’d grown up–or from my butterfly-filled childhood dreams, which had faded with time.

And everyone else was so talented. I’d always drawn and painted for fun, but here, so many of the other students had known they wanted to be professional artists since they were little. They took classes and entered art competitions before they even stepped foot on campus.

I didn’t want to compete–that was Dru’s thing, not mine.

If only I were more like her. She was so strong, in so many ways. Maybe my own path was helping other people, showcasing their natural beauty and talent rather than my own. I liked styling hair and trying new makeup, so maybe it could work…

If only Dru did too. I was pretty sure that every time she left her apartment, she glanced at her mirror that didn’t hold a reflection, shrugged, and said, “Good enough, I guess.”

At least Primrose was willing and patient when I brushed her hair, helping me achieve my dreams.

Well, there were some dreams she couldn’t help me with. Did I make weird noises or odd movements during those dreams, the way she did when she dreamed of chasing her favorite ball?

“Oh, Mr. Landon,” I said. “I hope my garden isn’t too overgrown…”

“Not overgrown, you beautiful flaxen-haired princess. Lush.”

“Sorry about the brambles. I’m half-vampire, even if I don’t look it…”

“You have nothing to apologize for. I should apologize, for running away. But now I see the error of my ways, and would gladly set my weasel free in your lush, lush garden…”

“Your weasel is my favorite, Mr. Landon…”

They always ended before his weasel got to do very much. Waking up was always very, very disappointing–and even more embarrassing.

If Mr. Landon ever decided to talk to me, I had to make sure to never, ever mention those dreams. Or even think about them.

I wish he’d talk to me.

And I wish Dru would realize I wasn’t half as great as she thought I was, that her happiness mattered just as much as mine.

And while I was wishing for so much, a new job as a makeup artist or hair stylist would be nice too…

19 thoughts on “Chapter 18: Lyanna

    1. Build all the ships! ❤

      Ha, yeah, Lyanna does have a couple Byronisms other than wearing the tiny green flip-flops as a kid. And they both only see the good in the other, though Dru takes it to an extreme…


      1. Lyanna also seems to have Byron’s sweet nature, even if she is more sensible.

        And I wonder who she’s going to work for…probably someone else in the cast.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh my…a little bit of Byron and a little bit of Penny in that girl. Lol..Sleeping dog noises, weasels playing in a lush garden. The lushest! If you love something set it free. This was good insight into Lyanna. Does she still wear the green flip flops? So I hope she will get to makeover Galatea and Daisy and maybe Rhys. :). They will all be in some cool movie together! So fun.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. She wears sandals that have some green! She’s a little more concerned with fashion than she was as a kid now. 😉 Dad’s flip-flops aren’t gonna cut it.

      She’s probably going to have some fun interactions with certain other cast members~ I’m looking forward to everyone’s stories intertwining.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha this was a sweet chapter. Lyanna’s garden/Mr. Landon’s Weasel is the new best ship. 😉 That totally killed me 😂 This girl definitely takes after her dad!

    I love that she admires Dru. And I loved her interaction with Penny in this one too.

    Starlight Shores definitely seems a good place to get a job as a stylist… 😉 Can’t wait to see how that goes 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mr. Landon’s Weasel x Lyanna’s garden OTP. Too bad there are no weasels or ferrets! Maybe in a small pets pack…? And apparently Lyanna is subject to the Weird Blackwell Dreams like her dad and aunt, LOL.

      Of course she admires Dru! Dru is the coolest. And I’m glad you liked seeing her interact with her mom, I killed off too many moms in Fangs 1. Oops.

      Starlight Shores is good for a lot of things~

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Is Orlando holding a fox in that pic? Are there foxes in Cats & Dogs? Is it CC? I haven’t seen foxes yet. Foooooox!

    (Oh, and, uh, the rest of the chapter was great too! I love Lyanna’s voice, as others mentioned, reminded me of Byron and it was nice to see her side instead of just Dru’s. I, uh, like foxes.)

    (… My youngest son’s name is Fox.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a fox! Well, technically it’s a dog, but Cats & Dogs has two “special” pets, raccoons and foxes. Raccoons are technically cats with a special “voice” and coat and foxes are dogs who make fox sounds and have the appropriate fur color, though there are a lot of beautifully made foxes on the gallery that I like better. This one I swiped from the gallery!

      LOL, don’t tell anyone, but there’ll be a kid named Fox next gen… 😉 (I like foxes too!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahhh, foxes and raccoons! I might be swiping some critters myself. And here I was uncertain if I was going to get much use out of the Cats and Dogs pack!

        A kid named Fox?! Ahhh! Can’t wait!

        Liked by 1 person

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