Chapter 79: Bianca

Everyone in attendance agreed that my wedding was unforgettable. As it should be, of course. I was pleasantly surprised that my mother and I agreed on so many things during the wedding planning process.

The ceremony itself was truly lovely…

And of course I made a beautiful bride, despite my inexplicable weight gain.

Well. Not so inexplicable, once I gently and beautifully gave birth at the conclusion of our exchange of vows. It was a beautiful wedding all around, though I did worry my newborn sons would draw some of the attention away from me–but they would have to compete with my mother’s short skirt.

Who would’ve thought I could be pregnant–or that I would be able to hide it for so long? I suppose I carried the weight well. Lysander said I had never looked more beautiful.

Becoming a wife and a mother on the very same day…well, better than to become a mother the day before. But as a wife and mother, I simply couldn’t return to that horrid apartment in which Byron and Penny spent far too much time touching each other inappropriately and without shame. It was kind of them to care for the twins in our absence, but Lysander and I would have to take our sons elsewhere at the conclusion of our honeymoon.

As wife, it was my duty to make all important household decisions, and I decided that we would return to the Blackwell estate.

Thaddeus would come along later with the twins, after we had prepared a room for them. (I rather liked shopping for the furniture, even if it wasn’t for me.) But rather than making me feel that everything was as it should be, I felt…strange. Even when Lysander joined me at the front gate.

“I almost never thought we’d return here,” I said. “Especially not as vampiress and husband.”

“We’ve had ourselves quite the journey, haven’t we, Mrs. Lyons?” Lysander said. He’d finally stopped fretting now that Thaddeus had informed us he was on the way.

“It should feel more like home, shouldn’t it?” The house was so very familiar, but I had changed.

He held the door open for me. “Perhaps you need only get reacquainted,” he said. “We’ve been gone for some time.”

The last time we had been here, we had been mistress and butler. I followed him into the kitchen, as I had done so many times over the years. But this time, instead of demanding blood, I sought only my husband’s conversation.

Afterward, I took his advice, returning to my old quarters. The room was darker than I remembered. Lonelier. A dungeon chamber suited for a single vampiress, not a married woman with children.

My phone made the sound of bat wings flapping. A text from Byron and Penny? I’d sent them a lovely gift basket; I don’t know how much more they wanted in the way of gratitude.

Not from the children–from Daya. Apparently she had recently tied the knot in Lucky Palms, of all places, and in a dress that most certainly didn’t approach anywhere near her ankles or even her knees.

Perhaps she’d gotten herself in a bit of trouble, the poor thing. At least this way she’d be married before any gossip could start–if only she’d had a mother with nearly infinite funds still living.

I pretended to sleep, as I had so many times before, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting now that I was married.

Still, I enjoyed my husband coming to find and wake me regardless.

Rather than my bedchamber and servants’ quarters, however, we would together occupy a bedroom on the second floor. Our first night together, in a bedroom that was truly ours, in the home we’d lived in together for years…

But as nice as the feeling of sleeping beside my husband was, something still didn’t feel right. (His body, however, felt excellent as always.)

Seeing Lysander hold his cake-free son did feel right.

Thaddeus had offered to stay, but I felt that we needed some time alone with our children. I could always hire a legion of nannies later.

I had truly married well, in so many ways.

“Would you like to hold Leopold?” Lysander asked. “Father brought extra gloves.” He was always smiling now, my husband, no matter how much filth he had to wade through.

“I think I shall.” I stared at this tiny face, so different now that it was free of icing. I’m not sure how he managed it, but Byron somehow dropped both of my sons into cakes shortly after their calm, peaceful, lovely births. “He doesn’t look much like me, does he?”

“No one could ever hope to be as beautiful as you, Mrs. Lyons. With luck and care, our sons will take after their mother in other ways.”

Yes, I had married very, very well.

I could think of far worse things than raising children with Lysander Lyons, even if I would’ve liked to have waited a bit longer. Nothing in my life had ever been ideal, and yet…this was almost as close to perfection as I could imagine.

And I’d learned so many lessons from raising Byron. He was my “first pancake,” as I once overheard Lysander explain to Penny as he made her breakfast. Benedict and Leopold would turn out far better. If only Byron hadn’t seen fit to promise me his ridiculous, filthy giant stuffed bat as a wedding gift, or as he’d said, “for the baby-cake shower.” The Blackwell family curse wouldn’t haunt my children if I could help it. After all, they were Lyonses now.

Lysander found me out on the balcony later that night.

The town was as dark and quiet as always, but his smile was brighter than I’d ever seen it.

“Miss Bianca, is something troubling you?” The way he said that old name sent a shiver of delight through me, though it was quickly replaced by that strange, unwanted feeling I couldn’t describe.

“None of this feels right,” I whispered.

“I could spend the rest of the night making you feel right, Mrs. Lyons.”

“Lysander.” Although such an offer wasn’t unwelcome, I needed to fix this. “We don’t belong here, not in Forgotten Hollow. I think…” I recalled my parents’ wedding gift. Because they had amassed such a sum saving for my wedding over the centuries, there had been quite a number of them. “We need to move. Someplace brighter, more welcoming. And my parents did buy us an island…”

Lysander gave me a look of concern. “But the boys are vampires, aren’t they? As is their mother.”

“According to Vampires Weekly,” I said, “there’s a highly recommended brand of 1000SPF sunscreen. That should be adequate. I…” I searched for the right words, to try to put my finger on exactly what it was I wanted. “I don’t want them to grow up in darkness and isolation, not like Byron did. They may be vampires, but they’re half-human as well.” The very thought of the twins’ childhood here, away from other children and the rest of their family, pained me deeply.

“…Then move we shall, Mrs. Lyons,” Lysander said softly. “A mother knows best.”

Well, she certainly did know best…after that first pancake.

11 thoughts on “Chapter 79: Bianca

  1. God you are making me terrified with the finality of all these chapters. I am in as much denial about this story ending than Bianca was about her pregnancy! Haha

    I like that Bianca made this decision for her and her family. She deserves a fresh start and a bit of freedom to raise her children the way she (and Lysander) want to! Also, congrats to Saul and Daya!

    I feel like there’s really just one more loose end left… πŸ†πŸ‘ πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Œ 😈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The finality is deliberate, unfortunately! 😦 Or maybe not unfortunately, since every story has to come to an end. I’m in denial a little too–it’s hard to think about saying goodbye to all these weirdos.

      And a fresh start is definitely something Bianca and Lysander need! I think they’ll make the choice work for them.

      Just one more loose end is right. 😈 You can guess who the next chapter belongs to!

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Ohhhh. It was so sweet…and final. Bianca and Lysander -check. Daya and Saul- check,. Graham and Isla – check. Next will be Penny and Byron. But what of Darius?? Will he get his check?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You’re right that things are really wrapping up for (most of) the cast. Sadly Darius’s fate will remain more open-ended, as I’d planned to explore more of his story in the sequel. But you haven’t heard the last from him in Fangs yet! I’m glad he’s not forgotten. ❀

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Bianca moves effortlessly through her life with grace and dignity, even if only she sees it some of the time. I loved hearing her perception of events, it had me giggling terribly, right down to *Byron* being responsible for cake-covered infants. LOL ❀

    Also, can we talk about Lysander shirtless again? Yes, Mrs. Lyons, you did indeed marry well. /swoon

    I actually really loved seeing them back at the old estate (thank goodness momsie and daddums showed back up with monies for stuff like electricity), but Bianca is right, it feels a bit *off* somehow. Also, it's always a good idea for a new couple to build something together that's theirs and theirs alone; there's a lot of history in Forgotten Hollow.

    Eee, just one *thing* left to do now /covers eyes.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Byron was 100% responsible. Bianca would never lie, not even to herself. She had the best, most beautiful wedding ever.

      There’s never too much shirtless Lysander.

      Bianca likes having access to her parents’ generosity now, even if it also means she has way more access to them. But maybe even she likes having her parents in her life too. It was so weird taking her and Lysander back there!

      And they’ll be happier starting a new life together elsewhere. Things just wouldn’t feel right in Forgotten Hollow.


      Liked by 2 people

  4. Ha! I was right, you can’t go back to the nest Bianca. πŸ™‚ I’m very glad you have lovely memories of your wedding. Probably…the memories were less lovely in the moment, but that’s what photos are for? Remembering properly.

    Liked by 1 person

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